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Tuesday, 4-Apr-2006 04:44 Email | Share | Bookmark

Beef Burger & Chips
For lunch, I cooked Chicken Ball Soup, Sambal Kupang and plain rice. MasyaAllah the way they ate, makes me very happy and forgot about my toothache. Yup...that same fella strikes again this morning. This time, I think I have to play rough with it....pull it out!!!!!! Maybe tomorrow or day after or....hehehe....I don't like to go to the dentist! Hahaha..scary cat huh!

Back to my menu....well, that chicken ball soup was actually Kak Liza's Fish Ball Soup recipe. But since I've got no fish balls, so I used chicken balls...Thank you Kak Liza...


Ingredients :

10 chicken balls
1 small carrots
5 pieces shitake mushrooms
4 pieces chinese cabbage
3 shallotss ~ sliced thinly
3 garlics ~ sliced thinly
1 teaspoon crushed black pepper
1 sprig of spring onion ~ for garnishing
cooking oil
salt to taste
enough water

Method :

1. Clean and cut the vegetables according to your liking.
2. Heat oil and saute onion and garlic till fragrant.
3. Pour in the water and add the chicken balls.
4. Add in all the vegetables except spring onion.
5. Remove from heat once the soup is boiling.
6. Garnish with chopped spring onions before serving.

Note :
1. I omit shitake mushrooms and chinese cabbage.
2. I pounded the shallots and garlics.

And in the evening, since I can't be on the computer, because both the pc and also my laptop were conquered by the kids. This is the last week of school for this term before Easter Break next week for 2 whole weeks, so they don't have afternoon activities. I went into the kitchen and started to think what can I experiment today. Finally I've decided to try out Zack's chocolate chips cookies. Took out all the ingredients, but when I wanted to find the main ingredient i.e chocolate chip (what is chocolate chip cookies without chocolate chips huh!!!), there're just a bit left. Then I thought of substituting it with chocolate rice...but couldn't find any!!! Just my day huh! Anyway, since I've already put my mind into it, I carried on my experiment with whatever's available. Done with that, I made Mixed Fruit Plait and finally Kak Yong's Butter Cake.

I've made that Mixed Fruit Plait before, so that can't be considered as an experiment, but that butter cake is! Will post the other recipes in my future entries.....Thanks to all who has contributed good yummy recipes in their page for others to try!

And for dinner, the kids had this...

Happy birthday Pak Chu.....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Jeff®i @ FM0666>> Sorang kata bakery, sorang kata cafe....ntah apa yang jadi ler nanti agaknya yek...hehehe...
hellikonia>>Ha ah, pandai baca dan ikut resipi...hehehe...senang je la buat dia...main cebur cebur je....strawberry flavoured eh...nanti mama experiment dalam lab eh....maybe, dalam mixture tu, boh kan Nesquick strawberry (coz kat sini tak de strawberry flavoured milk), then bila dah whip sampai double the size, barulah masukkan chunks of strawberry...what do you think?
lizz>>Thanks for the info...
~~Amin amin ya Rabbal Alamin...mana tahu kan, kot satu hari nanti, MamaFaMi Cafe akan muncul ek....cuma lom tahu saper le yang jadi tokey cafe tu ek...hehehe
~~Terima kasih sudi bertanya khabar Syahmi. Alhamdulillah dah much better tapi tak tahulah...maybe the antibiotic tu kurang sesuai dengan dia kot sebab ada stomach discomfort sket...tapi today, dia pi sekolah dah....
alynnsaripuddin>>Nasi daging tu senang je nak masak...nanti Alynn masak k....
genny>>Lapaq ka? Kesiannn...pi la makan cepat...takut masuk angin nanti....
kakyong>>Tq buat kunjungan balas ye...
Linda>>Hehehe...datang ler Linda....
maR>>Sana tengah musim sejuk kot....'enjin' lambat start...huhuhuu.....ppsstt...hari ni mama buat roti pintal menyusul kemudian kemudian...
aishifu>>SAH....memang Aishifu tengah lapar la tu...tengok semua makanan pun lapar! Hehehe
nana>> Kalau tak puasa pun, mana boleh ngap screen tu! Mau patah gigi dik oi....hehehe.....
mama bosan>> Saborrr sabor.......
As>> Terima kasih As kerana sudi mencuba resepi-resepi yang mama kongsikan bersama ini ye....

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