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My grill pan
Bun Pandan
Bun Pandan
There was no entry yesterday because I was in so much pain. What else but my troublesome tooth. It striked again yesterday when I was enjoying my card making class! Of all the chose to 'appear' during my favourite pass time! Ahhh....I just felt like taking a hammer and pull that fella out last night. Everything was just not right....Grrrrrr! How I suffered. I had to take 2 Panadols to make me sleep! And just can't wait to see the dentist at 9 am the next day...Hmmm...can't wait to see the dentist hah...that doesn't sound like the ol' MamaFaMi who is afraid of the dentist...shhh.......Well now, I am just immune with can I be afraid of them when I've visited the dentist 6 times in 3 months time and for the same tooth! So at 8.45am, hubby went with me to the dentist...not because I am afraid or what...but just to give me moral support...and also as my decision maker...huhuhu...I feel stronger when he's around...not because I'm afraid kay...hehehehe.....

I think the dentist felt pity (or maybe he's smiling all the way to the bank, like bro Jeff said) to see me suffering with the same tooth over and over again...he checked and told me, there are only two options...either to extract it or 'kill it and leave a statue as a symbol of victory'...scientifically called 'root canal'! So hubby said...kill it!!!!!!! Then he got to work...don't ask me how I felt during the 'battle' but I am just relieved when it's over...over for the first stage. I have to go again for the second treatment on the 4th and final (hopefully) treatment on the 11th. I was given some antibiotics and painkillers to swallow which I obediently did....

Oki doki, let's leave aside my unpleasant story of the day...let's move on to something else. Well, I thought of posting my holiday series...oooohhh yessss, I'm still not done with my holiday stories! But then I changed my mind...instead I'm gonna share with you my few experiments that I did a few days back and also today....

After browsing through my inspirational website, I felt like trying NoorMasri's Bun Pandan. So I got to work, but since time was running late, I kinda force the dough to rise in the oven. So the finishing wasn't up to my satisfaction. And yesterday, when I read the feedback from a few forumers, well, I know my mistake now. Not to rush, because NoorMasri said, this dough takes quite a long time to prove...NOW YOU TELL ME!!!! Hehehe...'s not bad actually for a first trial (ppsttt...trying to make myself feel good okay...!!). InsyaAllah, I'll try again but will change the Pandan to Chocolate...maybe this weekend....we'll see.....By the way, 'Pandan' in English is Screwpine, in Chinese it's Xiang Cai, in Thailand it's called Bai Toey and in Sri Lanka it's called 'Rampa'. So here's the recipe....


Ingredients :

400g strong white bread flour
2 1/2 teaspoons instant yeast
1 teaspoon salt (level)
50g margarine ~ melted
70g - 80g sugar
1 egg
100ml fresh milk ~ lukewarm
110ml pandan juice ~ lukewarm

1 tablespoon fresh milk ~ to brush on the buns before baking
1 teaspoon melted margarine ~ to brush after the buns are out of the oven

Method :
1. Mix flour, yeast, salt and sugar in a big bowl.
2. Make a hole in the middle and pour in the melted margarine, fresh milk, pandan juice and egg.
3. Mix well. Knead for about 15 minutes till a smooth (doesn't stick to your hand) and elastic dough is formed. Note :

this dough maybe a bit sticky in the beginning but NEVER add flour
4. Make the dough into a big ball and place it in a greased big bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film and place it at a warm place to prove for 1 1/2 to 2 hours till dough doubles its size.
5. Divide the dough into 50g - 60g balls and place them in a baking tray lined with grease paper or on a greased pan. Do not put them far apart so that when they are baked, the buns will stick to each other.
6. Cover the baking pan with cling film for 1 hour or until the dough doubles the size.
7. Brush the buns with fresh milk.
8. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 190 - 200 C for 15 to 20 minutes or till golden brown.
9. Remove from oven and brush with melted margarine.
10. Let it cool on a wire rack covered with a clean towel to get a soft crust.

Note :
1. I used cake flour.
2. Instead of blending fresh pandan to extract it's juice, I just mix pandan essence, water and a bit of green coloring. It's because I don't have any pandan leaves here.
3. I normally cover all my bowls or baking pans with a big plastic bag and not cling films.
4. I was just so excited to try out this recipe that I forgot to brush the buns with fresh milk before baking and actually THAT was what I really wanted to experiment because I haven't done that before!

