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Tuesday, 7-Feb-2006 17:28 Email | Share | Bookmark

The bater
Croissont Hippopotamus..HAHAHA!
Been meaning to type my 'celoteh mak nenek' (grandmother stories) for today, in the morning but got caught up with lots of things. On the phone, houseworks, cooking, dropping and picking up kids bla bla bla...endlessly! What are mothers for by the way huh!

Now with Hazami singing for me Winter Sonata...I'll start with my story of the day! Speaking of Winter Sonata, that was the first Korean movie that I watched. Alia made me watch it because the way she was talking about the movie, makes me want to watch it myself. But mind you....20 CDs to watch! Oh my gosh...never had I HAVE to watch so many cds just to finish one movie! I don't spend much time watching TV. I only watch cds on the computer while ironing. So time will not be wasted.

This morning, I made Jemput-jemput for breakfast. Well, 'jemput' is a Malay word meaning 'invite'. It's a very simple thing to do, especially when you are running out of time. This morning, after the Fajr prayers, I got carried away ironing. So, all I can think of is just this simple breakfast. In Malawi, it's something like mandasi. Though I haven't tasted it yet, but the method of making it is similar. It is nice to eat with either chillie sauce or tomato sauce and to eat it while it's still hot. This is my version of jemput-jemput. The lazy way and plain simple!


Ingredients :

300g flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon chicken stock
1/2 onion ~ sliced
a bit of paprika ~ optional
salt to taste
enough water
cooking oil to fry

Method :

1. Mix well all ingredient. Bater must not be too thick or too liquidy (liquidy? Is there any such word??? Hihihii!!!).
2. Heat oil. Take a spoonful of the bater and fry in the oil till golden brown.
3. Ready to eat!

Note :
1. Chicken stock can be substitute with anchovies stock or if you prefer to do the 'less-lazy' way, firstly, soak some dried anchovies. When soft, pound it and add to the bater. It'll taste nicer.
2. I like this with more onions but since the kids and hubby doesn't like it that much, so I have to adjust the amount to suit their taste.
3. Paprika is just for the color. If you want it slightly hot, you can also chuck in some diced fresh chillies

This is one of the many types of jemput-jemput. This is the savory kind. There are even sweet types where you add mashed banana or even corns. In fact, you can chuck in whatever you wish, there's no limitation to cooking...your creativity is the limit...Ppssttt...and mine is VERY LIMITED! Hahahaha!

Words to inspire you...
The more I practise, the luckier I become
~ Gary Player

Aureanayz >> Kesiannya dengar kesukaran untuk mendapatkan bekalan makanan halal di sana. So nampaknya, aureanayz kenalah lebih giat mencuba resipi-resipi baru especially roti dan juga apa-apa yang anak-anak suka makan. Ha ah...mama pulak, kalau balik Malaysia, kalau boleh angkut Melaka tu, nak angkut sekali!Tapi kat sini, alhamdulillah, makanan halal agak senang diperolehi memandangkan ramai Indian Asian Muslims yang buka kedai. Kedai roti, majority milik orang Islam. Even Nandos dia pun boleh makan. Ada certificate Halaal, insyaAllah. Tapi harga je lah mahal. But like my hubby selalu cakap, mahal nak buat macam mana...yang pentingnya ADA....But I like to bake, not because the food is not available tapi memang dah hobi suka mencuba resipi yang baru. Ppsstt...tapi masak...malas....hehehe!
KakLiza >> Iya bukkkkkk enak skali rotinya....lembut banget! Coba ya jangan nggak coba! Oh ya, resipi semalam, 500g tepung tu, leh dapat 14 keping. Each keping menggunakan 1 Ayamas Hotdog.
Aniszcenna >> Kalau tengah diet pun boleh tengok...nanti bolehlah tengok macam mana daya ketahanan you pulak..hehehe....
Azhar Ahmad >> Mama pernah ler try buat croissont tapi tak jadi croissont yang puff tu...dia jadi apa tau.... jadi croissont hippopotamus! Hahaha! Besor gedabak! Tapi kawan mama ada bagi resipi...akan ku cuba jua nanti......suatu masa nanti.......anyway, mama paste sekali gambar croissont hippopotamus mama tu kay...Buat croissont ni tak susah, cuma leceh le sket....kena banyak kesabaran...
ShidaAziz >> Esh...mama tak mampu ler nak wat cheesecake Shida tu kat sini sebab banyak bebenor cream cheesenya...nantilah bila dah balik Malaysia nanti, mama try okay, insyaAllah...tak lama lagi dah pun.....

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