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Wednesday, 18-Jan-2006 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Let talk about DONUTS!!!

Cupcakes & Donuts for cake sale
Donuts for cake sale
Donuts Kak Liza
My collection of donut cutters!
Let's talk about donuts. I've been doing donuts for quite sometime especially during my children's cake sale day. Every term, each class will have their very own special class assembly day (also known as the cake sale day) where they will perfom a play during the assembly which takes place every Friday. And on this day, the parents of the child from that particular class, are required to bring something to sell to the rest of the kids. It's a form of PTA fund raising. Before, i use to do some novelty cakes (not perfect but can do! Just to attract other kids to buy my children's cake) or cupcakes for them to sell. Then i thought, let me just try something simple and see how it's like testing the market...and wallah....the donut really sells! And from that day onwards, whenever i ask my kids, what cake must i make for them to sell, the answer will always be CHOCOLATE DONUTS PLEASE! And the funnier thing is, the kids in the school calls me...THE DONUT LADY! Cute huh!

This is the recipe that i use to make for my kids to bring to school.


500g cake flour
1 1/2 teaspoons instant yeast
1 cup water
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup (50g) margarine
4 teaspoons sugar
1 egg

Method :

1. Mix well flour, instant yeast and egg.
2. In a small pot, on low heat, melt margarine.
3. Add salt, sugar to melted margarine and finally water. Let liquid be slightly hot.
4. Pour liquid into flour mixture bit by bit and knead till the dough is smooth or developed. For best result, knead using the machine.
5. Allow dough to rise (prove) until it has doubled it's original size.
6. Using a rolling pin, roll dough out to about 1 cm thick. Cut with the doughnut cutter.
7. Leave it to rise again.
8. Fry
9. Coat with sugar or dip in melted cooking chocolate and sprinkle some hundreds n thousands on top.
10. Enjoy!!!!

And recently, I got this recipe from my dear cyber friend and I think, her recipe produces softer donuts. I've tried making them last week and using a different cutter just to give some variety. And also, to try out the new 'toy' (blue in color) that my friend, Alia bought for me from South Africa. Thank you Alia!

DONUT (courtesy of Kak Liza from

500 g flour
1 cup castor sugar
1/2 cup milk powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 packet instant dried yeast (normally comes in the packet of either 10g or 11 g)

1 tablespoon shortening/criso (melted)
1 egg - lightly beaten
2 tablespoons cooking oil
250 ml lukewarm water

Method :

1. Mix well all ingredients in (A)
2. Add in egg, shortening and cooking oil.
3. Add in water, bit by bit and knead to form a soft dough.
4. Cover with damp cloth and allow to prove till double it's size.
5. Punch down to allow air to escape.
6. Roll dough out to about 1 cm thick. Cut with the donut cutter.
7. Arrange the donut on a tray and leave to prove again.
8. Heat the oil and fry on medium heat till golden brown.
9. Remove from oil and coat with sugar or cooking chocolate and sprinkle with chocolate rice.
10. Enjoy

Thank you Kak Liza for your wonderful recipe!

Thank you Alia for the wonderful `toys' you bought for me.....the ones which are blue in color, which produce the plaited donuts.

Okay then, the DONUT LADY signing off....take care and have a gr8 day!!!!!

Ceritamu ceritaku....
1. ShidaAziz>> Meriah ada makna wei Shida...kalau tak meriah, budak-budak tak nak beli. Nanti anak-anak mama balik buat muka sedih la pulak! Donut dalam gambar ke2 tu, mama boh melted chocolate juga, cuma coklat tu warna dia light brown. Cara salut, samalah macam coklat masakan yang biasa.
2. kak liza>> It is always a plesure to try out your recipes Kak Liza...hassle free and stress free, yet SCRUMPTIOUS!!!
3. Adikmama>> Wait till I get home!
4. Cheryl>> Hi Cheryl...sorry my dear for the belated answer as my internet connection is STILL down till today, Sunday! Anyway, about the donuts, I deep fry them. Did you let the donut rise for properly before frying? Is your yeast good? Will try to email you ya....
5. fleur>> Hi Fleur...Glad that you chose Malaysia for your vacation. Well the round donut cutters can easily be found in the supermarkets in Malaysia. But the best place to look for them are at the bakery supplies shops, to name a few...BAGUS and BAKE WITH YEN.
6. pat>> Alhamdulillah semua sukakan rasanya. Tak rugi buat kan?

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