When we went to South during the holiday, I've asked my hubby for a grill pan. I've always wanted that grill pan because from the TV cooking programme, they look so useful. So, on the morning of the last day we were in South, I went to the mall with just my hubby for a very quick last minute shopping and actually, that was the only shopping we did...And guess what...instead of just one grill pan, he bought for me an extra frying pan as well. We got them from The Verimark shop and the pans were on sale and limited stock. We actually save 100 rands when buying both instead of 1. Ever since we came back, both the pans were just being used and I think, if they can talk...they'll surely beg for mercy! Hahahaha! True like what I've seen on TV, the grill pan is a wonder! HOHOHO...I must ask for commision from Verimark for advertising their products huh! The burgers that used to be quite rubbery and dry now are moist and juicy and my children can eat 2 to 3 burgers each in one meal. The same goes for the frying pan...very good and is a REALLY non stick product! And today, on the way back from the dentist, I stopped by the butchery to buy more burgers and I came across this Portugese peri-peri marinated t-bone steak. I bought just one tray to try grilling them on my grill pan. So for dinner, we had T-Bone Steak with chips and Kak Liza's coselow....yummy delicious.....burppp...alhamdulillah.....


Ingredients :
To be shredded
1 small cabbage
1 carrot

Sauce (mix well)
1 cup mayonaise
2 tablespoons iced water
1 teaspoon grounded black pepper
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Method :
Mix all the ingredients and keep in the fridge for a few hours before serving.

I added a bit of sugar to balance the sourish taste and I didn't keep in the fridge because the steak and the chips were ready to be eaten!

Happy birthday to my dearest Kak Lynne

Ceritamu ceritaku...
~~Waalaikum salammm...masuk ler...buat cam rumah orang...hihihihi...Med sihat?
~~Nak roti, kenalah beli kat kedai roti ye Med. Sesekali tu, tukarlah selera dari karipap kecik ke karipap besor...
~~Med bior benor...agak-agak Med nampak Zebra tu macam marble cake ke hapa nih! Huhuhu......
kc>>Baguslah kalau anak-anak suka...anak-anak mama lebih prefer Choc Chip Muffins. Tapi I like this apple muffin.
yangmazni>>Lepas muffin coklat, apa kata muffin apple plak!
mummy jam>>Buat muffin lagi senang dari sandwich mummy. Godak godak, boh dlm tray, bake. Siap!
Shah, Sya, Syahmi >>EEeeee syoknya dia nak balik Malaysia......
hey,its intan.y!@AdanPhotography>>Awatnya sakit perut?
ijad>>Hehehe...lom le plak terpikir nak wat home delivery!
aZeeMaH>>Ha ah...musim fp berjangkit namanya!
kuchai>>Lor...fp kuchai pun apa kurangnya!!!
Steve Troy>>
~*ina*~>>Mama plak tak reti nak bake guna microwave. Ni microwave dah sakit...nak bawak balik Malaysia baru repair.
zack>>Gambar-gambar Zack lagi cantik dalam buku. Gambar mama ni, straight to the point je...tak reti nak menggayakannya....
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Tu la bro...asik sebut cacit jiji cacit jiji...dah mama cacit tul tul...merana gue semalam tau!
alynnsaripuddin>>Tq Alynn cutie...sorry ye, mama kurang berjalan nowadays, line slow dan badan pun tak berapa sihat.
Linda>>Kalau Adha suka muffin apple, kenalah mak Ngah buatkan....
chickenchop>> Tifah tertifu rupanya!
Phalinn Ooi>>
~~Lainlah Phalinn, tak sama rasanya Apple Pie and Apple Muffin...different texture. Mama pun suka apple pie McD.
~~We're thinking of visiting South Luangwa Safari in Zambia. A friend told me about her visit recently...sounds thrilling. Dia kata dapat tengok banyak binatang and they came near to the car...and they manage to see cheetahs as well. Nampaknya kena tunggu school hols la...kalau ada rezeki sebelum balik for good nanti...hopefully adalah rezekinya...nak sangat pergi...
mummy hamim2>>Mama dah save recipe dah...nak print out nanti bolehlah try. Dah buat nanti mama report okay...Tq share resipi ye mummy....hugs and kisses to your adorable kids....

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