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Sunday, 12-Feb-2006 16:33 Email | Share | Bookmark

Shabana's Chocolate Cake
Coffee Break!
Today, I don't know why...I am just not myself and I hate feeling this way . As a result of that...whatever I experimented, it either didn't come out well or I have difficulties doing it...But the funny thing is...I am still trying no matter how I had to struggle to get it done! For instance...this morning, I tried making Murtabak (thanks to Cekya's Murtabak Singapore's entry... for making me wish for murtabak!). I made the dough yesterday evening and kept it in the fridge for today's project! Boy!!! Do I have a tough time doing it all by myself! Ended up just doing 3 murtabaks and the others as roti canai! The 3 murtabaks are in the freezer for tommorrow's breakfast. I hope it's tasty and worth all the effort!

Then I tried baking a chocolate cake, from Shabana Raidhan's recipe. She gave me the cake a few weeks back, to taste and will give me the recipe if I want it. ME?....RECIPES?...How can I ever refuse! So I made it today. SAD to say, it didn't come out like hers. Was quite upset tho! I think, reason being...
    1. I used the wrong sized tin. She used a bundt pan and clever me, I used the square big tin! Though I have the feeling it's not the right tin to use, but I still proceed!
    2. Baked a bit too long maybe because was busy cleaning the kitchen

Anyway, just not to disappoint anyone, here's Shabana's Chocolate Cake recipe and her chocolate cake photo that she sent me last time. Will post mine, when I FINALLY got it right!



1 cup cake flour
1 cup castor sugar
4 eggs, separated
2 Tbs cocoa
½ cup oil
½ cup hot water
3 tsp baking powder
½ tsp caramel or vanilla essence


250g margarine
1 tin condensed milk
cocoa powder as desired according to taste
½ tsp vanilla essence


Sieve flour, castor sugar, cocoa and 2 tsp baking powder three times. Add egg yolks, hot water, essence and oil and beat for 1 minute. Beat the egg whites and 1 tsp baking powder until stiff and peak form. Fold the egg whites lightly into the cocoa mixture using a metal spoon. Grease baking tin and dust with flour. Pour the mixture in and bake for 15-20 mins at 180degreesC until done.

Method for Icing

Melt the margarine, not necessarily on the stove. Beat until it’s white. Add the condensed milk, cocoa powder and essence and beat until creamy.

Note :
Shabs, we need to meet up so that you can show me how you bake the cake and I'll show you how to do the donuts huh! Deal?

Just because mummy is not herself today, so daddy had to 'cook' lunch. And daddy's 'cooking' was very fast! 4 kinds of food in less than 20 minutes! Guess what he 'cooked'? Anyone? Hahaha...yeah right....NANDO'S! We enjoyed the meal he 'served'...very much indeed!

Collage technique...practicing!

Words to inspire you...
Nothing is as strong as gentleness, and nothing is gentle as real strength
~ Ralph W. Sockman

Ceritamu ceritaku...
Ken >> Most welcome! You're such a sweet miss your mummy!
mama aia and ayin >> Glad you liked it because I like it too. Cute isn't it! Resipi anniversary...hehehe... Mama Aia & Ayin dah ketuk salah rumah ni...kena ketuk rumah ni atau ! Kat situ....macam macam adaaaaaa!!!
Edoras >> Very true, memang simple. Tapi is that all picasa2 can do? Mama ni tak sabor nak belajar macam-macam nih..tengok orang lain punya fp, mengancam ngancam je...Thanks for dropping in.
ReActivate.Zul >>
~~ Waalaikum salam. Tu dia, sifu fotografi mama dah muncul!
~~ Alhamdulillah mama sihat adanya. Sajalah 'jalan-jalan' singgah kat fp Zul nak jengok apa projek orang bujang sorang nih.
~~ Yang gambar mama tak clear tu, biasalah, orang baru belajar. Dah tu, kamera mama yang cinonet tu, dah buat hal la plak. On kejap, dia off balik. Either my rechargable battery dah nak kong, ataupun kamera tu yang tunjuk perasaan mintak pencen..hish, naudzubillah! Tapi tadi ada gak cakap kat hubby, dia kata, beli baru je...esh esh esh...kita sayang wei kamera antik kita nih!
~~ Picasa2 tu, boleh download kat internet. Boleh buat collage, poster, etc etc...mama lom pas sangat... masih terkial-kial ni....
~~ Tatty Teddy tu, internet mari ler...lom la pandai nak lukis secantik tu...lukis orang lidi boleh aar...
Jeff®i @ FM0666 >> Thanks Jeffri for dropping in....mana tahu kot Jeffri boleh perturunkan ilmu Picasa2 kat kami plak ke....
shukri >> You're most welcome !
Suhaimi >> Tengkiu tengkiu
digitald0me >> Nak kena buat experiment lain. Yang buat sendiri tadi fail...
Suhaimi >>
~~ Masuk kat google, taip Picasa2, pas tu click kat URL untuk download. Pas tu downloadlah. Dah habis download...kenalah godeh sendiri sebab mama pun tak tahu sangat...dok cuit situ cuit sini je...
~~ Apakan daya....kek tu dah abis dah...hanya tinggal gambar kenangan jek...ahaks!
Phalinn >> That cake memang 'tasty', that's why dah 'habis' ! And that coffee photos pulak, I got it via email. Tapi kalau suruh mama buat...I don't think so la...bancuh coffee terus je slurrpppp !

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