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Breakfast & Lunch
Chapati & Chicken Curry
As been requested by Cik_Bawang, here is the Sambal Daging recipe. This recipe is from my hubby's late grandma, Wan Gayah. May her soul rest in peace..~Al-Fatihah~

Didn't do much today, though had a few things in mind to try, but caught up doing something else....something I like as well, so no regrets..hahaha...Only in the evening, I made some Fresh Noodles and also tried to ice some cupcakes... Does it look like Kak Yong's cupcakes? Hohoho....NOT EVEN CLOSE! Well, it's just me, who is never (will never?...hope not!) confident to beat fresh cream. I think it's because of my very first experience with fresh cream that turned out to be a failure . So till today, whenever I beat fresh cream, I kept on thinking...will it come out nice or the other way round...though....Dr Fadhilah Kamsah had said in one of his motivational speeches (thanks org uk!), WE HAVE TO THINK POSITIVE! Okay okay...I'll try to think positive okay...I am positive I did the right way to beat the let's blame the cream.....By the way, I'll let the cupcakes pose when I post the new cupcake recipe ya...

Today's menu for breakfast and lunch....

And for dinner, I tried a recipe from Forum Cari, posted by Tillingtan. I made Chapati to go with the left over chicken curry...Thank you again Tillingtan for sharing this recipe with us....By the way, Tillingtan didn't state the exact amount for each ingredients. So I just put whatever I feel like it...hope it works for you guys...It worked for me!


Ingredients :

2 cups Atta flour (I used the mixed Atta flour ~ brown & white)
1 tablespoon Ghee/Butter/Margarine (I used margarine)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
Enough water
Salt ~ optional
Extra margarine

Method :

1. Place Atta flour in a bowl.
2. Rub in a tablespoon of Ghee/Butter/Margarine
3. Add water bit by bit until it becomes a soft dough and doesn't stick to the hand.
4. Add the cooking oil into the dough and knead till well combined.
5. The bread taste better if made few hours ahead. Make as many small balls as you can, as big as golf ball, flatten it and roll out.
6. Heat a non stick flat pan till really hot.
7. Before placing the bread on the pan, remove access flour, if any.
8. When you see the color of the bread changes to slightly darker color, turn over the other side. Gently, press the sides of the bread with a kitchen paper or a clean towel. Let the bread puffs up, then flip over, back to the first side.
9. Once cooked, remove from heat and brush a bit of margarine on top.

Note from Tillingtan
Also when press, make sure you press on the sides first as it will encourrage the bread to puff up.

Ceritamu, ceritaku...
1. EDORAS>> Mesti besar fridge Edoras ni, semuanya dia nak "stock" up!
2. rossya>> Kalau Kak Rossya kata curry tu looks yummy, then all the credit goes to my dear Kak Alia...oh how I miss her! Lepas dia ajar cam mana masak kari, barulah my curry nampak wouldn't want to know!!!!
3. mummy jam>> Kita kan mummy, sumer pun suka...hihihi.....
4. anna>> Sadin, my daughter tak suka. Kalau kari semua sebab mama dia 'rajin' nak masak dua dishes, tu yang jadi kari ayam je!
5. itot>> Waalaikumussalam Itot. Teraddicted dengan fp recipes tak pe, tu addict yang sihat! Kat sini, kalau nak beli santan kelapa dalam tin, mahal bebeno. Nak suruh perah sendiri, nak parut tu pulak ngeri...tu yang guna fresh milk...hehehe...alasan je...yang benornya, malas!
6. muni>> Welcome Muni...
7. cik_bawang>> Most welcome cik_bawang. Nanti mama nak buat another version of roti canai..the one yang mama selalu buat....
8. nic>> NIC BOLEH! Hihihi....bagi semangat wei!
9. unnamed>> Ntah eh, mama makan leftovers sehari, nampak okay je? Nanti buatlah muffin tu ye...
10. kaezrin>> Cuba jangan tak cuba....
11. nabialishad>> Kari mengancam sebab cikgu (Kak Alia) yang mengajar pun mengancam!
12. Risyia>> That's a very healthy suggestion. Thanks Risyia...p/s : Bila nak boh gambar kat fp?
13. hellikonia>> Hihihihi....saya pompuan tulin kak...tulinnnn...hihiihii...klako la!
14. Shah, Sya, Syahmi>> Wah, akan ku tunggu nasi hujan panas mu itewww...paste sekali resipi ye cik Sya....
15. >> InsyaAllah selagi ada ilham nak goreng....
16. KNizam>> Sodapppp...
17. kakyong>> Hehehe...wait till you see my cupcakes yang sempudal tu, garenti gelak besar kak yong!
18. Tina>> Alamak Tina, jangan homesick dah la ye....Most welcome feels good dapat share knowledge dengan kenkawan.
19. << die££a >>>> Yummmmmm......
20. Mademoiselle Ayu>> Mesti sedap capati yang ayah Ayu buat eh....
21. Ourprecious>> Eh tak de la sampai super woman....tengah belajar lagi ni......
22. budakbijak>> Terima kasih banyak-banyak....
23. Sabrina>> Jangan takut tak jadi, kalau tak, sampai bila pun tak cuba nanti! SAB BOLEH!
24. cl>> Kalau digantikan dengan tepung gandum, then it won't be chapati..Ianya akan menjadi tortilla.
25. Delia>> Hehe...ada-ada aje Delia ni...tak pe, lagi sehari dua je puasa, pas tu dah hari raya! Bolehlah makan puas puas ye...
26. sheri>> Hi Sheri. The pleasure is always mine. Thank you for dropping by my page and for leaving a comment. Appreciate it very much. Good luck in trying out the recipe ya...Same here, what will I do without the internet!

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