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The title for my previous entry had to be edited in order to avoid I right Jeff®i? Huhuhu.... Brunch...but when you scroll down, the photos of crows came into the picture. Hahaha...I think I am still not insane yet to serve Crows as one of the Brunch Menu! Huhuhu....

As for Zack, lets fix the problem about your experiment okay. Now, which recipe did you try? Is the yeast still good? The amount of liquid may vary depending on the type of flour used. So when pouring the liquid into the mixer, pour it bit by bit and stop when you see the dough is smooth and does not stick to the bowl. But to be frank with you, when I first tried making bread, they either didn't puff up nicely or they'll be hard. But that didn't put me off. I kept on trying, and thanks to hubby for buying me the mixer, it's a GREAT help actually. All the recipes that I've pasted here are the original recipes. But if I were to alter the recipes (due to lack of ingredients and also laziness)....THAT... will be under my 'Note'. Just follow the method and insyaAllah it'll be okay. But whenever you are trying out new recipes, just try with half the recipe to avoid wasting okay. In winter or whenever the weather is cold, after kneading the dough to a smooth and elastic texture, I will put the dough into a floured or greased bowl. Then cover the whole thing with a clean plastic bag. On the oven just for 2 to 3 minutes or until it's SLIGHTLY warm. Then off the oven. Put in the wrapped bowl and leave the dough to prove. InsyaAllah, this trick always work. Or if you are cooking something on the stove, you can also place the wrapped bowl beside the stove so the heat will get to the bowl. So Zack, I hope you will keep on trying to make breads okay and give me the feedback. Next time, try making the apple bun, it's easy and tasty as well. Don't give up and take this as a challenge! Good luck! But above all....thanks a lot for taking your time to try out the recipes that I've pasted here....

And've been busy I see! Good for you! You said, your Shepherd Pie looks good, but does it taste as good as it looked? I hope so because mine was delicious! As for the Fruit Cobbler, you had the same problem as the lady who gave the recipe in the Forum Cari. So don't feel bad okay, you're not alone! Hope that comforts you. This is how I go about doing the peaches...after slicing the peach halve, I'll arrange them on a kitchen towel to let it dry slightly. Then place the peaches gently on top of the mixture. Do not press...that's my trick and alhamdulillah it worked! to give it another try? Taste wise, how was it ? Thanks to you too for trying out the recipes in here....appreciate it very much...

Today's recipe, I think I'll paste one of my lunch menu a few days ago.....simple, easy to make and fast as well...The recipe, courtesy of Kak Liza aka Hanieliza.



500g clam flesh
200g green beans
3 fresh red chillies ~ sliced
1 onion ~ sliced
2 garlic ~ sliced
1 teaspoon tumeric powder
1 teaspoon salt

Method :
1. Heat oil and saute onion, garlic and red chillies till soft.
2. Add in the clam flesh and stir well. Leave to cook.
3. Add in green beans and stir.
4. Add in tumeric powder and salt and mix well.
5. Remove from heat and serve with white rice.

Note :
Ahah...this time, I put EXTRA ingredients in my menu, quartered's not like me to do that huh...I'm always the shortcut lady! Hahaha...

Words to inspire you...
I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them
~ EV Lucas

Happy birthday to Solly

Ceritamu ceritaku...
aishifu>> Tu menandakan Aishifu normalla...hehehe....
Ibuyasmin>> Selamat datang Ibuyasmin . Terima kasih sudi menjengok ke mari. Cubalah ye, mana tahu ada yang terberkenan di hati dan di tekak....
Medusa>> Tq and big hugggg....

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