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Wet Chocolate Cake
Actually yesterday was my daughter's birthday. Fatin Nabilah turned 13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DARLING GIRL. Baked her a cake day before but had to go through some obstacles! I think, this year birthdays are not meant to be celebrated or what! I wasn't feeling well the day I baked the cake, so had to wait till night to do it. When I finished mixing and the oven is ready, I put the the baking tray to bake... after 2 minutes in the oven, the lights went off! Oh oh! Removed it from the oven quickly and had to wait till the lights come back, an hour after that...! Alhamdulillah, it came out quite alright...not much damage done!

Then as usual, before icing it, we have to make sure that the cake is cool enough or else the icing will melt, that's what my teachers taught me....BOY do I let the cake cool or what!!! I didn't ice it till today! Hahaha...It's not only cool but COLD, I guess...hahaha... and yesterday also, I received 4 calls, twice from my mom and 2 calls from my baking teachers aka my dear friends...asking the same question.... HAVE YOU ICED THE CAKE?!!! Hahahaha ....Sorry guys, I let you down this time....

And this morning, at 5.30 am, we've (me and Fatin) decided to just cut the un-iced cake for the breakbox. So just the two of us, she cuts the cake and mama sang her a birthday song with a soprano kinda voice...hahahaha...luckily it didn't rain ! But I told her that I am going to bake her another cake and ice it nicely, insyaAllah....and I am in the process of making some sugar flowers to decorate on the cake...will paste it once it's done...or..if it's done okay....This is the supposed-to-be Fatin's birthday's moist and it's lovely...Zack....this is the one that I've mentioned to you. Thank you very much to Rosie Hidayat in Brunei, for sharing this wonderful recipe.....


375 gm butter
600 gm caster sugar
6 eggs
600 gm water
500 gm flour }
100 gm chocolate powder }
1 tea spoon baking powder } sift together
1 tea spoon soda bicarbonate }

Method :
a. Beat butter and sugar till creamy.
b. Add in egg one at a time, then fold in flour and lastly water.
c. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180 C for about 40 - 45 minutes.


2 cups water
2 tablespoon of chocolate powder } sift
1 tablespoon of corn flour } together
1 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk
250 gm sugar
100 gm butter

Cook on slow fire. If not thick enough add more corn flour.

Note :
- You'll get a 8" x 8" x 2" cake with only half this recipe.
- I haven't tried the topping, so i don't know what's the taste like.
- What i'm giving here is the original recipe from Rosie. But I cut down on the sugar by 10g - 15g

Ceritamu ceritaku...
hellikonia>>Poooohhhhh pooohhhhhhh ...dah tiup dah semangat buat shepherd pie tu....kalau lom sampai gak...maybe takes time la kan sebab jauh...hehehe....
leeanna>>Cowey la leeanna...sudah melayang RM5.50. Tapi kalau untuk makan, tak pe aa.....lain kali buat sendiri kay, boleh makan puas-puas!
aiyda>>Thank you thank you.....selamat memasak ye....
hanieliza aka kakliza>>Forever friends insyaAllah...Amin Amin ya Rabbal Alamin....
dilla>>Terima kasihlah Dilla...Alahai terharunya...ada peminat la pulak...hehehe...tu lom mama start nyanyi tuh....kalau le mama nyanyi...sure hujan petus, sesilap tsunami! Huhuhu....
Jeff®i @ FM0666>>You know what bro, everytime I see your name kan....tak kiralah anywhere... that properity teory timbul dalam kepala la
alynnsaripuddin>>Walking down the memory lane memang best kan Alynn....And the serimuka pulut hitam tu pun, mama tak familiar, that's why I tried...kita kan adventurous...
medusa>>Hari ini dalam sejarah...hehehe...lor, abis tu, Med dah makan part yang sedap...yang pulut tu sapa nak bagi perabih? Kenalah cari suami yang suka makan part pulut tu, biar tak baziaq!
RK>>Lapaq? Perut dok main lagu apa tu? Kalau keroncong, okay lagilah, tapi kalau dah rock and roll, kenalah pi cari makanan na....
kc>>InsyaAllah cukup 1.....tapi 1 pingganlah...hehehe.....
wmdhafidz@FM5882>>Kuih tok aji serban? HihI...kelakornya nama...yang mana serban yang mana tok ajinya?
Steve Troy>>Hmmm..let me can I send it to you? By DHL? By airmail?
ummiauni>> Thanks for trying ye Ummi. Actually resipi tu pun mama dah kurangkan gulanya. If I am not mistaken, actual recipe calls for 700g sugar! Lagi haru!
Nina>> Nina dah cuba bake ye? Alhamdulillah suits your tastebud. Thank you for trying from both of us...
hani>> Mama gunakan serbuk koko. Jangan guna Milo sebab nanti it'll be a bit too sweet plus color dia tak mengancam plak.
hani>> Oh ohhh... so sorry to hear about your cake. Hani guna oven kecil ke besar? Kalau oven comel tu, guna api atas bawah, and place the tray kat rack paling bawah. Bake at 170 C for 40 minutes. Kalau guna oven besar, place the tin in the middle. Bake at 180 C for 40 minutes. Saiz tin pun memainkan peranan. Kalau too deep pun, tengah payah nak masak. Mama gunakan saiz 8 x 8 untuk setengah adunan. Maaf ye Hani. Ma harap Hani tak give up ye... This cake is my family's favourite and I've given the exact recipe, tak de ngelat tau. Cuma mungkin, at times, mama ada kurangkan sikit gula like 10 or 15 g. Tu je... Btw, kalau Hani bake cakes yang lain, okay ke dengan temperature oven yang Hani mention tu?
hani>> Since it's a chocolate moist cake, then the skewer or knife will not come out clean. Ma rasa, Hani kena mesra dengan oven dulu barulah tahu berapa setting untuk muffin dan berapa temperature setting untuk bakar kek dalam tin... all has to be done with trial and error. Mama pun still nak 'bermesra-msera' dengan oven ma... Yang penting, never give up!

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