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Karipap Besar
For breakfast last Saturday, I made this recipe from my mom. I don't really know what is the name but mom just called it Karipap Besar (Big Currypuff). Then again, how can we call it 'Currypuff' when there is no curry in the puff? Aah...forget the name...back home people use to say...apa ada pada nama...what is there in a's the taste that matters huh!

When I was making these Karipap Besar, I was just thinking of my parents especially my dad...oh how I miss them both so very much! Every time mom makes this Karipap Besar for breakfast, my dad will always be by her side, helping her to fry. He is such a darling helping husband. Actually my dad is a very homely kinda person. He likes to be with us, especially when we are busy in the kitchen. Everytime I bake something, he will always be there just to keep me company. Oooh how I miss that so much! I enjoyed baking and cooking at my parents place because I know, I'll never be alone and I won't get bored. He will sit at the table with me and just watch. And definately he'll be the first to taste whatever I made. After he had his bite, then he'll make his move to either lie down or just go for a walk in the garden or just resting....Oh oh....gotta stop this before the keyboard floods with tears....


Ingredients :

1 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoonful shortening (or margarine)
salt to taste
1/2 cup water

1 onion ~ chopped
1 egg ~ lightly beaten with a bit of salt and white pepper

Method :
1. To make the dough, dissolve salt into water.
2. Add shortening to the flour. Pour in the water till a soft, smooth dough is formed.
3. Roll flat as big as a plate.
4. Place the flatten dough on the plate.
5. Sprinkle the onions and a few dashes of paprika on top.
6. Heat the oil in the pan. When the oil is hot, pour the beaten egg onto the flatten dough.
7. Fold over and pleat the ends of the pastry to seal in the filling
8. Deep fry the karipap and make sure to keep pouring the hot oil on top of the karipap so that it fluffs up nicely.
9. Remove from heat once golden brown.

Note :
The filling, you can also add in chopped fresh red chillies and spring onions. I didn't put because I don't have any. This dish is suitable for breakfast and to be enjoyed with chilli sauce.

Happy 11th birthday to Haleema's twins ZAIN and ZAMAAN.

Ceritamu ceritaku...
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Thanks bro, you made me feel so good with that word 'meletup'. Boost up my confidence...hmmm...I can do it eh ...hehehe...
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Tq Ayu. Tak pe, Ayu busy, mama faham. Alhamdulillah nenek Ayu dah discharge. Biar dia rehat banyak-banyak.
maRTq Mar...amacam, cerah ke tak cerah harinya?
korok>>Sib baik mama tak terlelap dengar korok menyanyi lagu teratai....
Linda>>Eh ye ke Linda...teratai boleh makan?
Enoka >>Hihihi Enoka...I will never forget that panic voice of yours.....
~~Ehhhh jangannnnn....tak leh panggil pro lagi...jauh lagi perjalanan mama ni...Ni baru try try jek...mama kan suka experiment....
~~Lom panas betul...baru suam kuku...hehehehe
Penyulawa>>Alahai terharunya...tuanpunya resipi bun sudi bertamu ke mari...Terima kasihlah Penyulawa sebab sudi singgah ke mari dan juga sudi berkongsi ilmu. Hmm... mama tak nampak pun roti inti red bean Penyulawa kat FnR hari ni? Lom tepek ke?
mummy jam>>Tq mummy dearie
jemster>>Tengkiu tengkiu tengkiu....
fooard>>Lebah tu tengah concentrate la! Hihii....
hanieliza[kakliza]>>Pandai eh kak...leh ler naik kelas ek....
nn>>Thanks nn, glad you enjoyed my fp as much as I enjoyed updating it....Just hope I don't run out of stuffs to paste!
kc>>Sukanya Kak Yong dengar Kak Chik cakap cam tu.....
mcmed>>Lor iye ke....
tab>>Tq...errr tapi apa yang menyelerakan? Bunga ke bun?
~~Abang botak? Hihihi...cutelah plak....
~~Bunga ni buat jamu mata la...bukan jamu perut!
~~Ni apesal anak-anak mama dua orang ni asyik nak gaduh je....nanti mama babab baru tahu....cepat, dua-dua orang shake hands!
sham n family>> Salaams Sham. Kami sekeluarga dah balik Malaysia dah. Tamatlah cerita kami di bumi Africa selama 7 tahun. Masa di Malawi dulu, memang ada pergi ke J'burg especially on the way home. Mesti stop by sana. Went as far as Cape Town je. Too bad, kami dah balik, kalau tak boleh juga jumpa di sana. Btw, Sham tinggal di mana ye? Thanks for visiting my page ya....take care...p/s : I miss J'burg as well! Especially the cold weather....
noor zilla binti suut>> Hye!
puteri_taman desa>> Kenalah buat sendiri ye...
puteri_taman desa>>

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