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Swiss Roll ~ Step 1
Swiss Roll ~ Step 2
Swiss Roll ~ Step 3
Swiss Roll ~ Step 4
Swiss Roll ~ Step 5
Swiss Roll ~ Step 6
Swiss Roll ~ Step 7
Swiss Roll ~ Step 8
Swiss Roll ~ Step 9
Swiss Roll ~ Step 10
Swiss Roll ~ Step 11
Swiss Roll ~ Step 12
I've promised Kak Liza to snap the photos of Swiss Roll in the making. Thought of doing it yesterday morning but like I said, got caught up with ironing and I had visitors as well. Towards night time, I was just not satisfied with myself, for not doing anything the whole of yesterday. So, I made the swiss roll again, and what's more, to accept Mademoiselle Ayu's healthy challenge. When she said the previous Swiss Roll as 'birat' (blue-ish in color), so I said to my self, I have to do something....hahaha...that is, if I am not lazy! I used the same recipe as in the previous entry, which is Shida's recipe. If you want to see variety and colorful swiss roll, do feel free to visit Shida.

And again, though I am not panic, I still made blunders. This time, I forgot to put in the I guess, my swiss roll is still not perfect just yet! But this time, the color is much much better than the previous one I think....What do you think Ayu?

To Kak Liza, here's the step by step photos, as promised, but I'm very sorry, it's in English. I hope you don't mind. Thought of doing the other set in Malay, but I accidently deleted some of the photos! Opsss.... Actually Kak Liza wanted this step by step photo not for her, but to help another friend of I hope this helps. I have to edit the photo of the tray, to show how I 'arranged' the colored mixture onto the tray because there's nobody around to snap the photo while I was doing it. But I think, that photo should be able to explain the procedure...

And guess what...I made Nasi Lemak Kukus (recipe, courtesy of Hanieliza) as well. I've set my mind to try it, so I won't be in peace if I don't do it! And sorry again Kak had to come to my rescue! She had been so sweet enough as to explain (at midnight Malaysia time!) some steps that I was rather lost! So, this is the Nasi Lemak Kukus for hubby's dinner yesterday!


Ingredients :
1 kg rice ~ washed and drained
1 litre coconut milk (5 cups)
3 pandan leaves ~ tie into knots
3 slices of fresh ginger
3 shallots ~ sliced
salt to taste
pinch of sugar ~ optional

Method :
1. Put all the ingredients into a pot and let it boil and well mixed.
2. Remove from heat and transfer the sticky rice into a steamer.
3. Steam for about 30 minutes.
4. Serve with sambal ikan bilis (dry anchovies sambal), hard-boiled eggs, fried dry anchovies, sliced cucumber and blanched kangkung.
5. Like bro Jeff suggested, it can also be eaten with Rendang or Prawn Sambal....yummy delicious....

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Jeff®i @ FM0666>>Nasi lemak kukus Ujong Pasir memang best. Mak selalu beli kat favourite pun. Tapi nowadays, makin sikit je nasi dia....don't know whether we're talking about the same nasi lemak kukus or not, but the one that I like, it's just nasi, sambal and timun in that brown paper pack.
maR>>Thanks Mar for the information. Apesal la diorang tak jual crisco ek? Sampai nak kena order online! Mama ni tak pernah order online, except for my cross stitch magazines and some stitching stuff aje....psstt...nak masuk ebay pun tak reti! Huhuuhu....
hanieliza aka kakliza>>Cantik eh sambal udang kita? Perhhh kalau sifu cakap cantik, cantiklah kot ek...huhuhu...shakali shakali bagilah chan nak perasan! Motivasi tuh!
Mademoiselle Ayu>>Hish budak Ayu ni, keje lapor je dia...nanti sok tembam sebelum waktunya baru tahu...huhuhu...
Linda>>Nanti bolehlah Linda belanja mama k....
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>> Jom...jom...tapi sorrylah eh...mama dah mendahului...

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