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Tuesday, 28-Mar-2006 10:00 Email | Share | Bookmark

My pasta machine
My pasta machine..
First and foremost, I'd like to thank ALL of you, for taking some of your precious time to visit my humble fotopage. And thank you to ALL the comments, be it postive (almost ALL are actually!) or negative ones...The positive ones will keep me going and the negative ones, I'll take it as a challenge to produce better stuffs in future...I am still in the process of learning, so if you care to share your knowledge in any areas, you are MOST welcome here...

Every morning, before I start with the housework, I'll peek in here and masyaAllah..all the sweet comments actually gave me a good start of the day...Gave me a big smile on my face and lift up my spirit! Jazakallah, arigato gonzaimas, gracias, merci, zikomo kwambiri, siek siek nie....all leads to the same meaning....THANK YOU!

Yesterday, I experimented making homemade kuetiau. I got this recipe from Forum Cari posted by NoorMasri or shall I say Sifu NoorMasri. She's such an excellent and talented cook. Though I don't know her in person, but I've seen her work and all are just wonderful and mouth-watering! Thank you Noor for the recipe and do keep on experimenting and sharing with us all your lovely food....Thank you....

I made one recipe of this and guess what, soon as it's done, 2/3 were the kids. And the other 1/3, I fried it this morning. And Fatin had asked me to do more! Gosh....Actually, this is a recipe for fresh egg noodles, but she made it into kuetiau....


Ingredients :

350g high protein flour
2 egg whites
1 teaspoon lime water (air kapur)
100ml water
a bit of yellow coloring or tumeric powder
1 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons cooking oil
flour for dusting

Method :
1. Sift flour into a big bowl and make a well in the middle.
2. In another bowl, add egg whites, lime water, water, yellow coloring and salt. Stir well.
3. Pour the liquid into the well and knead till a firm dough is formed.
4. Divide dough into 4 portions.
5. Roll flat and let the dough go through the pasta machine, the smooth side. For my machine, I'll roll once using #4, second rolling on #5 and final rolling (the thinnest) with # 6.
6. Coat the thin piece with flour, and roll it through the slicer.
7. Boil water with 3 tablespoons of oil.
8. Blanch (low heat) the noodles for 2 minutes. One portion at a time to avoid it from sticking to each other.
9. Strain and rub 3 tablespoons of oil.
10. Ready to use. Can also be kept in the fridge 3 to 4 days.

1. I used cake flour....I still have about 15kgs to go...
2. I didn't use lime water.
3. No coloring used because kue tiau is suppose to be white
4. I didn't put any salt in the dough because I learnt from Datin Salma (her version of fresh noodles is in one of my previous entries), we mustn't put any salt in the dough to prevent our pasta machine from getting rusty.
5. When doing homemade noodles, I do 'play' a lot with flour! Sometimes you can see flour on my face as well..hahaha...and yesterday, Syahmi had flour on his shirt. He had been so sweet to help mama make kuetiau...
6. And oh....I used my mixer to knead...

Blunders that I made...
I put the 6 tablespoons oil into the dough when kneading! But alhamdulillah, it still came out nice...

And this morning, I fried kue tiau for breakfast...hmm..doesn't taste THAT good as I used pounded dried prawns. If only I've used fresh prawns or chicken, it would have tasted much better. Anyway, we enjoyed it as well.....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Jeff®i @ FM0666>>Jangan makan potato chips bebanyak bro...banyak garam wooo....
zack>>It's Sis Fazi's recipe my dear! I am just the cilok expert! Zack intai dapur mama ke mama yang terintai dapur Zack eh..hehehe...
medusa>>Buatlah Med muffins tu..bukan susah sangat, main cebur je! That sour cream coffee cake memang yummy!
mummy hamim2>>Bila baca your comment ni..mama dok tergelak sensorang tau...macam manalah agaknya rupa mummy hamim2 'khusyuk' browse makanan ek...hihihi...
fadzliali>>Kalau nak rasa kek, ada lagi sket, tapi muffins tu...elek la...dah licin semalam gak...
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>>Lor ye ke Sya, Shah pun dah selalu bukak fp mama... hmmm...lepas ni nak tunggu Syahmi pulak bukak fp mama...huhuhu....
~F&Z~>>Thanks sis...thank you . Memang kek tu rasa sedap and surprisingly..guna hanya 2 telur. That's why I am curious..tu yang try tu....
Mademoiselle Ayu >>Not only the look, taste wise pun sedap. Lor...kucing pinjam rupanya!
~~Rajin bila tiba monsun rajin. Kena monsun M menlanda...aiyooo!
~~Croissont, pernah buat dulu, tapi jadi croissont debab...lepas tu tak try lagi. Nanti-nantilah tunggu semangat croissont masuk dalam badan ni dulu...huhuhu
~~Ha ah kan...berkilau kek cekelat dia...tapi pakai koko banyak, bankrup gue! Hehehe....
kiki>> Hi Kiki, thank you for dropping by. If you don't have a pasta machine, it'll give you extra job as you have to really roll the dough very thinly. Anyway, happy trying and good luck to you ya...
the kesum return>> Tak surelah pulak kenapa...tepung tu kot?

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