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Donut Suria
Donut Suria
Step by step Blackpepper Chicken Rolls
Blackpepper Chicken Rolls
Step by step Sausage Mix Vege Buns
Fried Fettucini
Ready to eat!
When I checked my fotopages this morning, I was still quite upset because of the problem that I highlighted in my yesterday's entry, regarding the 'extra' photo that appeared in my entries. So I didn't have the mood to write though I have a new experiment that I wanted to share. I ended up going to the store downstairs and sort out all the 'treasure' that I've collected. Hope to reduce the amount of 'treasures' so that by the time I have to pack my things to go home, there'll be less to pack! Phew....that was a job I tell you! Just before going to school, I checked again my fotopages and read what Med had written and she actually made me feel quite at ease. Thanks a lot Med! Then this evening when I checked,'s gone and I hope gone for good!!!

Yesterday night, I made Donut Suria and just pre-fry it for today's breakfast and also the kids breakboxes. It's my first time trying this recipe. It's very simple and very fast to make. Tasty but a bit oily to me. Maybe I went wrong somewhere. But no harm trying as it's very easy to make. That, I can guarantee! Thanks Suria for sharing this recipe and thanks to that someone who posted this recipe in the Forum. Please accept my apologies, because honestly speaking, I forgot who posted it!

Latest edited : I find that this recipe is not so suitable to pre-fry. It has to be fried and enjoyed straight away. Maybe because I pre-fried it, that's why it's a bit oily.


Ingredients :
3 cups flour
3 tablespoons milk powder
3 tablespoons shortening
(I just used margarine)
3 tablespoons castor sugar

200ml lukewarm water
2 teaspoons instant dry yeast
20ml water ~ extra if needed

Method :
1. Mix well all the ingredients in B.
2. Pour into ingredients A and knead till smooth and shiny.
3. Roll to about 1/2 cm thick and cut with the donut cutter.
4. Leave to prove for about 1/2 hour.
5. Fry on medium heat till golden brown.
6. Coat with sugar.

Variations :
Suria made this donut with cheddar cheese filling. Just make the dough into small balls and place a piece of sliced cheddar cheese in the middle. With 1 cup of flour, she managed to get about 8 donuts. She'll cut a piece of sliced cheddar cheese into 4 parts for the fillings. When fried, coat with sugar.

Note :
As for me, I made plain donuts and coat with castor sugar for hubby's breakfast and for the kids, I coat it with melted cooking choclate and sprinkle some hundred and thousands on top.

When Syahmi saw the donuts in his breakbox this morning, he said..."Aahhh're putting me in danger!". Hmm...I was quite puzzled for a minute until he said..."Everybody will run after my breakbox!". sweet. Wish I had made more so he can share with his friends, but in the morning, it's so hectic! Maybe next time!

This evening Fatin had asked if I could make for her the Sausage Mix Vegetable Buns again. She enjoyed it, it seems. I just can't refused! It's not always I get the honour to be asked to make something. It's always...I just bake and had to ask them to eat! I've used the Basic Bread Recipe (Roshayati Johari). It's the BEST bread dough recipe so far! Thumbs up to Roshayati for this recipe! I made the whole recipe of 500g flour but made into 2 kinds of breads. The Sausage Mix Vegetable Buns and also the Blackpepper Chicken Filling Rolls. The Blackpepper Chicken Fillings recipe came from DianaA. Thanks DianaA!


Ingredients :

200g chicken fillets ~ diced
1 cup mixed vegetables
2 tablespoons margarine
2 tablespoons flour
1/2 cup milk (might need extra)
1 onion ~ diced
2 tablespoons cooking oil
1 tablespoon freshly crushed blackpepper
salt and sugar to taste

Method :

1. Marinate chicken fillet with blackpepper, salt and sugar.
2. Heat oil and fry diced onion till fragrant.
3. Put in the marinated chicken and stir till cooked.
4. Add in mix vegetables. Stir well and remove from heat. Leave aside.
5. In a different pot, melt margarine. Sprinkle flour. Stir till a paste is formed. This must be done on low fire or else it will be easily burn.
6. Add in fresh milk and stir till thick.
7. Add in the cooked chicken and mix well.
8. Add sugar or salt if necessary. Remove from heat and leave to cool.
9. Ready to use!

I had one just now, soon as I took it out of the oven and soon after I had made them pose for the camera. It's so tasty I tell you! The bun is soft and the filling is just nice. Do try!

After finished kneading the basic bread dough, I started on another version of donut. This time, it's NoorMasri recipe. I will paste the recipe some other time ok. For dinner, I cooked for Fatin, Fried Fettucini with soya sauce. The same recipe as Kuetiau Goreng Kicap, except I used fettucini instead of kuetiau and she finished everything. Syahmi wanted just hotdogs and buns. Hubby refused dinner. He just asked for Nescafe-O served with some donuts.

Words to inspire you...
Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong
~ Peter T Mcintyre

Happy birthday to Jimmy Koid and also Mrs Kerry Staples!

Ceritamu ceritaku
Medusa >> MED!!! Terima kasih made my day today! Mama harap apa yang Med cakap tu betullah. Hopefully betullah fp tengah settle nak buang pix tambahan tu! Kalau tidak, risau jugala....
Aureanayz >> So sorry you kena tutup your fp. Tapi harap-harap apa yang Med cakap tu menjadi kenyataanlah hendaknya....
Mama Aia & Ayin >> Jutaan terima kasih kerana sabar mengajar mama ye...nanti adalah lagi soalan yang nak tanya tuh...hehehe....
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emly>>Most welcome Emly...Moga ianya dapat membantu...
Anna Suhana>> Terima kasih Anna kerana sudi mencuba resipi yang ditepek di fp mama dan sudi pula untuk memberi feedbacknya. Harap Anna akan terus mencuba pelbagai resipi yang lain ya....

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