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Wednesday, 8-Feb-2006 06:26 Email | Share | Bookmark

The Cock-a-doodle-doo phone!
Egg sandwich
Had a hard time to wake up at 4.45am today. But after being `harassed' by both my handphones, I finally gave up! One phone makes the normal beeping sound and the other one makes the sound of a rooster. "Cock-a-doodle-doo...," "Cock-a-doodle-doo... And I put the volume at full blast! So you can just imagine! Hahaha....

Today's breakfast is my Mom's Egg Sandwich. Just because I didn't plan what to make for breakfast before I went to bed yesterday, so that's what I can come up with in the early wee morning! For the kids breakbox, my daughter wants the egg sandwich, while my son prefers bread with Nutella spread. This time, the bread is from Savers Choice and the taste is really good, not to mention, the price is 'good' as well! So I think, they'll enjoy their breakbox today. Hihihi...actually, I'm just trying to make myself not to feel bad because I didn't do any extraordinary food to pack for them !

Yesterday evening, after coming back from picking up my son from school, I went around the garden to snap some photos of the flowers outside. I hardly have time to enjoy my spacious garden. Shame! And while busy trying to find nice things to snap, I slipped and fell! I was just wearing a 1 inch heel! And you know what...even without heels, I can sometimes slip as well. Imagine if I were to wear the 4, 5 inches high heels! I think, you'll just see me staying put at one spot without daring to walk anywhere ! Hahahaha.....But alhamdulillah, I didn't sprain my ankle or what, otherwise...errrrr...dare not even think of it! When I fell, I dropped my cute camera as well, but on the grass. So it landed on a soft spot. I do hope it's still ok, otherwise....eeerrr...dare not think of THAT either ! Here's just a few photos of the flowers around my garden...beautiful isn't it...Allah's creation, masyaAllah....

Oki doki, got to go now. I have a long to-do list in mind today...InsyaAllah will write again soon....take care and have a nice day.....

KakLiza >> Glad to hear that Azlan will be out of hospital tomorrow. Take care!
Medusa >> Seronoknya Med dah buka buku resipi. Nanti tepeklah kat fp, boleh gak try resipi Med pulak ye. Buka bakery...adoi...mama ni masih dalam proses pembelajaran lagi. Kalau masuk sekolah tu, kira macam baru masuk standard 2 ler!
Phalinn ooi >> Bien venu Phalinn. Tu la sebab mama kata crossoint tu nama dia Crossoint Hippopotamus! Only to be found at MamaFami's fp je! Hahaha ! Challenge Chef Wan? Oh ooo....there's still a very looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go before I am even near to his standard but will keep on trying tho....
Rasso >> Kalau lapar, kenalah pergi makan sebelum perut masuk angin...tapi...kenalah masak sendiri yek....tak dapeklah den nak nolong !
Munzirfauzi >> Bolehlah join Rasso pergi makan ye....jangan biar perut kosong!
Aniszcenna >> Mama dah pm dah...
Azli >> Visited your fp. Nice pics # 4 the most....
Mama Aia & Ayin >> Thanks !
To All >> I need help. Panik gak nih! Nak tanya, macam mana kat my list gambar tu, boleh terpacul pulak extra gambar, stated poster, walhal it didn't come from me!!!! Bukan apalah, kot nanti keluar benda-benda tak senonoh, tak ke embarassing dan orang kata kita yang bukan-bukan pulak...and each time mama view all photos, gambar poster tu not the same one that I've seen before that. Tolong ye sesiapa....! Thanks in advance

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