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Burger Malaysia
Just out of the oven
Cheese and Onion Buns
All day long, I kept myself busy doing stuff so that I will forget about the toothache I'm suffering at the moment...and works. I don't quite feel the pain today. And maybe, because I am fasting, so that may contribute as well.

After finished with the house chores, I started my 'experiments' in my 'lab'! Since my daughter just love the Cheese and Onion Buns from the bakery in Limbe, I said to myself, why not try and bake it. So I got on to work. I combined the Basic Dough Recipe (Roshayati Johari), method by Alex Goh and topping, sort of, came from me! So this is what was produced! Am quite happy with the look. Didn't taste it yet because I was full up. When you break your fast, there's not much you can eat though before that, you wish to eat everything you see along the way! But I think it is nice because soon as my daughter came back from school, she ate 4 at one go! Either my breads are nice or she was starving! But I'd prefer the first one! Ahakkkssss !

Then, for the very first time, I tried kneading with my own hands instead of the mixer! I made Donut Suria. It was quite tough in the beginning. I was sitting on the floor while kneading. Funny stuffs came into my mind while I was busy 'excercising' my arm! Firstly I was the time I finished kneading, my arms will become like Popeye the Sailor Man's! Then, I was mixer would be saying....ahah....that's how I felt when you asked me to knead loads of your stuffs! Serves you right! ...hahaha....Apart from that, I was actually not too confident with my hand kneading. And there are few times that I wanted to stop and chuck the dough for my mixer to finish the job for me. But then, I said to myself! No no no...I must give it a try. Others can do, why can't I! So, after about half an hour, the result is so pleasing nice! My donuts puffed up and soft when fried. MamaFaMi BOLEH! Hahaha....I made the donuts into two different styles. One is just the normal donut coated with sugar and the other one, I transformed it into Burger Malaysia! It's just a round donut, cut into half after frying. On top of the cut piece, put a piece of cucumber and then Sambal Ikan Bilis (Anchovies fried with Chilie). You can also put a small piece of omellette as well but I ran out of time as I had to rush to Syahmi's school for a parent-teacher's appointment at 3.10pm.

And for breaking fast, I made Akhni. Got this recipe from my dear friend Naseem Dawood. Thanks Naseem for sharing with me your lovely Akhni.

AKHNI (Rice with Chicken)

Ingredients :

1 chicken cut into pieces
1 large onion ~ diced
3 - 4 tomatoes ~ diced
2 potatoes ~ cut into 2 pieces
2 - 3 teaspoons ginger+garlic paste
1 teaspoon red chillie powder
1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
1 teaspoon cumin powder
1 teaspoon corriander powder
1/2 teaspoon tumeric

Method :
1. Braise onions in oil with a few cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamon, black pepper till light brown in color.
2. Add ginger+garlic paste
3. Add diced tomatoes and all the spices and let cook for a while.
4. Add chicken and cook till half cooked
5. Add water and potatoes and when it's boiling, add 2 cups rice and enough salt to taste.
6. Add green peppers chopped and green corriander. Mix and cook.
7. When a little water remaining, put on slow.
8. Serve with yogurt.

Note :
My way of cooking is slightly different from hers. I'd boil the rice like cooking normal white rice. While that is on the stove, I'll heat the oil and follow step 1 to 4. By the time the chicken is half cooked, the rice will start boiling. Then, I'll pour the chicken spices into the rice and let it cook. That way, I find, less crust at the bottom of the pot.

Words to inspire you...
The hardest battle you're ever going to fight is the battle to be just you
~ Leo Buscaglia

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Rini>> Selamat datang...Terima kasih kerana sudi menjengok mama di sini. Diharap Rini akan berjaya membuat Eclairs selepas ini ye..good luck!
Shah, Sya, Syahmi>> Salam dari mama Syahmi buat ibu Syahmi! Ahakss... nama anak-anak bujang kita ni sama yek...tapi Syahmi awak tu baby lagi, Syahmi mama ni dah baby tua... hehehe...Ppsstt....tak kanlah tangan je yang manis...muka tak manis ke ? Hihihi...over la plak! Terima kasihlah kerana sudi nak tunggu updates kat fp mama ni. InsyaAllah kalau ada modal, adalah yang nak ditepek, tapi kalau angin malas dah bertiup...aiyoooo susahlah sket...
Aureanayz >> Cuba jangan tak of luck! Let me know the result nanti ye...
~ Med pi dapur dapat makanan apa Med? Dah kenyang? Ada-ada je la Med ni nak menghiburkan mama!
~ Background sound tu, memang nak letak. Hari tu McMed ada ajar mama kat my pm, tapi mama je
yang lom sempat nak cuba. Nanti mama cuba bebila ye...Kalau stuck, nanti mama rujuk pakar rujuk
yang kat Kuching ni plak k...hehehe....Anyway, thank you bebanyaklah sebab offer nak ajar mama ye.
Appreciate it very much...big hug untuk Med!
~ InsyaAllah Apam Salju ni tak susah nak buat. Cubalah Med and let me know okay. Senang je buat dia. Rasa pun sedap!
~ Nak donut cheese...ambillah Med, kalau boleh....roti cheese ni tak nak ke? Ahaks....
Dilla >>
~ Salam perkenalan juga buat Dilla.Terima kasihlah bebanyak kerana sudi browse dari first page lagi fp
mama yang tak seberapanya ini.
~ Ada sket pembetulan...baking bolehlah dikatakan rajin, tapi masak...MALAS! Masak untuk hidup je,
bak kata YangMazni hari tu...hihihi....
~ Thank you for finding my photos appetizing. Kembanglah kejap..hehehe...
~ Dulu mama pun kalau buat kek, ada je yang tak kena. But after dapat tip dari Jamuna, like I
mentioned in one of the entries, alhamdulillah, kek-kek mama selepas tu, insyaAllah okaylah untuk buat
makan...presentable la juga....Cubalah Dilla buat ikut tips yang mama pernah mention tu ye...moga berjaya...don't give up. Try buat kek coklat without butter tu (oil cake). Very simple!
~ Siapa nama pakcik Dilla tu? Maybe mama kenal sebab kat Malawi ni, bukannya ramai orang Malaysia pun....
~ Kak Liza banyak kali ajak mama join Forum, tapi malulah. Kita ni tak pandai apa pun. Baiklah kita dok diam-diam kat sini, tapi dok ceduk resipi dari sana dan experiment sendiri! Tapi mama memang selalu in touch dengan Kak Liza.
Azhar Ahmad >> Tak dapeklah mama nak nolong...hehehe...
Steve >> How can I give you 100 when I only made about 20 of those?!!
e-book>> That's right! Food!!!
shake>> Sorry Shake, I don't understand...

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