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Ready to cut and ngap!
When I checked my page this morning, both the photos of the recipe and how-to-do are not showing. In it's place, there's either a small 'x' or 'fotopages is undergoing system update'. So I thought, I might just as well type it the usual way, in case you are wondering, what the recipe of yesterday's entry looks like...


Ingredients :

1lb flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 lb margarine
1 egg ~ slightly beaten
6 - 8 tablespoons water (from the fridge)

Filling : Karipap filling ~ be it chicken or beef

Method :
1. Sift flour and baking powder in a bowl.
2. Rub in margarine to form bread crumbs.
3. Add in egg and mix well.
4. Pour in the cold water bit by bit till a soft and smooth dough is formed. Make into a few balls.
5. Roll flat, place a line of filling at the end of the pastry. Cover it. Put another line of filling and cover it. Repeat till the end of the pastry.
6. Brush with egg yolk on top and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C till golden brown.

Note :
According to my tiny winy cute scale, 8oz is about 225g, so 1 lb should be about 450g.

This is my darling mom's recipe and it is not just delicious but very easy to make. Good luck to those who wishes to try and I'd love to know how it came out and whether you like it or not. But I hope you will love them as much as I do! Thank you and have a nice day....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
azli>>I've visited and commented at your page long before you posted this comment. As usual, your shots are always superb!
Zack>> Hehehe...mama tak pernah terfikir langsung yang ada yang akan terfikir kena guna daging turkey! On my previous entry, mama dah edit can use whatever filling you want. By the way...mama tak pernah makan daging turkey ni, sedap ke?
yangmazni>>Hehehe..Yang cakap Jepun dengan kita, kita paham tapi tak tahu jawab ler...nanti kita jawab dalam Chichewa kang...dah jadi cam itik cakap dengan ayam plak ....Anyway, 1lb is about 450g kalau mengikutkan timbang comey lotey kita tu...thanks for asking...and good luck..
alynnsaripuddin>> Yup you are right! Seeing is believing! That cake memang soft and delicious. Birthday girl nak cake tu..dah licin pun! Thanks for the wishes...

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