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Padprik Campur
Hmm.....don't have any idea to write much...I'm kinda blurrrr today...don't know why. Maybe tired and also the mind is just at the pillows! The whole day today, it was foggy and drizzling in Blantyre and worst in Limbe. When I sent the kids to school this morning, it was not so bad at Fatin's school (St Andrew's High in Blantyre) but nearing Syahmi's school (Hillview in BCA Hill), the visibility range was just about 50 metres or so. It was poor baby! I think the temperature there must be around 14 degrees. When I reached home, feel like crawling back under my warm comfortable blanket, but the house chores are waiting!!!! Poor me! Hihihi.....

Anyway, here's a recipe that I've tried a few weeks ago. Got this recipe from Shida's. She had been kind enough to paste the recipe in her fotopage after I told her that I like to eat Padprik but just don't know how to cook it. True like what Shida said, it's not a hassle at all. Infact it's easy kapeasy and what's more, delicious. Even orang bujang can cook this...Thank you Shida for sharing the recipe with us....


Ingredients :

4 onion ~ pounded
3 garlic ~ pounded
1 onion ~ sliced (ring)
3 tablespoons chili paste
a bit of tamarind juice
2 tablespoons oyster sauce
a bit of dark soy sauce
salt and sugar to taste

a few squids
5 prawns
a bit of chicken fillet ~ sliced
carrot ~ sliced slanting
long beans
kaffir leaves (daun limau purut)

Method :

1. Saute pounded onion and garlic till fragrant.
2. Add in chilli paste and fry till chilli is well cooked. Add in oyster sauce and dark soy sauce.
3. Add in tamarind juice and stir till thick.
4. Add in carrots and cook till carrots are tender.
5. Add in chicken fillet and the other vegetables.
6. Add in squids, prawns and kaffir leaves.
7. Add in the ring onions.
8. Finally, add in salt and sugar to taste.
9. To be served with white rice.

Note :
The padprik that I cooked that day is simpler than the one in the recipe. It's because I don't have squids, long beans and cauliflower, but still the taste is YUMMY!

Ceritamu ceritaku...
IbuAmin>>You're most welcome IbuAmin. Weekend ni, mama cuti ke dapur..yeaaaa...
Linda>>The padprik lady la mak Linda ni yek...mama pulak kalau order, suka Ladna, tapi sampai la ni, tak reti masak ladna lagi.
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Tu la, hari-hari dok check nak upload gambar, tapi masih disable lagi katanya...
nn>>Aik, asyik puasa je...puasa ganti ke? Opss mama ada a few days more nak ganti...insyaAllah will do it soon...
Amy>>Try nanti ye...
rossya>>Mama pun tak sabar nak tepek gambar (hihihi...perasan ler gambar kita ni cantik bebenor !)
~~Lor Hafidz..biar betul, lagi 5 minit nak exam leh skodeng kat fp eh!
~~Ok..nanti dah main masak-masak, tepek gak resipi macam Phalinn buat ok. Nak gek tengok hasil masakan Hafidz cam mana!
shidaaziz>>Tu dia, tuan punya resipi dah datang dah. Sorilah jenuh menunggu..nak wat cam no, system berehat sementara!
nazs>>Thank you for dropping by. Hope this page will be of some help. All but two food photos (if I am not mistaken) in here were tested in my kitchen. Just love to share it with others. Paprik is one of my favourite as well. Selain senang dan cepat dibuat, rasanya pun sedap. Cubalah ye.....
Yani Cologne>>Jangan tak tahu, inilah pertama kali mama buat padprik sendiri walaupun suka makan padprik. Masa tinggal di Malaysia, bolehlah main order je, ni dah duduk jauh, cam no! Maaf ye, mama tak de petua buat popiah la. Memang nak try juga buat suatu hari nanti...

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