By: Mama FaMi

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CHAMBE grand entrance...
KHUTO grand entrance...
SAPITWA grand entrance...
The score board
One of the marshalls ~ Mrs Ces Phinero
The energetic Helma!
Scenery at the school field...
..taken during break time...
The teachers & committee
Well done kids!!!!
Menu from KiPS
Pengat Pisang
I started in the kitchen as early as 5.30 am cooking lunch...........
Q : COOKING LUNCH mama? At 5.30 am? But why?

A : Because, mama has to go to Hillview Primary School to watch the Interhouse Athletics.
Q : And who did mama cheered and screamed for?
A : KHUTO of course. And Khuto is the yellow color house.
Q : And what did mama put on today, to school?
A : Obviously a bright YELLOW t-shirt!!!!!
Q : What did mama do at the field? Did mama just sit and chat with friends?
A : EXCUSE ME! This is MamaFaMi...and when it comes to cheering and supporting the Khuto kids, I make sure I am heard. Yeah you got me right...I was screaming at the top of my voice till I felt a bit of pain at the back of my head. But for the sake of the Khuto kids, I kept matter what other people would think of me....hahahaha....
Q : Did the Khuto house won the trophy?
A : Unfortunately, we came second but after a VERY GOOD HEALTHY fight! At one stage, we were tie with the winning house, Sapitwa (green). And actually they won by just a few points. I am very happy with the kids sporting spirit. And Syahmi my boy, did quite well. He took part in a few events including the 4 x 100m relay together with the many other good runners. So I guess I'd better eat back my words..that my boy is not a good runner. He IS! And I am proud of him!
Q : So mama, were you tired towards the end of the events?
A : You bet!!! Tired, as if I ran a good 400 meters as well as cold and hungry. Didn't have time to take breakfast just a glass of plain water. Dolly phoned when the match was about to finish and ask me to drop by her place. She wanted to give me some Akhni! Yahooooo!!!! So me and the kids had Akhni for lunch. Hubby ate what I cooked this morning...don't really know the name, maybe Sambal Ayam or maybe Ayam Kalio (that's what Kak Liza said when I told her how I had cooked the chicken).

After lunch, I actually dozed off. I think after a week's accumulated tiredness. But just for a good 45 minutes. Then I am up and about again. Only today, didn't stay in the kitchen much. And for dinner, Fatin had requested her dad to eat at Kips. These were what we had.....

And for today's recipe, I'm gonna post the 'Pengat Pisang' recipe. Made this quite sometime back, soon as I saw Kuchai's fotopage, serving this Pengat Pisang. Thanks Kuchai for the recipe and for making me crave for Pengat Pisang!!!! It's very simple and fast to do. Sorry if my photo of Pengat Pisang doesn't do justice to the recipe. It's suppose to look more delicious but I guess I didn't actually wait and stir the pengat. I was doing something else at the same time.


Ingredients :

Ripe bananas ~ sliced thickly
White sugar
Coconut milk
Sago ~ soaked
a pinch of salt

Method :
1. Pour coconut milk, salt and sugar in a pot.
2. Cook on slow fire, continuously stirring.
3. When boiled, put in the bananas and sago.
4. Turn off the heat once the sago turns translucent and the bananas are soft.
Note :
a. You can substitute white sugar with palm sugar/jaggery
b. To give it a nice smell , you can add screwpine leaves (pandan).
c. Serve it either hot or cold.

What I did :
I don't have sago at that time, so I didn't put any. And just to give some color to the Pengat Pisang, I added a bit of cha-cha. Actually, I don't really know how to go about cooking this cha-cha. Got a packet from Alia and it was in the freezer ever since. So I just boil the cha-cha and once it's soften a bit, I add them into the pengat.

Ceritamu ceritaku...
adik>>Ala Maz, masuk dala perut..lagi hancusssss....
datuk k>>Jangan ler makan hari-hari. Pas tu, jangan ler boh banyak gula! Padang tu agak togel sebab dah winter.
hanis>>Go kuning go!!!! Thanks for dropping by...
zack>>Kaler-kaler tu cha-cha as I've mentioned above. Alah, boleh je pakai gula apa. Janji the rasa is there....hantam ajelah labuuu.....
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Hi bro...welcome back after the long silence! Ha, what else?!
KNizam>>Cha-cha dik oi...tak kuasa ler mama nak kaler pisang wei...baik ler mama buat fabric paint daripada pisang paint!
alynnsaripuddin>>Hi Alynn sweetie...alhamdulillah mama sekeluarga sihat. It's good to 'see' you again. Must be enjoying yourself in Malaysia huh? Hari tu ada gak nampak gambar Alynn kat fp Ayu. Anyway, enjoy yourself there and makan puas-puas okay. Nanti dah balik UK, tak de ler nak teringin memacam...Thanks for still remembering my humble take care too dear.....

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