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Friday, 8-Jun-2007 09:40 Email | Share | Bookmark
PAU (Mamazieza)

Time.....I am always saying that I have no time, but I think, it's just an excuse....Ni kes kutuk diri sendiri nih....tahu...tak pe! ...If it's true time is not on my side, then how come I can just enjoy myself in front of the pc? Well, take it this way....I am just doing some 'research'! Hahahaha.....

As promised in my previous entry, I'll write about our 'Day out with Pak Ngah'. My brother had been so sweet enough to take a day off from work and study, to bring us out for shopping. He came by my house at around 9.45 am and I just served him with Nasi goreng and 'something new that I've tried that morning' (will be revealed soon!) while waiting for the kids to get ready. We started at the shops around Bangi and then head for Mydin in Kajang. Parked the car at the end of the road and walked towards Mydin. On the way, my eyes just caught sight of BAGUS, the bakery shop...oh me oh my, was I excited or what! First time in my 40 years of age, will I be stepping into BAGUS...Lorrr poyo sungguhlah weiii...But my brother said, take it easy sis, we'll go to Mydin first and settle whatever needed, THEN we'll go to your bakery shop. So off to do our shopping spree! From there, with all hands full of stuff, went to the car to fill the car booth's tummy with all the plastic bags. Then to BAGUS. The outlet wasn't as packed as the bakery shop in Malacca, but enough to make me excited. I just bought a few baking tools, flour and red bean paste.

Then we head for my brother's house to fetch my niece, Alya (7 years) and nephew, Firdaus (6 years). They didn't follow the dad to my house as they were still sleeping when he left. Got to meet my darling chubby cuddly Zana, my youngest niece (1+). After Zohor prayers, we head for the reflexology place to get my foot massaged. My right leg had been painful for the past few weeks and it's just so annoying! When the foot was being massaged, I can really feel the pain and I was advised to drink more water, avoid meat as much as possible, avoid cold drinks, loose some weight (I've gained back what I've lost in Malawi...thanks to all the Malaysian food! They are to be blamed! Not me!!! Hahahaha!) and do some excercise! Oh gosh, will I managed?!!! Will I have the will power??? HELPPP!!!

From there, we went to McDonalds Serdang for a treat....I really enjoyed seeing all the four kids enjoying their meals. I just had McD's porridge (first time tasting them, and they are not bad at all!) and hot Milo...but then, stole a few sips of Coke from Syahmi...hihihihi...I just can't resist his offer ok! Syahmi will always offer his share to me before touching his food. That explains why mummy is the size of a giant already! Hahahaha! From there we head home....tired but happy!

And since I've borrowed a steamer from my sister-in-law and bought the red bean paste from Bagus, I made some red bean pau yesterday. Thanks a bunch to Mamazieza for emailing the recipe to me...Besides that, I made some Mexican Buns as well and this time, I am really happy with the outcome.

Fried mixed vegetables, Sardine and Fried Chicken (forgotten to snap the photo!)

For tea...

Message to Mak Ngah...



1 kg Hong Kong Flour (I used all purpose flour)
8 g instant dried yeast
18 g baking powder
100 g sugar
30 g vegetable shortening
10 g Voltex/Bread Improver
2 teaspoons ovalette
500 g lukewarm water (extra if needed)
Filling (I used red bean filling)

Method :

1. Sift flour, bread improver and baking powder into the mixing bowl.
2. Add in yeast, sugar, ovalette and mix well.
3. On the mixer and pour in water, a little at a time till well incorporated then add in the vegetable shortening.
4. Continue kneading till a smooth and soft dough is formed. Add more water if needed.
5. Make into small balls and place the filling in the middle.
6. Leave the dough to rest and rise for 20 - 25 minutes.
7. Get the steamer ready and steam the pau for 8 - 10 minutes.

Note :
1. I made just 1/4 the recipe.
2. Using ovalette in the recipe will make the pau softer



1 kg tepung (Hong Kong Flour)
8 g yis kering
18 g baking powder
100 g gula
30 g lelemak
10 g voltex/bread improver
2 sudu teh ovalette (tapi warna pau tidak akan menjadi putih, slightly kekuningan. Menggunakan ovalette menjadikan pau lebih gebu)
500 g air (lebih kalau perlu)

Kaedah penyediaan :

Timbang semua bahan dan gaul semua bahan kering di dalam mixer hingga rata. Masukkan air sedikit dan uli. Masukkan yis dan gula dan uli lagi., Masukkan shortening dan uli hingga lembut.

Bentuk doh kecil-kecil, isi inti dan peram selama 20 - 25 minit. Kukus doh selama 8 - 10 minit.

Ceritamu ceritaku....
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