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Part of the spices in my cupboard...
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Garlic polony
Pizza sauce
Pizza Topping
"May ALLAH increases our Imaan, grant us Ehsaan, bestow upon us Sabr, delight us in Zikr, bless us with Taqwah, accept our Tawbah and honour us all in Jannah. Ameen! Jumah Mubaraq"

Like I've mentioned in yesterday's entry, I've experimented another version of pizza base. This recipe was posted in the Forum Cari by Nurul_Anati. She uses this same recipe for her 'small business', as she put it. I made half of the recipe and I manage to get 9 mini pizzas. 7 are of 100g dough and the other 2 are of 70g dough. Made two different toppings. For my daughter Fatin Nabilah, I just spread the sauce, top it with garlic polony and sprinkle some cheddar and mozarella cheese. Fatin always like her pizzas tu be as simple as possible. Made 2 pizzas for her. Freeze the other 2 and the balance 4 pieces, I top them with as many stuff as possible! Hahaha...mama's menu....put as much as I can! So, on the 4 pieces, I spread the sauce, top it with garlic polony, sprinkle with sweet corn kernels, onion rings, green pepper, cheddar cheese and mozarella cheese.....Yummmmm....Fatin finishes her portion at one go and in the car, on the way to the guest house! The others, I gave one to the driver and the other one to the keeper of our company's guest house. Every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, we will have our lunch at the guest house, near Syahmi's school. So Nurur_Anati, thank you for your lovely recipe which is now number 1 in Fatin's list!

PIZZA BASE (Nurul_Anati)

Ingredients (A)
1 kg high protein flour
8 tablespoons milk powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon shortening
1 teaspoon dough softener
a pinch of salt

Ingredients (B)
2 tablespoons instant dry yeast
400ml water (boiled and cooled)
120ml luke warm water
100ml cooking oil
2 tablespoons castor sugar

Method :
1. Mix well ingredients (A)
2. In a small bowl, mix yeast and cooled water. Add in the lukewarm water and castor sugar. Stir till sugar dissolves and set aside until frothy.
3. Pour the yeast mixture into (A) and knead till soft and smooth dough is formed.
4. Divide the dough into 8 balls. Cover with damp cloth. Leave for about 25 - 30 minutes or till doubled the size.
5. Roll flat and place on a greased (with oil) pizza pan.
6. Lightly prick the dough with a fork.
7. Spread the sauce and put the toppings.
8. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 celcius till done.

Note :
1. I used cake flour
2. Did the method my way which is....
    Sift flour and milk powder
    Add in the yeast, shortening, dough softener and cooking oil
    Dissolve both sugars (in A & B) in lukewarm water. I just used lukewarm water.
    Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and let my mixer does her work till a smooth dough is formed.
    Made into 9 balls and arrange them on the baking tray sprinkled with flour.
    Cover the tray with a clean plastic bag and on the oven just for a few minutes until it's just SLIGHTLY warm.
    Off the oven and place the wrapped tray in it and let it proof.

* The dough that I made yesterday was actually doubled the size in about 15 - 20 minutes

The sauce

Ingredients :
4 Fresh tomatoes ~ diced
1 Onion ~ diced
2 Garlics ~ crushed
2 tablespoons tomato sauce
1/2 teaspoon celery salt*
a bit of dried sweet basil
a bit of dried oregano
a bit of sugar
Olive oil

Method :
1. Heat olive oil and put in the garlic till fragrant.
2. Add in the diced onion. Saute till soft.
3. Add diced tomatoes and stir.
4. Add tomato sauce, sugar, celery salt, sweet basil and oregano.
5. Cook till the sauce is thick.

Note :
* You can just use sea salt instead of celery salt.

Words to inspire you...
Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator
~ Robert Orben


Ceritamu ceritaku...
~~Tulah, langit senja semalam memang cantik. Mama yang tak pro langsung ni pun, gambar dah nampak not bad..kalau pro yang ambil, lagilah gempak!
~~Haa cam tu barulah kira mama gi bercuti dan bukan gi bertugas, ye dak...hehehe...Bila??? Hanya masa menentukan, chewah!
Phalinn Ooi>>
~~Tq tq...tapi langit semalam memang cantik pun. Nasib baik ternampak celah langsir masa sibuk menaip kat komputer. Selama ni, tak perasan pun...hehehe...
~~ Ha ah, anak mama nama dia Muhammad Syahmi aged 10. Adik Phalinn berapa umurnya? Ada lagi satu Syahmi tau, kat Jepun...Syahmi Afham...cute ooo...
~~Birthday cake Phalinn eh? Hmm..nanti mama try fikir, cam mana nak buat satu kek..pas tu ambil gambar...then boleh edit gambar kek tu, tukar-tukar nama...jadi cam kek recycle...Bila birthday Phalinn, mama edit boh PHALINN atas kek, bila birthday Syahmi, boh SYAHMI atas kek tu...hehehe....
nana>>Senang je Nana...ikut je step yang mama tepek tu, insyaAllah okay....
yangmazni>> I told you so! Sedap kan? Tu la, stok cream cheese dah habis plak. Kalau tak, mau buat second round nih! And thank you so very much for the feedback okay...will be waiting for more from you ok....
aureanayz>>Warna-warna tu la yang actually catches my attention! Tu yang terus capai the camera. Malam tadi tak hujan, cuma angin...
Jeff®i @ FM0666 >> Thanks bro. Baru cuba try test je nih....Still with your prosperity reasoning eh....hehehe....
~~Disebabkan power interuption tu lama, that's why diorang hantar notis. Kalau yang blackout kejap kejap tu, diorang tak hantar....tetahu...rumah gelap je....tu sebab selalu standby candle dan rechargable lamp.
~~Oh...kukus boleh, goreng boleh tak bolehlah nak ponteng, gitu? Tapi kat rumah ni kan, stove dia letrik! Ada gak gas stove, tapi kalau guna yang tu..mak ai...hitam legamlah periuk.
~~Hihihi...kat comment tak leh la Zack...cuma kat entry jek. Tak pe tak pe, tak try tak tahu kan kan since Zack dah try, mama tak yahlah repeat the same mistake..
~~Jadi eh....alhamdulillahhhhhh seronoknya mama...Hari ni dapat dua report resipi menjadi...So lepas ni, more breads to come from Zack bakery la eh....aminnnnn....
~~MASYAALLAH memang cantik senja di Malawi...itu just dari tingkap bilik mama tau....kalau gi betul-betul ngadap sunset dia agaknya, tentu lagi gempak! (Dah terikut-ikut cakap si Azhar la plakkkk....gempak semanjang..hehehe)
~~And Zack....THANKS FOR NOT GIVING UP okay...
Lin>> Thank you for visiting my page and glad you enjoyed reading all my mak nenek stories...hehehe...At the moment, me and my family are in Malawi, Africa. Hubby's working here.

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