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The magazine
The cake in the magazine
How to make a piping bag
Breakfast Menu
The Chocolate Cake
Had these for breakfast this morning....

When I looked through 'Your Family' magazine (a magazine from South Africa), I am interested to try out this chocolate cake. Maybe because it has yogurt as one of the ingredients, so I am rather curious. For me, the taste is just okay. Maybe the yogurt here is a bit too sour or what, and that gave the cake a slightly funny taste.

And then, when I visited Shida's page, I just love to see the way she iced her cheesecake and thought of trying it out. So I beat the fresh cream and melted the cooking chocolate. When melting the chocolate, my instinct was saying...It can't be JUST the melted'll get hard in no time..but then, the hands and the mind just refused to listen! Stubborn huh! So when I'm done with the fresh cream, I started making big circles on top of the fresh cream with melted chocolate. Then when it was time to do the lines....true like what my instinct 'said'...the chocolate was hard. But I still try and do the sketches the best I could but I guess my best wasn't enough!


For the cake
Ingredients :

180g butter ~ softened
200g cake flour
200g castor sugar
10ml (2 teaspoons) baking powder
40g cocoa powder
2 jumbo eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
150ml soured cream

Method :

1. Preheat the oven to 180 celcius. Grease and line 2 small cake tins.
2. Put all the cake ingredients into a mixer and mix until you have a smoothe batter.
3. Transfer the batter equally to the two prepared tins and bake for 35 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.
4. Cool.

For the Icing
200g white chocolate
100g butter
30ml golden syrup
100ml sour cream
300g (575ml) icing sugar

Method :

1. Melt the chocolate and butter together with the syrup and sour cream and cool before beating in the icing sugar.

To assemble
Slice each cake in half. On your serving plate, put the domed top half of one of the cakes upside down and spread the cut edge with a little of the icing. Layer on the other halves with icing in between, using the other domed side for the top. Ice around the whole cake, and decorate with white chocolate strips and shapes.

To make the chocolate strips for around the cake, melt a 200g slab of white chocolate and spread it quite thinly and evenly in a long strip (of about 10cm x 60cm) or a large square (of about 20cm x 30cm). When dry to the touch, but still malleable, cut it into smaller strips of 10cm x 4 cm or 5 cm each.

Note :
1. I didn't follow this method when preparing the cake. I use my normal way of baking cakes.
2. Didn't decorate the way this book suggested. I used fresh cream. And for the chocolate lines, Shida said to use Chocolate Ganache. I don't have the recipe but hopefully Shida will be kind enough to share it with us...lets hope.....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
kakyong>>Kakyong tu yang ice cake cantik...colorful lagi...mama main selet selet je...
aZeeMaH>>Main lagu apa eh? Rock ke keroncong je?
kuchai>>Ambik la kuchai! Psst...might try your pengat pisang today...pisang dah siap dipotong tu...
mummy hamim2>>Perh, tabik spring aa kat mummy hamim2!
mie>>Mana tahu?
Mademoiselle Ayu >>Look can be deceiving you know!
afee>>Ini hali talak bukak confectionery la...soli aaa...
mama anis>>Yaaa begitu jelas kedengaran nada-nada jeles...hihihi..acah je. Budak-budak ni, metabolism bagus...makan tapi tak gemuk gemuk...lainlah cam tukang masaknya...tak makan pun bertambah tambah gemuk! Kui kui kui....
tolong comment>>Abis dahhh....
Mother Marissa>>Not really a good cook, still learning...
gerimisalji>>Cepat pi makan.....
chubby-cheek>>Cam perli mama je pipi tembam ! Hehehe...hah pi join gerimisalji cari makanan!
KNizam>>Kuih apa ye yang design cam gini?
rossya>>Sib baik mama tak boh spiderman sekali kan...huhuhu....
medusa>>Amboi..bukan main pandai lagi dia menggayakan kek ye...
~F&Z~>>Kek tu, so so je...tak cuba pun tak pe....
Steve Troy>>Here comes Mr Chocoholic !
zairul>>Tu la mama kata, Zack diet dalam mimpi je la....
Phalinn>>Hish jangannn...nanti marah the Number 1 Chef tau (whoever that may be)..mama ni masih
belajarla..Cuti 'sekolah' nanti, balikla Malaysia, boleh makan puas-puas....Or I'm sure you can do the roti canai
yourself, tak susah. Kalau tak tahu nak tebar, just tarik-tarik je...cuba try test....
Edoras>>Kusmangat banyaknya...nak kenduri ke?
John>> Thanks for dropping by!
mummy jam>>Baik-baik mummy, nanti basah baju tu!
ShidaAziz>>Tu la kan...nak kena practise lagi...tapi yang salah tu, pasal guna chocolate masakan dan bukan ganache....

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