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Tuesday, 25-Apr-2006 05:25 Email | Share | Bookmark

On the 12th of April, we were suppose to go for a Safari Ride as early as 6.30am but we weren't informed of the time. When the hotel phone rang at 6.30am to say that the car is waiting, that's the time everyone jumped out of bed. We went back to bed after Fajr solat because everybody was tired after the walk at the Falls day before. Hubby told the tour fella that we'd be ready in an hour, but I guess, everybody was so excited, that we were all set in just half an hour, which give us a good time to have our breakfast at the hotel. Ha ha ha...don't you think of nasi goreng, nasi lemak or of that sort...we just had cereals, fruits and toast for breakfast!

At 7.30am, the Safari tour guides came with the Safari car. Too bad, I can't paste the photo of the car that I took because all the photos are with us in it...Anyway, just to give you some idea how it looked like, you can see it here. The driver is Mr Meluzi and his assistant Mr Mthuli, two very friendly gentlemen. Since it's an open car, so the drive to the safari place was quite chilling. Hubby and Syahmi sat on the first seat behind the driver, me on the second seat and Fatin enjoying at the back seat all by herself!

We enjoyed the tour very much especially because Mr Meluzi, the driver cum the 'story teller' is just full of facinating stories to tell! For example, when he showed us the Zebras, he said, these creatures are also called the Disco Donkey or Donkey in pajamas! Can't really remember what's behind the name...oopsss....forgetful ol me! Sorry!

Then, the story of Waterbuck. These Waterbuck has a big white circle at their rear. And Mr Meluzi said, it is because, when Noah build his arc, the first animal to be on board was the Waterbuck and he just can't wait to go to the toilet, nature calls maybe! So he went to the loo and sat on the toilet seat. Too bad the paint on the toilet seat was not fully dried yet. That's how he gets the white circle on his back...hahahahaha....Too bad I didn't get the chance to snap the white circle because the moment they hear the car coming, they'll just run and hide behind the bushes. I just manage to snap a glimpse of them. If you want to learn more about this species and to see the white circle I'm telling you about, please visit here.

There is also Elephant Rides tour around the Safari area but Fatin refused to do it. So we didn't go for that..Anyway, I don't think I'd do that either.I feel pity for the elephant because it will have to carry this big mama! Speaking of that, I still remembered how Syahmi kept on apologising to the camel for having to carry me and him on it's back during our visit to Dubai. He felt pity for the camel, I think!

Anyway, it was a lovely lovely day out, full of excitement, stories and knowledge at the same time....We had fun......

Ceritamu ceritaku...
hanieliza[kakliza]>>Mama ingin membuat pembetulan di sini. Kak Liza tersilap faham. Mama masih punya abah lagi, cuma dia sedikit uzur saja....
fadzliali & aishifu>>Inti telur. Ala-ala roti canai telur, tapi yang ini, kulitnya crispy...
Mut>>Tu la, the spiral shape of the chili sauce tu dah hipnotize Mut...tu sebab nampak sedap...
~~Setidak-tidaknya, mama dan ayah Alynn boleh datang jengok Alynn, tapi my dad tak boleh travel dah...apa tah lagi nak fly sampai 10 jam just from Malaysia to South Africa and another 2 hours flight to Malawi...tak termasuk transit about 6 to 9 hours di South Africa!
~~Hah ni dah dengar, leh la try buat Karipap Besar suatu hari nanti....
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>
~~Dah boleh ler dapatkan sijil kerakyatan Melaka bro....karipap besaU eh...hihihi
~~Eee tak kuasa nak kemas microwave wei!
fiza>>Ha ah, satu dah kenyang dah....
kakyong>>Lagi kelakar nama yang Kakyong bagi ye...hehehe...memang pun, sekali hadap jek...tapi mama buat size medium sebab tak de pinggan mungkum yang besar.
intan.y @ AdanPhotography>>Kalau dok Malaysia, leh ler beli, tapi kalau dah dok luar ni, cam no!
fooard>>Kalau nak diet, leh ler 3 orang 1 karipap besar ni...tapi rasanya, lom bangun dari kerusi dah lapar balik ler...hehehe...sorang satu la!
aZeeMaH>>Bior lambat asal muncul! Pepatah baru ler plak ha! Macam mana exam? Moga lulus cemerlang leh cepat kahwin...huhuhu...
~*ina*~>>Mudah-mudahan fp ni dapat menolong Ina...about the music, please pm me....
Fatin>>My abah is the best husband and dad in the whole wide world!!!!!
ZENY>>Regarding your question about Apam Salju, I've emailed you just now. So how did your donut come out?
jemster>>20 ketul? Ni nak makan sendiri ke nak buat kenduri ni?
aureanayz >>With this recipe, yields 4 of the size shown. Tapi mama guna pinggan mungkum saiz sederhana.
zack>>Aiyoo janganlah boh inti karipap biasa dalam karipap besor ni wei...tak pernah dibuat orang le Yang oi! This is a very simple to make breakfast...hmmm amacam...tak teruja ke? Hehehe....saja bagi bakar semangat!
""salinasu"">>Macam-macam muka adaaaaa....
mate>>Happynya mama dengar your friends enjoyed your potato bread. Thanks for trying out the recipe and for giving the feedback okay

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