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Friday, 2-Nov-2007 13:13 Email | Share | Bookmark
Icecream Biscuits

Yes, surprisingnya it is already FRIDAY! Gosh...time really flies! Yesterday, while we were dining out (as usual, Mrs Lazybum dot com is as her name, lazy to cook!), I was arguing with hubby about what day was yesterday. He said Thursday and I just don't want to agree with him and insisted it was Wednesday. When we came back, checked the was Thursday and today is Friday!!!! I guess the hustle bustle in the house makes me forget about the days and I getting older than I thought! But I just hope that I am not loosing my mind...naudzubillah....Ahakss......

The interior renovation of the house is 80% done. They should be able to finish the latest by early next week if not this weekend. I've started dumping my 'harta karun' into the cabinets whichever are ready. I must say, it's not an easy job! Climbing up and down the steps of the ladder is tiring. That shows how much I need to loose these 'extra baggage'! Come to think of that, how lucky of you have that kind of metabolism rate! And speaking of weight, two nights ago, we went to the pharmacy as hubby needs to find some medicine. There, we saw a weighing scale. I went on the scale first and as usual the reading never budge! Then hubby went on it and he was so surprised to see how much he has put on. So to comfort him (and me as well!), I just said out loud, "Not to worry abang, the scale is out of order!". Both the ladies in the pharmacy just laughed at that brutal statement! Huhuhu.....

For today's recipe, it'll be another cookie recipe that I've made for Eid. This time the recipe came from my dear next door neighbour, Kak Ana. Not only she willingly gave me the recipe but also provided me with the icecream powder. What will I do without her.....Thank you so very much Kak Ana dear.....

Source : Kak Ana

Ingredients :

750g flour
50g cornflour
520g butter
560g icing sugar
2 tablespoons milk powder
100g icecream powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 egg yolks

Egg yolk ~ for glazing
Cooking chocolate ~ melted
Colored chocolate rice/vermicelli

Method :

1. Sift flour, cornflour, milk powder and icecream powder. Set aside.
2. Cream butter and icing sugar.
3. Add in the 2 egg yolks, then vanilla essence.
4. Add in the sifted dry ingredients, just enough to form a soft dough.
5. Roll the dough between two plastic sheets to about 3/4 cm thick. Cut using the icecream cookie cutter. Arrange on the baking tray. Glaze with egg yolk.
6. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 C till done.
7. Leave the cookies on the wire rack to cool.
8. Once cooled, dip the end of the cookies into the melted cooking chocolate and drizzle with some colored chocolate rice/vermicelli. Leave to set.

Sumber : Kak Ana

Bahan-bahan :

750g tepung gandum
50g tepung jagung
520g mentega
560g gula aising
2 sudu besar susu tepung
100g tepung aiskerim
1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
2 kuning telur

Kuning telur ~ untuk sapuan
Coklat masakan ~ dicairkan
Manik berwarna atau chocolate rice berwarna

Kaedah penyediaan :

1. Ayakkan tepung, tepung jagung, susu tepung dan tepung aiskerim. Ketepikan.
2. Krimkan mentega dan gula aising.
3. Masukkan kuning telur dan esen vanilla. Kacau sebati.
4. Masukkan bahan kering yang telah diayak sedikit demi sedikit sehingga menjadi doh yang lembut.
5. Gelekkan doh di antara dua keping plastik setebal 3/4 sm. Terap menggunakan acuan aiskerim. Susun di atas dulang pembakar yang telah dialas dengan kertas. Sapukan kuning telur di atas biskut.
6. Bakar di dalam ketuhar yang telah dipanaskan terlebih dahulu pada suhu 160 C dan bakar hingga masak. Lebih kurang 20 - 25 minit.
7. Biarkan biskut sejuk terlebih dahulu.
8. Bila telah sejuk, celupkan di bahagian atas biskut dengan coklat masakan yang telah dicairkan dan taburan dengan manik berwarna atau chocolate rice.


May you have a wonderful life together, forever......

Ceritamu ceritaku....
1. Shabana>> Hi Shabs!!! What a lovely surprise to see you here! About the icecream powder, don't think you'll find in Malawi. The powder looks and smells something like Nido. Perhaps you can just use that one. As for the cutters, you should be able to get them in South Africa. Try Chef n Icers in Sandton. Or maybe Honey Bee at Oriental Plaza (if I am not mistaken). How are the kids and my brother? Hope all are well. Take care and miss you lots!
1. Shabana>> Ooohh Shabs....don't make me miss all that even more okay...

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