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Chicken curry
Water-melon painting
Cushion cover
Cushion cover
Today's project kit
For lunch today, I made chicken curry. I followed Alia's mutton curry recipe and am I satisfied or what with my chicken curry today! Haha ! It was nice and I just couldn't wait for lunch time to enjoy it with rice...yummmmm ....Here's the recipe and mind you, it's in a very small quantity! It's simple and doesn't take time to cook....


Ingredients :

2 chicken breasts - cut to big chunks (like 3 pieces for 1 breast)
2 potato - cut to 8 pieces
4 shallots - blended
1 garlic - blended
1 large tomato - blended
2 tablespoons curry powder
1/2 tablespoon chillie powder
1/2 cup fresh milk
salt to taste
1 tablespoon margarine/butter
3 tablespoons oil
a bit of cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamon

Method :

1. Heat oil and add margarine/butter. Put in cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamon.
2. Put in the blended shallots and garlic and fry till fragrant.
3. Add in chillie powder, curry powder and blended tomatoes. Add a bit of water if it's too dry.
4. Put in the chicken breasts and tomatoes. Stir well.
5. Add in fresh milk and salt. Let it simmer for a while and off the fire.

Note :
When Alia gave me the recipe, she didn't actually give me the exact measurement. So, the above measurement are based on my memory of how I cooked it just now. You may adjust any amout of the ingredients to suit your taste.

And tonight, for dinner, we had the chicken curry with Roti Canai Niceghost. Very much enjoyed by the whole family, alhamdulillah....

When my son came back from school, he asked me to help him make a Shaduf Model. A shaduf is a machine to move water from a lower place to a higher place. So all the three (including my daughter) of us sat down together and tried to 'invent' a Shaduf Model. I made the Shaduf, my son painted whatever has to be painted and my daughter's the one who 'built' the hut..This is what we came up with and honestly, I am quite satisfied! Well...I guess it's alright for a Year 5 kid's project huh!

After the Shaduf project is done, he has to do some painting on fruits or vegetables for the class's assembly due next month. Actually my son has volunteered to do it and he wanted to draw Durian. I told him that people here may not be familiar with Durian, so I suggested the water-melon. Again...this is a joint-venture project. This time, just the mom and the son and here's the result!

I love to paint eventhough I am not an artist. I enjoyed fabric painting and all other craft works. I use to go for fabric painting classes. It's not exactly a really proper fabric painting classes but for me, it's more of a social gathering...where I can just sit, paint and at the same time, to be with friends, chatting while doing what I love doing. Because if I were to paint at home, I don't think I can find time to do it leisurely as I have loads of other things to take care of.....So it's like a break for me to attend those classes..... Thanks to Anne and Lynnette for teaching us the correct techniques....

Words to inspire you....
Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest
~ Mark Twain

Ceritamu, ceritaku...
1. Najwa>> Terima kasih kerana sudi cuba resipi dari page mama ye. Najwa makan dengan apa kuah kari ni?
2. ezura>> Terima kasih Dr Ezura kerana sudi mencuba resipi yang simple ini ya...
3. ezura>> Baik-baik...nanti dia ban Ezura dari masuk dapur sebab dera dia perabih semua makanan! Baru dia naya tak leh lepas gian memasak!

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