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Friday, 19-May-2006 19:19 Email | Share | Bookmark

Jersey from Eiffel Tower
Winter slippers from Lannion, France
MamaFaMi's production! ;)
Out of the oven....
Yellow Cake
Actually today, I don't have any intention to put any new tested recipes in my fp. I thought of just putting the photos of my homemade pizzas, cakes I made for school and also the gifts that I got from hubby. After all this is a FOTOpage so what should be in it are photos and not necessary recipes because it's not RECIPEPAGES... hehehe...But then, when I read the comment from Kak Yong, I changed my mind.

This afternoon, I sent 2 cakes to school for them to sell at tomorrow's 'Rag and Bone Sale Day'. Just donated the two cakes for them to sell as one of the fundraising activities for the school. Not too sure whether I can go to the Sale Day tomorrow or not because our driver doesn't work on weekends. I don't have the heart to ask hubby to send us there, as he just arrived from France this evening. He might still be tired after the long journey. Speaking of hubby, he got me a pair of winter shoes from Lannion, France and a jersey from The Eiffel Tower. Thanks dear...

Back to my cakes...well, I gave a chocolate cake and oil cake. For the topping, I used Chocolate Glace and Orange Glace. Got the recipes for the glace from a book. And to make things easier, I made the boxes myself so that the buyer doesn't have to return anything to me. Less hassle! Thought of writing...
FROM MAMAFAMI'S KITCHEN on the lid... but then...ah... just too shy to expose MamaFaMi too much...the workmanship isn't so I just stick to my other trade mark...SENTIMENTAL VALUE...

Now, experimented recipe for the day.....YELLOW CAKE from Kak Yong's Digital Kitchen fotopage. Ala...the Kak Yong who loves colors....and I just LOVE her colorful cupcakes! Not to mention the food spread during weekends....oooooooo so mouth watering...hihihi... Opps, where's my manners.... thank you Kak Yong for the lovely recipe of YELLOW CAKE.


Ingredients :

1 cup butter
2 cups white sugar
4 eggs
2 1/2 cups self-rising flour
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon vanilla extract

Method :

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees Celcius).
2. Grease well a baking tray.
3. In a medium bowl, cream together the butter and sugar.
4. Beat in the eggs, one at a time.
5. Combine the milk and vanilla.
6. Add alternately to the creamed mixture with flour, ending with the flour.
7. Mix only as much as necessary.
8. Pour into the baking tray and bake till golden brown.

Ceritamu ceritaku...
~~Tu dia...tuanpunya resipi dah melawat dulu dah. Hehehe...
~~I wish! Tak leh ikut sebab hubby gi meeting. Dia kata schedule very tight. Dia pergi Paris and Lannion sekali. Lagipun anak-anak sekolah.
~~Aiyoo Kak Yong...dah kol 4 pagi tak tidur lagi ke...Macam mana business? Mesti bagus ni....all the best and again thanks for the recipe.
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Pukul 8.13am tu, Ayu dah sarapan ke lom? Kalau belum, tu sebab lapar!
Kc>>Akan terwujudkah kelas memasak MamaFaMi tu KC oi?
unnamed>>Saja bagi penerangan sebab nak suruh salinasu cuba lagi dan jangan putus asa! Kek memang selalunya very simple to make....teknik je nak kena betul untuk dapat kek yang ringan
Zack>>Guess what, mama makan that cake with the leftover lemon glace, perh sedap wei! Manis & masam...mmmmmm ...hancuslah diet mu wahai Zack!
F E L I X>>Hish...nanti marah A K M A (AF3)....
azli jamil>>Real vanilla beans? Tak pernah tengok pun....just nampak dalam TV
je..vanilla pods...Mesti lagi best kan kalau dapat guna yang original punya stuff!
KNizam>>Oil cake pasal one of the ingredients is oil. Jimat sikit tak yah guna butter. Kalau ada resipi icecream cake yang bagus, memang mama nak cuba...
Linda>>Ee malulah...kerjatangan lom kemas sangat...esh..budak Linda ni, tak padan kurus, kalau order, cam nak wat kenduri!!!
Fatin>>Kalau selalu prektis, pandailah nanti...
maR>>Hang nak wat roti canai, tapi pi tidoq, nak buat lagu mana! Hihihi...tak pa, nanti cuba lagi na!
mummy jam>>Thanks mummy...look can be deceiving...
aureanayz>>Buatlah sendiri aureanayz. Senang je...main godak-godak je...Untuk resepi glace tu, nantila mama tepek eh, hari ni tak laratlah!
Ida>>1 cup tepung tu lebih kurang 125g.
YangMazni>>Thank you very much for your concern in your pm...appreciate it...
Hanis>>Ala kesiannya dia.....
tetamu tak diundang..........>>Kenalah buat sendiri...tu...resipi dah bagi....
kuchai>>Nak buat apa winter slippers tu... Ala Kuchai kan pandai wat kek sendiri...nanti Kuchai buat sendiri kay...
selendang ayu>> Waalaikumus salam....
ainaz_5129>> Mama guna susu segar (fresh milk)

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