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Kc's creative work!
Fish and Chips
Naan Bread
After quite sometime being in the KIV list, finally one day of last week, I made this for the kids' dinner and left 2 doughs for hubby's breakfast the next morning. I took this Naan Bread recipe from Mummy Hamim2's website. Made one cheese Naan and the others I left it plain. Had it with NoorMasri's Dhal Curry. Yummy delicious. Thank you both for the recipes...

NAAN BREAD(makes 12 - 15 pieces)

Ingredients :

750g flour
250g self-raising flour
250ml plain yogurt
1 teaspoon yeast (mix with 1 cup of lukewarm water)
2 tablespoon butter (olive oil is better)
2 tablespoon sugar
a bit of salt
enough water

Method :

1. Mix well flour, self-raising flour, sugar, salt and butter.
2. Add in yeast mixture and yogurt. Add enough water and knead till a soft and smooth dough is formed.
3. Leave to prove.
4. Roll flat and put on a non-stick pan on low heat.

For Cheese Naan
Roll flat one dough, sprinkle cheese and sugar on top. Roll flat another dough and put on top of the cheese and sugar, then straight to the pan.

1. Don't roll the dough too flat.
2. When baking, normally it'll puff up. Make sure you use low heat. Turn over if necessary
3. Plain naan : Nice to eat with curry, dalcha, sambal, yogurt mint.
4. Cheese Naan : Can be enjoyed just like that. Instead of cheese, you can also spread with chocolate spread, cheese & butter

And for dinner yesterday, the kids wanted fish and chips. So I fried the fish fillet coated with my homemade Southern Fried Coating and two types of chips. Fatin likes the slightly crispy ones and Syahmi preffered the criss cut chips. Mama as usual...loves everything! I cut those chips using the cutter that Alia gave me...

Ceritamu ceritaku...
rossya>>Nak wat lebih2, saper nak makan bebanyak weiii...hehehe....
Phalinn Ooi>>Mama pulak, sumer suka makan, janji halal!
fadzliali>>Yummy memang...
Chal>>250g flour is about 2 cups. Mama guna measurement cups dari Tupperware.
Linda>>Jangan le sesebut tandoori...mama lom reti masak yang tu...nanti teringin plak, kan dah payah!
kc>>'s not only ME who LOVES the tag. Ramai lagi yang admire tag KC Production! Thank you KC...
Noor>>Selamat mencuba ye...
aureanayz>>Amboi...gulai kambing lagi!
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Ayu pulak dengan ayam tandoorinya!
KNizam>>Ini yang dinamakan pengaruh TV!
kakyong>>Adoi kakyong, sat bakery, sat cafe, sat indian restaurant...ntah yang manalah yang jadi agaknya yek..hehe..
mummy hamim2>>Ala mummy...masuk dalam perut, sama je rupanya! Thanks for the recipe!
korok>>Hmmm...bila ye?
~F&Z~>>Try jangan tak try!
mie>>Ampun Mie...ampunnnn!
~~Lovely tag -->Thanks to my sponsor KC
~~Sedap dipandang...tapi adakah sedap jua dimakan???? Hehehe...
~~Western food? Itu selera anak-anak...mamanya tetap gak dengan nasinya...
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Ani>> Please feel free to copy ye Ani...memang itu tujuan sebenarnya....tapi, jangan le copy je, cubalah buat juga ye...

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