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Monday, 18-Jun-2007 16:16 Email | Share | Bookmark

Selamat petang...or in English, Good Evening! It's been quite a while since I last updated the page. First and foremost, I'd like to convey my heartiest thanks to all who had wished me and made duaas for me on my birthday. Really appreciate it very much. Makes me feel that I have a whole world full of friends.... and that's a great feeling....thank you so very much!

Last weekend, we went to visit the kids at their hostels. Alhamdulillah they are all very happy and settled over there. We started early from home on Saturday, since we had to go to the school office to settle some documentation for Syahmi. Psstt....the office thingy is just an excuse, but actually, the mommy just can't wait to see the kids! I bet it's not only me who will feel that way huh...being away from both my kids is not an easy thing to go through...whenever I go into their rooms and saw the empty beds, whenever I saw all their things, their clothes, their favourite food, their favourite movie....only Allah knows how I's just not easy............

We reached the school at around 10.30am. It was almost break time, so the headmaster had been kind enough as to invite both of us to join the staffs and the students for a cup of coffee and 'tauhu sumbat'. When we reached the dining hall, both my kids were nowhere to be seen. So the headmaster's wife, who is teaching in the same school as well, had asked one of the students to call for Syahmi. When I saw my boy coming towards us, Allah knows how I heart is just filled with lots and lots of joy! And my boy looked so handsome in his uniform, long pants, long sleeve shirt and a neck tie! He came running towards us with a very happy face....He joined us for tea and then went back to class. And then Fatin came, she looks so sweet and smart, gave her a hug and off to class again. We waited in the office while the kids finish school at 1.00 pm. We chatted with the teachers and they gave positive response about Syahmi. Why only Syahmi? Because, on Tuesday night, he was crying and sobbing when he spoke to me on the phone. Thank God, that night, mama was such a strong lady. She didn't cry along with Syahmi...good mama, strong mama! I spoke to him for about an hour..consoling him and motivating him. At the same time, I could hear the warden Mr Mohan and a few of the students doing the same thing on the other side. Thank you so much to them for supporting and being with Syahmi during his trying period. The next day, another teacher had asked Syahmi to call me. I am so relieved to hear his cheerful voice. When I spoke to Mr Patrick, he told me that I need not worry as Syahmi is pulling through and he's fine now. Infact, that day Syahmi had lunch with all the teachers and was telling the teachers about Malawi! son is such a bubbly person...wonder who's gene that he's carrying !

After school we took the kids out for a McDonald treat then sent them back to their hostels and promised to come again on Sunday. We dropped Fatin first at her hostel and then Syahmi. When leaving, I was fine, until we're out of the school compound, that's when tears started streaming for a good 10 minutes. Then I had fallen asleep, which actually helps! On Sunday, when leaving the kids, tried VERY HARD, INFACT, HARDEST POSSIBLE to hold back my tears, but failed. Though it hadn't spilled yet, but Syahmi could see the tears welling in my eyes. He came back to the car and gave me a sip of his Coke (just as he use to do at home), gave me a kiss and a hug and went to his hostel. I just can't hold back the tears any longer and cried even before we left the school compound. I miss you my darling babies..........till we meet again, take care and my duaas are with both of you always..................................

I baked some Sausage Rolls, Wet Chocolate Cake and Pharata Puff (recipe to follow) for the kids....

For this simplest recipe which happens to be my family's favourite, my heartful thanks goes to IDA aka Taukey Puff ...jangan marah aa...nanti kena jual!.. Thank you so very much....



Instant Pharata (preferably 'Kawan' brand)
Curry puff Filling
Egg yolk

Method :

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