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Victoria Falls Hotel
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Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
Tuesday (11th April, 2006) morning, we packed our things and head for Johannesburg International Airport again. Flew to Zambia in a Nationwide Flight. Was met by Mr Moses, the tour guy at Livingstone International Airport, Zambia. He drove us to the border of Zimbabwe, and after going through all the formalities at the border, we crossed to Zimbabwe. And from there, we went with another van to Victoria Falls, our actual holiday destination. We stayed at The Victoria Falls Hotel, rooms 130 and 131. After putting away all the bags in the proper place, we walked to the Falls. Just can't wait to see the beauty of Victoria Falls with my own two eyes! We visited the Falls twice. The first day we set foot in Victoria Falls, we went there on foot and on our own. The second time, we went with a tourist guide (Mr Ndaba), so that we'll get more information about the Falls. These photos were taken during both visits. The blurry photos are due to the drops of water at the Fall. There were so much water that you need to wear a raincoat to prevent yourself from getting really wet and also a pair of umbrella to protect your camera, if you intend to take photos.

The Victoria Falls forms the largest single curtain of falling water on earth measuring 1708 metres wide and with an average depth of 92 metres. When the conditions are right, the spray plume is 500 metres high and can be seen from as far as 70 kilometres away. Ideally a visitor should visit Victoria Falls in different times of the year because of the seasonality of the water flow. In full flood, over 550 million litres of water per minute are cascading over the brink.

At low months, there is so little water that sections of the Falls are dry and water may only pass over Devil's Cataract and the Main Falls. An interesting point to note is that because the catchment area is so far upriver, it takes some months for the water to reach the brink of the Victoria Falls. As a result of this, the peak flow times are generally March and April and the low months are November and December even though the rainy season is November to March.

Victoria Falls is very beautiful, masyaAllah. I am sorry if I don't do justice to Victoria Falls with my poorly captured photos. I am not a good photographer....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
~~Kelakarla kuchai ni..ado nak jadi bibik! Tak yah jadi bibik pun mama leh kasi makan ler...hehehe...
~~Nak craving apanya...Kuchai kan terror masak gak....
~~Tak jauh sangat dari Malawi ni....
.::.die££a .::.>>Chikit aje tau...
KNizam>>Aiseymen, tak bagi chan langsung mama nak cuti aar...hehehe...
kc>>Ha ah cuci mata, selepas 8 bulan dok memerap kat Malawi ni....
fadzliali>>Ole-ole apa ye...hmmm...air terjun boley?
<- Jeff®i @ FM0666 ->>>Jeff...Jeff...demam demam pun otak masih kreatif lagi ye...6 years being here, tak pernah plak terfikir, kot la tersilap pronounce the airport name! Sabor je la!
kakyong>>Tak de shopping la Kak Yong...this time punya holiday, aktiviti jalan-jalan penuh, aktiviti shopping tak sempat! Cuma dapat cekup baking stuff je...
mcmed>>Gi cuti, mesti la besttttt......cepat benor seminggu habis!>>Alahai sorrylah ye...janganlah biul pulak...hehehe...Ha ah, memang betul seronok pi holiday...seminggu rasa kejap je...
Linda>>Tak de belajar apa-apa pun.....enjoy je!
Mate>>Itu sudah semestinya!
aureanayz>>Nak berjalan ke mana? South Africa ke?
yangmazni>>Sabor je la..rindu kat resipi aje rupanya!!!!

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