By: Mama FaMi

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Roti Canai
Kari Dhal
Lepat Pisang
For breakfast today, I made these...
Jemput-jemput ~~~>>
<<~~~Roti canai Niceghost99
to go with Dhal Curry ~~~>>

and my experiment for today......Lepat Pisang from Kak Liza. Been wanting to try out this one when I first set eyes on the photos that Kak Liza pasted in her fotopages because this one happens to be among my favourites...come to think of that...what's not in my favourite list eh? Hahahaha.......It was just oooh so tasty and very easy to make. Only thing, maybe, my 'work of art' is not as neat as the Sifoo Liza, but then, as long as the taste is delicious, who cares about the look huh...once inside the tummy, nobody knows how they'll look like...huhuhu...


Ingredients :

2 cups mashed sweet bananas
1 cup flour
2 tablespoons milk powder
2 tablespoons sugar

enough banana leaves ~ wash, and wither over the fire for a few seconds (for easy folding) and cut into 6in x 6in size

Method :
1. Mix well all the ingredients.
2. Spoon a tablespoon of the mixture onto the middle of the banana leave. Fold.
3. Steam for 15 minutes.

Ceritamu ceritaku...
yangmazni & mummy jam & fiza & hanieliza>>Indah ciptaan Illahi...
Edoras -The Amateur Photographer>>Info dari google, Zambezi River ni...quote : Owned jointly by the governments of Zambia and Zimbabwe..unquote
aZeeMaH>>Susu dalam Shepherd Pie Speedial tu adalah untuk melembabkan...
ijad>>Thanks Ijad for the advice. So nak hilangkan date tu, kena adjust kat kamera kan? Alahai..mama ni bukan pandai sangat!
aureanayz>>So far so good, tapi still kena take it easy kat belah yang sakit tu. Infection masih ada...still on antibiotics ni...
Linda>>Thanks for the birthday wish. Mama ni kalau sakit apa pun, tapi kalau orang ajak teman shopping....still on kot...hehehe
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Soalan tu kan....mama blur sket nak jawabla...hehehehe.....
Najwa>> That, I am not too sure, tapi rasanya kalau nak rebus, kenalah ikat betul-betul dan kemas supaya masa merebus, isinya tak terkeluar or air tak termasuk ke dalam, wallahu'alam.
aziah>> Will be right here waiting...
aziah>> Guna foil pun boleh aje...

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