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Monday, 20-Mar-2006 17:10 Email | Share | Bookmark

My photocopied pattern
The original pattern
My colorful threads
Mentioned yesterday that I wanted to try something new...well I didn't because I've got visitors. When they left, I saw the pile of clothes just screaming for me to iron them.....and being a Sunday, I need to iron the clothes especially the kids uniforms and also hubby's shirts and trousers. But actually, I enjoyed ironing...must be weird to some huh! I love anything to do with clothes...buying, wearing, washing and ironing except one...sewing! But I am always facinated with people who knows how to sew their own things. I've tried learning how to sew from my ex-nanny in Sri Lanka, but then, ah....maybe because I am just not I left it. But when I see her looked so easy! The only sewing that I love to do is cross-stitching! And even that...I still have one unfinished had stayed that way since....more than 10 years ago I think...hehehe...bad bad bad mama! I know it's bad to leave things undone, but my reason being....can't even read the chart to finish it...the photocopied chart is in a very SAD state.....This is because, I do a lot of stitching in the bus on the way to work and back. I had to travel about an hour on the bus to get to the office. So, to and fro makes 2 hours, not including the waiting time. So rather than just let the time passed doing nothing, I stitch! Some of you must be wondering, how can I stitch in a moving bus...well...I guess, I'm just used to it. The funny thing is, I can stitch in the bus but I can't stitch in a moving car. I'll get dizzy easily. And while stitching, I made quite a number of friends, old and young...because they are just curious how I can stitch in a bus. And everytime my chart flew out of my hands, or my scissors or my needles fell, they'll know the owner of those things...hahahaha!

But just now, I found the original chart and still in a readable condition. So maybe one day, I'll start again and try to finish off the project. There's not so much left, but was quite lost as where I've stopped because I think, another reason why I stopped the first time was, I counted and stitched something wrong somewhere....Maybe, I'll just use my 'creativity' to alter whatever I can, so that I don't have to do any unpicking! I hate to unpick stitches!

Words to inspire you...
A friend hears a song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails
~ Anonymous

Ceritamu ceritaku...
hanieliza>>Kalau makan tutup mata, takut termasuk kat hidung pulak...huhuhu. InsyaAllah tak putus asa, tapi next time, tak akan buat dulu tanpa tengok demo Shabana dulu...
zack>>Thanks Zack. Mama dah copy and paste, tapi kena KIV dulu sebab baru je buat kek coklat....will give the feedback once I've tried okay...and also, thanks for the good luck wishes...needed that, loads too!
sato>>Hehehe...ramai plak la nak berjiran nih...bolehlah bina satu taman perumahan cam ni...Taman Fotopages... huhuhu....
~~Ha ah, mama mengamalkan konsep...MMA...macam-macam ada....hehehe
~~Kalau roti John yang sedap kat Melaka tu, kat Pengkalan Rama rasanya. Punyalah ramainya pelanggan dia....
MizK>>Kek Shabana tu sebenarnya adalah resipi kek coklat yang diberikan oleh kawan mama bernama mama letaklah nama Shabana Chocolate Cake...hehehe...terkompius eh...sorry ya....
Steve Troy>>Chocoholic guy as well huh?
misniaa>>Ala Misniaa, bagilah sekali resipinya...kat Malawi ni, mana nak cari chocolate chip vochelle tu...nanti Misniaa bagi mama eh...nak gak try.
Safura~J>>Mama pulak, orang tua baru nak blajar...hihihi...
shidaaziz>>Tak yah suruh pun selalu mama jengok Shida wei...wah hari ni, sampai 2 entries! TQ bagi resipi ye Shida...that's fast...

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