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Almond Sandies
The texture
Jam Tart
I'm running late for my daily chores but still have the urge to update. So I'll go straight to the point. Harlina had asked for a few cookies recipe she could make for Eid. I've posted one of the recipes, i.e Pineapple Tarts before. The other two recipes that she had requested will have to wait as I don't have any latest photos of the cookies. I've made them almost every year, only I don't have any photos to share. So meanwhile, I'll just post the two cookies I've tried last week.

Just can't resist to try out this recipe when I saw it in Zack's page. Thank you Zack for discovering this recipe and sharing it with us...and sorry Zack, mama just copy and paste it from your page okay....Hope you don't mind....

Almond Sandies

100 g margarine/butter , softened
80 ml vegetable oil
( I used sunflower oil )
50 g white sugar
50g brown sugar
50 g confectioners' sugar, sifted
1 egg
3 ml vanilla extract
250 g all-purpose flour
2 g baking soda
2 g cream of tartar
3 g salt
70 g sliced almonds
* 50 g white sugar for decoration
(I didn't use this)

How to make:
1. Cream together margarine/butter, oil and sugar until smooth. Add in egg and vanilla essence.
2. Sift together dry ingredients and then add to the cream mixture. Mix well and add in the almond slices.
3. Roll dough into balls, and place on baking sheets.
4. Sprinkle the sugars on top of the cookies.
(I skipped this step)
5. Bake in a preheated oven of 190 deg for 10-15minutes.

And this is another recipe that I got from Dolly. Went to her house a few weeks back and tasted these cookies that she had just baked. It's so nice and soft and yummy! Asked her for the recipe that she willingly gave. Thanks Dolly for sharing the recipe with me, so that I can share it with all the recipe freaks in here....


Ingredients :

125 g butter
( I used margarine )
60 g icing sugar
1 egg yolk
100 g plain flour
100 g custard flour
30 g corn flour
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
( I used vanilla essance )
Pineapple jam ( I used mixed fruit jam )

Method :
1. Cream butter, icing sugar, egg yolk and vanilla until light and fluffy.
2. Add in plain flour, custard flour and corn flour. Mix well.
3. Roll out dough to 7mm thickness. Cut out dough with the jam tart cutter.
4. Place on a greased baking tray. I layered mine with tracing paper.
5. Put the jam in the middle.
6. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 170 celcius for 15 minutes or till golden brown.

Ceritamu, ceritaku...
1. Nic>>Rumah mama ni, bukan kira raya ke tak Nic, bila mama teragak je, mama buat. At least ada gak benda nak dikunyah bila lapar tu...
2. Dolly>>Here comes the recipe contributer! Thanks Dolly, it was very nice. Showed you how I took the Dokri photo just now. And thanks for the wonderful evening !
3. Shah, Sya, Syahmi>>Bukan practise...experiment!
4. Harlina>>Pineapple tart gulung or Nastar tu, rasanya Kak Liza dan Kak Noor dah buat dah. Tapi nanti kalau mama buat, mama tepeklah ye. As of now, tak de nenaslah...maaf ye!
5. Nabialishad>>COBAANNNNN....
6. Sabrina>>Mama experiment...both cookies ni are new recipes.
7. Kak Kham>>Silalah Kak Kham, ambillah mana-mana yang terberkenan. Memang itulah tujuan asal mama. Ingin berkongsi ilmu dengan sesiapa yang sudi. Abang sayang ? Amin ya rabbul alaminnnnnnn....
8. Judith>>If only I am a genie, I'd say....your wish is my command !
9. fasha>>Janganlah bersedih Fasha, mama sekeluarga ni, tak termasuk tahun ni, dah 5 tahun tak balik beraya di Malaysia tau...raya di sini pun, anak beranak je sebab yang lain semua balik !
10. rossya>>Zack pesan, kalau nak crunchy, buat kecil sikit dan not too thick.
11. Enoka>>Lucky you! May you have a safe journey to and fro and enjoy your holiday the fullest. Just don't forget to come back ...will be right here waiting...Take care!
12. hanieliza>>Ambil mood la Kak Liza ! Hehehe! Kalau sudi nak cuba, apa salahnya...tapi tak tahulah sedap ke tidak pada Kak Liza kan...lain orang, lain seleranya...
13. ida_natrah>>Tu baru kuih raya, sok nanti orang dok tayang baju raya, kasut raya, langsir raya...haaa...baru betul real suasana raya...
14. finie>>Alhamdulillah, dah lama kau tim hutang...hehehe..yang bertanya tu, dah selesai ke lom?
15. aureanayz>>Mama gunakan mixed fruit jam je...sebab tak de jam nenas...
16. Zack>>Most welcome Zack. Memang senang pun, sebab tak yah roll and cut, just buat bulat-bulat je. Kami ambil mood la....hehehe....
17. EDORAS>>Mama memang suka buat cookies sebab bukanya susah. no eh nak hantar kat Edoras?
18. mommy_d&d>>Ganti cepat mommy jangan delay takut aral kalau dah last minute! Chewah pandai cakap orang, diri sendiri pun selalu delay je bab mengqada'. Hehe. Kalau ada anak kecil tu, buatlah kuih yang simple-simple yang tak yah terap, tak yah deco. Janji ada kuih buatan sendiri..puas hati...
19. Mrs.NAsh>>Kuih buatan sendiri, rasanya lagi sedap. Puas hati pun ye. Tentu kembang hati bila orang puji kuih yang Mrs. NAsh buat sedap!
20. kuchai>>Awatnya? Biskut ler yang senang nak buat Kuchai....
21. mama dinima>>InsyaAllah mama, will do soon ya...and thanks kerana sudi berkunjung ke mari...
22. Rosleenda>>InsyaAllah Lin, kalau mama ada buat lagi, mama tepek ye...Mentara tu, rumah Kak Liza dan rumah Kak Rossya pun ada hidang kuih raya kaw kaw punya....
23. mamalisa>>Sabar ye...apa-apa pun, kita puasa dulu eh....hutang dah abis bayar ke?
24. Sheeba>> Hi Sheeba. When I was abroad, what I used to do is, whenever I go home for holiday, I'd bring back the daun pandan and keep them in the freezer for further usage. That's the best option though the smell won't be that strong. Or if you can just bring the root and then plant them at your house in India. I think the weather there is similar to Singapore, so you should be able to grow pandan there...But don't you have pandan/screwpine leaves there?
25 & 26. Sharee>> Hi Sharee. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll enjoy your mom's cookies ya.
27. D'Ara Signature>> Thanks for dropping by. All the best in your business!
28. Elizabeth Voon>> Please feel free to try out the recipes. Hopefully your kids will enjoy them....

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