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Lunch Menu
Karipap Kobis (before cutting)
Karipap Kobis
I am so sorry for not updating this page a couple of days. what excuse must I give this time eh...well...the most famous excuse ever...BUSY...and second best...LAZY...Are those accepted? Actually I was pretty busy the whole day last Wednesday and Thursday. By night time (that's when I normally do my updates...while you guys in Malaysia are sound asleep that is...6 hours difference) I was so worn out and when I am exhausted, I just can't think of anything to I left it....

On Wednesday, I was out of the house the same time the kids went to school, around 6.40am. After dropping them in their schools, I went to Blantyre Sports Club to do my fabric paint class. Painting is one of my other passion besides baking, cross stitching, travelling as well as surfing the net...I painted a cushion cover ~ Mushroom picture. Haven't finished with the borders. Will put in one of my coming entries once it's done..just to show you how UNartistic MamaFaMi is! Hahaha...well, I went for this class because I wanted to just have some time out and enjoy doing the thing that I love and also to be with friends....Reached home, 12 noon. Luckily I've cooked Asam Pedas Ikan the night before. So I just have to cook rice and vegetables.

On Thursday morning, went to the dentist (AGAINNNN??? Aha...again!) for my final phase of root canal. This time hubby didn't accompany me because there'll be no injections. That's when I felt like there's slightly pain when the dentist was doing his 'work or art', whereas there's nothing's just my psychology! Spoilt mama! Hahahaha.....And in the afternoon while waiting for Fatin to finish her afternoon class, I went to Naseem's house to help her register for fotopage. Tried twice but the activation email didn't come. So she's still stranded and can't even log in to her fotopage....

Oopss...enough of my boring's move on to recipes...Actually, I have a couple of new experiments that I haven't posted here. which one will I put first...mmmm...well, I think I'll put KARIPAP KOBIS....Got this idea from where else but my favourite Forum Cari. There are a couple of recipes in there, but I took DianaA's recipe for the skin. For the filling, I used my very own karipap more or's like MamaFaMi's Karipap Kobis huh...hahaha...just let me dream on okay! It's not always I get to use my name in a recipe as I am totally lousy at altering and creating recipes! I will paste the exact recipe of DianaA's karipap kobis...but she called it Bunga Kobis..By the way, 'Kobis' in English is 'Cabbage'.


Ingredients for skin :

300g flour ~ sifted
1 egg
75g ghee
enough water mixed with salt


Finely blend...
2 tablespoon ground corriander
1 tablespoon cummin
1 tablespoon fennel
2 garlic
3 cloves
2.5 cm ginger
2 cm cinnamon stick
salt to taste

300g minced meat
300g onion ~ sliced thinly
200g spring onion and chinese corriander (daun sup) ~ chopped
5 fresh red chillies ~ deseeded and sliced
50ml cooking oil
3 eggs
450ml cooking oil

600g tomatoes ~ carved into flower
600g lettuce leaves

Method :
1. Skin : Rub ghee abd egg with flour. Pour in salt water and knead till a soft and smooth dough is formed.
2. Divide the dough to 6 portions of different sizes...the second portion must be bigger from the first one, the third one bigger than the second one, so on so forth.
3. Filling : Heat 50ml cooking oil. Add the blended mixture and fry till fragrant. Add in minced meat with a bit of water. When cooked, remove from heat and put in the spring onion, chinese corriander, red chillies and stir well to mix. Set aside.
4. Slightly beat the eggs.
5. Heat 450ml cooking oil on medium heat.
6. Meanwhile, roll flat the smallest dough. Put the filling, pour a bit of beaten eggs in the middle and cover it. Fry till golden brown.
7. While that one is frying in the pan, roll flat the second dough. Put the filling in the middle and pour a bit of beaten egg. Then put the fried first dough on top of it and cover the whole thing. Fry again till golden brown.
8. Repeat the whole process with the remaining dough.

Note :
It is a bit of a job, but it's worth it. My children and hubby loved them very much and so do I (come to think of it...why don't I love huh...hahaha!). Thanks DianaA for sharing the recipe.

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Steve Troy>>Tastes good as well
hellikonia>>Tq tq...rasa dia macam a bit of bothlah...sedapppp...
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>>Buat jangan tak buat...tunggu Syahmi tidorlah...hehehe..buat kuih ni tak susah tapi renyah sikitlah...
Zack>>Loh...kata nak tunjuk muka terpegun? Tak de pun.
aZeeMaH>>Dependsla..kalau ada yang bagi idea yang boleh mama try...Lor, belum sihat lagi ke?
Enoka>>Hey there busy lady! So sorry to hear that you are sick...maybe it's the change of weather. And you, being that side, must be much much cooler than us over here in Blantyre. The chocolate cake is indeed delicious...u must give it a try....The Vic Fall photos are just to make you wish to go there next Easter Holiday !
mummy jam>>More or less like thatlah mummy...
shidaaziz>>Mama dulu practice kelim karipap guna play dough.
je karipap kobis tapi ingredients tak de kobis okay...hehehe...wah syoklah Alynn asyik jalan je....
KNizam>>Pada mama, sedaplah....selera orang lain, tak tahulah pulak...
kc>>Mengidam ?! Ehem ehem...Mama dah pernah rasa karipap ni sekali je masa kekecik dulu...tu yang bila terbaca di forum, leh dapat bayangkan...Painting tu, ala conteng conteng je...tak pandai mana pun...Nanti mama tepek aa...Ala KC...susah susah aja (cam Felix AF3 cakap) buatkan mama tag...anyway....thank you in advance na....
mate>>So...mama dihalalkan untuk take leave ye...tq tq!
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Rupa je macam kobis, tapi tak de kobis pun kat dalam tu
mie>>Mama pulak...pertama kali buat!

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