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Serimuka Pulut Hitam
Do you know how I started with this fotopage's my once upon a time story and I hope I won't bore you guys eh!! If so, thousand apologies! I was browsing through the internet for some reason and ended up at Kak Liza's website. And I got glued and addicted to her site. It's just the photos in there that makes me feel like trying out all the recipes. And finally, after just browsing for quite sometime, I decided to try her Serimuka Pulut Hitam. Well, I must say that the taste is lovely except the look is not as nice as hers (of course my stuff will never be as nice as hers!). And being a Mrs Fussypot, the name given to me by my friends over here (hmm...I don't think I am that fussy...or am I? Hahaha! ), I want mine to be...nice to look at and tasty to eat...So, I decided to email to Kak Liza and ask her, where did I go wrong, though at first I have doubts to do that...I don't like to barge in at other people's email because they might not like the idea...But Kak Liza had been so sweet as to reply my email. And from that day on, there's no more looking back... everyday, when I on the pc, I'll visit both her websites to find ideas....and to that...I THANK YOU KAK LIZA from the bottom of my heart.....

Everytime I tried something new, she'll be the first one I send the photos to. Kak Liza is one of the active members in Forum Cari and that time, they were discussing about breads. I love baking breads and love photographing them as well and not to mention...showing them off..but only to Kak Liza and a few very close friends. One day, Kak Liza had asked if she could paste some of my bread photos at Forum Cari and of course I'd say YES..hehehe...Mrs Show off eh! Huhuhu...Then when I saw my stuff in the internet...I got really excited...WOW!! When Kak Liza suggested that I register with fotopages, I took sometime before registering...And what started with just for personal satisfaction became something really nice...I made new friends....and to all....THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH....I hope, this humble fotopage of mine will be of some use to you....


Ingredients :

1 cup white glutinous rice (pulut putih)
1 cup black gultinous rice (pulut hitam)
3 cups thin coconut milk
1 teaspoon salt

Method :
1. Soak glutinous rice separately for 3 hours.
2. Mix all ingredients and put in a tray.
3. Steam till well-cooked.
4. Grease another tray with oil and press the cooked glutinous rice onto the tray.
5. Make lines on top of the rice so that the topping will stick better onto it. Pour the topping on top.
6. Steam till well-cooked.

3 cups thick coconut milk + pandan juice + green colour
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
1 tablespoon custard powder
2 eggs
1 teaspoon salt

Method :
1. Mix well the above ingredients and pour through a sieve.
2. Gently pour the topping onto the steamed glutinous rice.
3. Steam for about 1/2 hour or till done.
4. Cool before cutting.

If you want to see Kak Liza's Serimuka Pulut Hitam, please go here! Great difference huh, like the earth and the sky! Hahahaha....

Just for a laugh...
Click here....HA HA HA...not hard feelings eh....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Jeff®i @ FM0666>>Tu la kan...lain orang lain seleranya...kenalah terus meng'adjust' sampai dapat yang betul-betul ngam!
medusa>>Aiyoo blueberry stuff, sorrylah mama tak larat nak buat sebab mahal nak beli dalam can tu. Nantilah kalau pokok blue berry mama dah berbuah, maybe la kot...ada dua pokok kat depan tu...meanwhile, try mengecek dengan Kak Liza....
maR>> Buat Mar jangan tak buat...tecik-tecik ke becor becor ke...janji leh ngap!
hanieliza aka kakliza >>Hehehe...ahli mesyuarat tingkap lagi laju tau pojek dia!!!
zack>>Gemuk makan kentang ke atau asik makan kek je...hehehe...Kalau nak turun beberapa kilo tu, takes time tak? Kalau mama...mahu berkurun lamanya...hahaha....
Roger>> HI are you? Welcome to my humble fotopage and thank you for dropping in. It's always a pleasure to be able to share these not-so-many recipes with others. Yes I must admit that cucumber soup sounded strange to me as well when I first read it in Kak Liza's webpage. But when I've tried it myself, it's just lovely and whats more, very simple to prepare... doesn't take time at all! Do give it a go and see whether you'll have the same opinion as mine....cheerio...
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Syoklah ayah memasak sebab anak ayah ada, nak jadi tukang perabih! Hehehe...since ayah Ayu tu rajin memasak, suruhlah dia bukak kedai makan....dia jadi tukang masak, Ayu tukang cuci pinggan mangkuk...mama jadi cashier...amacam?
leeanna>>Ni dah ada resipi, boleh le try sendiri kan?! Senang je nak buat...kalau susah, mama pun tak kuasa...hehehe
Elizabeth>> Hi Elizabeth. Thanks so much for visiting my page and leaving a comment here. Appreciate it very much. About Kak Liza's page, if you are interested to try any of her recipes, do leave a comment in that particular entry and asked for translation ya. She'd be glad to translate it for you.
heidi>> Yes, I am a one happy old lady!

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