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Roasted dried seaweeds
The bamboo mat
Sup Tulang
Will be very busy today as I am expecting some visitors from Lilongwe today. Now it's 6.45 am in Malawi, 12.45 noon in Malaysia. So I got a couple of hours just to prepare the bedroom and to clean my upside down topsy turvy house...hahahaha....They are expected to be arriving around noon.

As been requested by a few friends here, I will paste the 'short cut ever' recipes of how I made my Sup Tulang (Oxtail Soup) and also Sushi. Don't expect anything fancy because it's just a tipu-tipu (cheating) way of preparing and cooking it. Actually I've pasted the Sup Tulang recipe in this page but I'll paste it again here for your convenience.


All you have to do is, wash the steak bones/oxtail/ribs/shins. Put into the pressure cooker with some water and spices wrapped in a muslin cloth. For me, I got this 'sup bunjut' from Malaysia. Sup bunjut is a readymade wrapped spices. Pound some shallots together with ginger and garlic. Heat the oil and fry the pounded ingredients till fragrant. Pour into the pressure cooker. Secure the lid and put on the stove. When the pressure cooker starts releasing the steam (plus the LOUD noise ), leave it like that for about 20 minutes or so. Then off the fire, let the steam out and open the lid. Add in potatoes and boil till potatoes are slightly soft. Add salt, tomatoes, sliced onion and green chillies. When serving, sprinkle some chopped spring onions and fried onions. Nice to eat either with bread or rice! What can be simpler and tastier than that!



Roasted dried seaweeds
Cooked and cooled rice (I use just the normal rice and not the special rice for sushi)
Chicken fillets ~ sliced, coat with Southern Fried Chicken powder and fry till crispy
Eggs ~ beaten and fry thinly like pancakes
Cucumber ~ peel the skin and cut lengthwise
Thousand Island sauce
Sushi bamboo mat

Method :

Lay out the bamboo mat. Put a piece of the roasted dried seaweeds on the mat. On top of it, scoop a good amount of rice and spread it evenly on half of the seaweed. Then arrange the fried chicken fillets, eggs, cucumber and then the thousand island. Roll firmly the seaweed to wrap the whole thing. Finally slice about an inch thick and ready to eat. You can actually put whatever you desire in this sushi, for example crab meat or fried fish fillets. And the sauce may vary according to what your heart desire.... the this the right way to make sushi? Esh...I don't know...but this is how I make MY sushi. And thanks to Alia for demonstrating it to me long time ago.....To be honest, I have never ever tasted Sushi from any restaurants. The only Sushi besides mine that I've eaten is at Alia's. So I don't actually know how the REAL sushi tastes like...but anyway, I'm happy enough with this one!

Thanks to Mas for the link how to make proper sushi

Happy birthday Shameen!

Ceritamu ceritaku...
kakyong>>Ha ah Kakyong, daging tu memang lembut sebab mama masuk dalam pressure cooker. Orang tak ada gigi pun boleh makan. Tu sebab my kids suka makan sup ni...As for the menu..esh, mama tak tahulah apa nak masak....otak ni beku ler sebab outside tengah sejuk..hehehe alasan belaka!
KNizam>>Aiyoo adikkk...itu macam ka...
aZeeMaH>>Ini yang dikatakan...cepat dimasak sedap dimakan!
korok>>Tapi tak leh le lawan kesedapan sup tulang kat restoren-restoren...
Edoras>>Alhamdulillah, bahan-bahan halal senang didapati di sini...
Mei>>Waalaikum salam. Terima kasih kerana sudi menjengah ke mari. Malawi is a nice and pleasant place to stay, to me la kan. Malay community tak ramai. Yang mama tahulah, berfamily kami saja, a couple and 2 gentlemen who didn't bring along their family.
mas>>Terima kasih kerana sudi share the way to make sushi.
mummy jam>>Perhhh mummy punya suggestion....I tell u!!!!!! Hihihi...
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>>Yang benornya bukan rajin pun nak gulung sushi tu, tapi dah tekak nak makan pas tu Fatin tak sihat...kenalah juga rajinkan diri! But worth it la...well enjoyed! Wah bestlah ibu rajin buat experiment! Nanti montellah dua Shahs yang kat rumah tu!
Phalinn>>Mama pun tak pernah makan susuhi mentah tu...mama makan sushi Melayu stail...main goreng punya..hahaha!
mommy_d&d>>Sampai hatimu mempergunakan namaku...hihihi....Alah, kalau benda tu berguna apa salahnya...untuk family juga kannn....daddy janganlah kedekut pulak...mummy tengah bersemangat berasap tuuuuuu...Sebenarnya banyak lagi kegunaan pressure cooker especially bab bab time saving, tapi mama tak berapa sure. Ada ditulis dalam manualnya.
shidaaziz>>Sup tulanglah lauk yang paling senang nak buat...
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Suruh abah masakkan Ayu sup tulang, mesti best punya!
jehan najib>>Udahnya, sushi mentah tak leh telan, modify ler...hehehe...
~F&Z~>>Or maybe it's the other way round ?
emly>>Mama punya pressure cooker brand Prestige. Mama beli di Sri Lanka about 10 years back. Antik gitukkkkkk....
medusa>>Med...Med...asyik lapar je kamu ni....
sal>>Maaflah Sal, mama tak pernah lak masak kaki lembu la...cuba tanya Kak Liza
najihah>> Thank you my dear....

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