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Wednesday, 22-Mar-2006 18:00 Email | Share | Bookmark

The mixture ready to go into the oven
Ready to slice
I am such a pain today ! A pain to two friends..Kak Liza and Shida. And to top that up, actually, I don't even know them in person. We met through Forum Cari and also fotopages! But I must say, they are very friendly and helpful! Thank you to both of you for putting up with me ! What are friends for....hahaha.....

It's all because I wanted to try out Shida's swiss roll recipe. She had been so sweet enough as to give me the recipe, soon as I've asked for it in her fotopage. She even emailed to me the method and useful tips. I am just so facinated with the colors of her swiss roll and have to try it myself. So, this morning I made sure I've done all the house chore early in the morning so that I can have a good early start. Then, when I read the recipe, I was confused about the amount of eggs to be used. Is it 6 or 10. Started looking for other swiss rolls recipes that I have...still nothing helps. So I asked Kak Liza who had been so kind enough to call Shida and asked the question for me. And then Shida came online and told me, all I need to know. And since I am running late, soon as I stepped in the kitchen, I forgot some useful tips she gave me! Esh...I just can't work properly when I am panic ! That's bad mama....I know! But anyway, I just go ahead and alhamdulillah, it came out nice...


6 whole eggs
4 egg yolks
190g castor sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon ovellette
30g water
100g flour
60g cornflour
60g butter ~ melted
1 teaspoon vanilla essence

jam or cream icing for spreading

Method :
1. Mix all the ingredients except melted butter into the bowl.
2. Beat at high speed till fluffy.
3. Fold in the melted butter till well incorporated.
4. Line the pan with a well-greased paper. Pour the mixture onto the pan. (Pan size 14" x 14")
5. Bake for 10 - 12 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 180 celcius.

Note :
* If you want to make a chocolate swiss roll, lessen the flour by 20g and add 20g cocoa powder.
* This was what I learnt at Naseem's class...when the cake is out of the oven, put it on a slightly damp cloth. Roll it. Leave for a while and roll open. Spread the jam and roll it again. Wrap with cling film.
* Shida's tips : To make it colorful, divide the mixture into the number of colors you want it to be and put into separate small bowls. Put in the color and mix well. Then scoop one color and place it on different spots. Do the same to the other colors.
* The blunders that I made...I added the melted butter into the ingredients and just beat it together! And when scooping the colored mixture, I didn't do it nicely I guess because it didn't come out as nice as Shida's. I was actually imagining myself doing ART ATTACK! Hahaha....anyway, this is my first may be me...hahaha!

Actually I made this to bring to Syahmi's swimming gala just now. Along with the swiss roll, I made Egg Tart as well...I will post the Egg Tart report least now I know, I have something else that I can post in future...Oki doki, got to go and have some rest now. I am so exhausted after all the cheering and screaming at the pool just now, almost lost my voice...hahaha....and actually, the Khuto house (yellow) kids did pretty well this time...well done!!!!

Ceritamu ceritaku...
fadzliali>>Tq tq sudi terliur tengok gambar nasi jagung mama...hehe
~~Yang penting tu, semangat mesti ada....insyaAllah, di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan...
~~Tq bagi info pasal bunga tu ye...
maR>>Cam manalah agaknya nanti rupa anak Mar yang montel tu jadi director ye...ACTIONNNN! hahahah....
zack>>Try dah...insyaAllah will post it later...and thank you komen panjang-panjang...lagi panjang lagi bagus! Will be waiting for your butter-pecan cake recipe...And about the bread...I like soft crust, that's why I omit the egg wash...
Jeff®i @ FM0666>>Adeii bro....dah selongkar dapur tu, jangan lupa tutup balik periuk...nanti kang...masuk lak benda-benda tak patut tuh! Penat je Obi-Wan Kenobi masak weiii! Hehehe....
gerimisalji>>Mentara lom balik kampung tu, masaklah sendiri yek.....
dilla>>Sorrylah fp dilla rosak pulak...tapi mama memang tak de fp..selama-lama ni..mama guna mixer antik mama tu je...VERY USEFUL time, baik beli mixer la dari food processor rasanya....mixer mama tu, macam-macam boleh buat..buat kek, uli roti, slicing, mincing and as a blender as well...Tapi ini pun, rasanya dah nak kena beli mixer yang baru, sebab yang tu pun dah berbunyi dah....mama dah dapat approval sebenarnya...tunggu masa je...hehehe...
~~Ntah-ntah lecturer Med tak? Dia specy dan pakai tudung labuh.
~~Med ni asal masuk 'rumah' mama, madang lapor je la...
~~Med nak nembak kat taman bunga? Nembak bunga ke nembak yang lain-lain...hehehe....
Mademoiselle Ayu >> Ni plak untuk Ayu...
Enoka>>Way to go girl! I am so happy to hear that and good luck in your next experiment okay!
Jeff®i @ FM0666>>Lor bro...KAINNNNNNN...bior benor! Hehehe....
mcmed>>Tu la Med, sebenornya, yang kaler biru tu kan, mama dah tercurah lebih. Dah panik sebab takut terlewat...hehehe...tak pe, next time kalau buat, nak bagi cun cun punya....

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