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Donut Suria with filling
Chocolate filling and cheese filling
Macam-macam Donut!
Just out of the oven!
Nestum Cake
Since yesterday night, before dozing off to Dreamland, I had planned to try again making donut Suria ( for the kids' breakboxes, only this time, with filling inside. So, as early as 5 am, my mixer had to report duty! And lucky enough, neighbours are just too far away to 'enjoy' the free 'blast' early in the morning...I made the donuts in two different fillings. One with a chunck of cooking chocolate and the other one with cheese. This time, the donuts are not oily like last time. So my conclusion is, Donut Suria is not so suitable to make into frozen donuts. But if you make it fresh the same day, then it'll be yummy, fluffy and soft! After frying, just coat the donuts with sugar and ready to enjoy it! Oh daughter told me, when she was having her break, a teacher walked past and saw her enjoying her donut and he took one to taste and liked it...I am very happy because at least, someone appreciates my food!

I've been wanting to try baking this Nestum Cake from Chanel2004 since I first read it in the Forum.Cari.Com.My but never had the chance to do so until today. Finally I made it this evening...not to eat, but just to taste and to experiment. It came out nice and soft. But as I've said before, I don't go for sweet stuff that much. the way, this recipe was posted to the Forum by s3Nor!t@. Thank you Chanel2004 and thank you to s3Nor!t@ for making this experiment possible...

NESTUM CAKE (Chanel2004)


250 g butter
200 g caster sugar (adjusted to 180g)
1 tablespoon honey
4 eggs (grade B)
50 g nestum
200 g self-raising flour; sifted
150 ml milk

Method :

1. Preheat oven at 180C
2. Lined & greased 9" baking tin.
3. Beat butter, sugar & honey till light & fluffy (do not overbeat).
4. Add in eggs one at a time. Beat well after each addition.
5. Add nestum and mix well.
6. Fold in sifted flour alternately with milk and blend till combined.
7. Bake for 40-45 minutes.

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Ceritamu ceritaku...
Miz k >> Terima kasihlah kerana sudi menjengok mama di sini. Yang pasal Picasa2 tu pun, main godeh godeh sendiri je...baru reti buat collage je..yang lain tu, kalau mama lodeh, makin teruk lak jadi gambarnya...ahaks...
Steve Troy >> When I read your comment this morning, can't stop laughing , especially the 'toot' made my day! Thanks!
Hanis125z >> Sila sila...jangan memalu...buat cam lauk sendiri...ppssttt...nampak sangat ajak-ajak ayam yek....huhuhu....
Alynnsaripuddin >> Untungnya Alynn ada murtabak frozen. Dapat dari mana?
Jeff®i @ FM0666 >> Baked beans + Ommelette + Sausage + Toast....I TELL YOU!!!!!
McMed >> Thanks for the message. InsyaAllah mama try nanti ye. La ni busy sket. And insyaAllah I'll reply to your message okay....muaaahhhhh
Cenna >> Thanks for the message and good luck!
Phalinn Ooi >> Shian Phalinn ni...tengok semuanya terliur...tu la orang bujang kan...Wah..lagi nak modify potato bread la pulak...siap suruh bubuh cheese tuh...hmmm...mana tahu kot lagi sedap kan?! Meanwhile, jamulah mata dulu dengan my donut with cheese filling ye...Ooo..Phalinn sexy eh....huhuhu....
sue>>So so la.....

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