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Wednesday, 17-May-2006 17:17 Email | Share | Bookmark

Fresh from the oven
For today's entry I'm gonna share with you Dolly's dad's favourite cookies called Choc-Kits. Tasted this during Dolly's twins' birthday party at Mpingwe Sports Club. And Dolly had been so sweet as to give me the recipe right away.

Hmm..Dolly...well, actually her real name is Rehana. Once, Helma asked me, why do we call her 'Dolly'? And me, being Mrs-Know-Everything, tried to be smart and answered...I think because she looks like a doll, which is true actually. When we asked Dolly the same question, she said, it's because, when they were small, her twin brother can't pronounce Rehana, so he called her Dolly...And of all the nicknames, why 'Dolly'! Maybe he sees his twin sister is as beautiful as a doll! Good reasoning huh...which proves that my answer to Helma's question is almost accurate...hahaha!

Well this Choc-Kits actually has it's own cutter and Dolly is more than willing to lend hers to me. But she said, it's quite a job to handle those cutters. So I told her that I'm just going to use my smallest donut cutter that I have. But the shape will be slightly different. Choc-Kits is suppose to be somewhat like oval, but since mine is round, so I'll call it DOLLY'S CHOC-KITS...


Ingredients :

2 cups cake flour
2 cups desicated coconut
2 cups oats
1 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons golden syrup
2 tablespoons boiling water
250 g margarine
2 teaspoons soda bicarbonate
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

melted cooking chocolate

Method :
1. Mix all the dry ingredients together.
2. Add in margarine.
3. Mix the golden syrup with boiling water and soda bicarbonate. Pour into the mixed ingredients to form a soft dough.
3. Roll flat. Use a fork to make a rough texture on the flatten dough.
4. Cut using the choc-kit cutter and arrange on a well-greased baking tray.
5. Bake till golden brown.
6. Leave to cool. Once cooled, spread some melted cooking chocolate and sandwich the cookies together.

Note :
1. When I did these cookies, I didn't actually follow Dolly's method because, I forgot how she did it. I just wrote down the ingredients without the method (trying to be Mrs Smart eh!). I just did it like how we bake cookies. Thank God it came out nice...well at least, to me, it's nice!
2. I didn't add cocoa powder because when she gave me the recipe, she forgot to tell me about the cocoa powder. Only this morning when I phoned her to get the method that she mentioned about the cocoa. So, she said, if my biscuits are without cocoa powder..then it should be called CRUNCHIES.
3. Instead of desicated coconut, I put Nestum.

Ceritamu ceritaku...
maR>>Mama suka experimentlah maR...lagipun, leh buat bekal anak-anak gi sekolah. Awak punya Princess Tia tu tecit lagi la...tunggu sket lagi dia besar...mesti laku cookies kat rumah tu!
KNizam>>Ha ah...cookies.....
Chal>>Ni dah bagi cups measurement, bolehlah cuba nanti ye....
mummy jam>>Mama gunakan apa yang ada dalam rumah ni. Main cebur je. I think I used the cooking oats yang kena masak dulu baru makan tu...
Zack>>Memang delicious Zack...dapur tu kalau berasap biar berpada-pada...kalau asap banyak sangat kang, bomba datang serbu pulak...hehehe....
kc>>Hakcipta terpelihara!
rossya>>Rasa dia pun not bad...
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>>Kenalah ibu buat cookies walaupun bukan hari raya!
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Hihihihi...
mama anis>>Thanks for the suggestion. InsyaAllah will try one day...
Linda>>Mak ai banyaknya...saper nak makan tu?
Medusa>>Sukanya mama dengar Med dah berjaya buat kuih apam tu. Nanti upload cepat sket na...tak sabar nak tengok! Lepas ni wat biskut plak...prektis prektis hari raya...
tukang comment tak diundang>>Memang rangup...krappp kruppppp...

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