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MVVU CAMP ~ Safari Ride

3KM to the park entrance
The entrance
The road...
to our chalet
Chalet # 9
the beds...
We went in this....
Monitor Lizard
Yellow Monkey
Bushbuck and wildhog
The ranger
Taken by Fatin
Yes, we spent this weekend at Mvuu Camp. Hubby booked a chalet for us to stay overnight. We were kinda excited at the thought of staying in the jungle at night! Started from home just before noon on Saturday and after about 1 1/2 hour drive, we reached the entrance of Liwonde National Park. After paying the entrance fee and jotting down our particulars in the guest book, we proceed through the jungle, on a dusty and bumpy road for about another 45 minutes to reach Mvuu Camp.

When we've registered ourselves at the reception, we headed for our chalet ~ Chalet # 9, facing the river. Had a good rest and at 4pm, set off for the Safari Ride. Joining us were 2 ladies from Switzerland and 2 ladies & a guy from Holland. The ride was wonderful, but guess what mama did somewhere towards the end of the ride....I dozed off! Hahaha...when I think of what I've done, I just remembered one of Mr Bean stories, where he slept during the roller coaster ride! But I wasn't THAT bad. It was ptich dark, I think around 7pm. We can't see anything for quite sometime, so I was getting rather bored and at the same time, it was chilly, and what's more, I was up very early that day...hahahaha...excuses excuses excuses! During the night ride, a ranger was seated infront of the vehicle holding a big spot light and will show us what can be seen. Sadly we didn't manage to see the elephants and the hyenas. But we saw the elephants before dark. We managed to catch a glimpse of the zebras. The Zebras that we saw were in the Black Rhino Sanctuary. That sanctuary is not opened till middle of June. It is closed during the rainy season for some reason. We might be going there again once it's open for visit. Other animals that we saw during our safari ride were Impala, Yellow Monkeys, Waterbucks, Squirrels, Kudu, Egyptian ducks, a few species of birds, Elephants, Wild Hogs and Monitor Lizards.

We were back at the camp by 7.30pm and went straight for dinner. After dinner, a ranger accompanied us to our chalet. We had to be careful as we might bump into monkeys, hippos or even elephants. Hippos especially will get out of the water during night time. We were adviced to stay indoors throughout the night. Had shower and the kids jumped on their beds and started playing with their psp and gameboy. Hubby, went to bed early, must be tired. And me, though feeling tired and sleepy, but refused to sleep hoping that a hippo or an elephant will pass by infront of our room! Stayed by the window for quite sometime and actually dozed off on the chair while waiting. But it was very difficult to see in the pitch dark unless you have an eye of a cat! I only have an eye of an old lady...alhamdulillah, I can still see nicely! Finally I went to bed at around 11 pm. Just as I put my head on the pillow, I can hear some rustling sound from outside and the sound of the hippo....I quickly ran to the window, hoping to see something....hmmmm...nothing....A few times that happened, and still nothing to be seen. Finally I gave up and went to bed. I think, towards dawn, the rustling sound were so near and clear but I was just too lazy to wake up....But what I must say is, I enjoyed the night there with all the nature sounds that lulls me to sleep.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................ be continued....boat ride..................

Ceritamu ceritaku...
mama anis>>Naper lak surprised..mama ni memang adventurous punya species tau! Haa suruh tangkap rusa buat BBQ???? Ada yang tidor dalam lokap nanti!!!!
Fatin>>Yessss...that's me!
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Memang best Ayu...I feel very close to nature...dengan bunyi cengkerik, bunyi burung, bunyi hippo...bestttttt.....Ayu ni suka katil tu pasal ada kelambu tu kan?! That kelambu is to protect from the mosquitoes.
mummy jam>>Most welcome mummy. I just love it there mummy. You wouldn't know if you don't try. Maybe you'll end up like me...loving the we're planning to go to another safari park up the mountain, in Malawi...hopefully everything goes well....
nn>>Kamu ni nn, banyak bebenor wishes nyer yek...why not pi cari lamp yang ada genie...bolehlah dia grant all the wishes for you...hihihi.....Mama dah save dah resipi nn tu, thanks...tapi KIV la sebab tak de bahan utama!
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>>Ha ah Sya, jalan-jalan jumpa 'kenkawan'...hihihi
Amy>>Binatang tu semua liar, kita kena extra careful je la especially with hippos, gajah dan juga buaya. But we are in the safe hands of the rangers, insyaAllah....
emly>>Ni lagi sorang yang made my day! Thanks Emly for trying the recipe and thanks to your hubby for the positive critic. Shida mesti lebih gembira sebab itu resipi hasil rekaan dia....mama tukang promosi je... hehehe....
shidaaziz>>Yang tak semenggah tu ler yang sedap sebabnya, tak penat memasak tapi enak dimakan!

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