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DONUT (Chef Li)

Hello everyone! I am finally back at my page. Hadn't had time to update since last Friday. I was really really busy from Friday right up till yesterday. But all the effort is worthwhile, no complaints and I am indeed very happy. I think I've mentioned it in my previous entries that I am joining the group that's putting up a stall at St Andrew's High School during the Swimming Competition by Malawi Aquatic Association. Actually the stall was supposed to be on Saturday and Sunday, but they've changed it to Sunday and Monday as Monday is a public holiday in Malawi. Am I glad that happened. At least I have more time. To make things worst, last week wasn't my week actually. I don't really know what's wrong with me, it's like everything is just not right. Hate being in that kind of situation. But alhamdulillah I managed to snap out of it before it's too late!

On Saturday, I started in the kitchen from 11 am right up till midnight. I made 96 pieces of mini pizzas with just sweet corn as the topping, baked 24 Apple Muffins and made Donuts, a new recipe that I'll paste shortly. The pizzas, since I had to make a lot, I just don't want to abuse my mixer. So I bought 3 kgs of pizza dough from the bakery and when I reached home, I just have to punch it down (it really bloated in the car! Hahaha...), roll it, cut, put the topping and let it rise again. The kids helped me with the pizzas and I am very thankful to them for giving me a helping hand or otherwise it'll take me double the time which I don't really have that day! While the pizzas were baking in the oven, I knead the donuts dough. And while waiting for that to prove, I prepared the muffin mixture. You see, my oven has only 1 rack, so it really takes time to bake a lot at one go. Anyway, if you're organised, you will be able to cope nicely. Thank God I was that day! Hahaha! By the time the muffins baking, I did the donuts cutting and let it proved once more. When the donuts were ready, I put everything on the mat plus the cupcakes that I've taken out from the freezer earlier on. Now it's 'playing' time! Had to sit on the mat as I was just too tired standing for hours and hours! First, I coat the donuts and then I iced the cuppies. After everything's done, then it's packing time. I packed muffins and the donuts in small packets in order to keep it clean and soft and makes it easier to sell and I think, it looks more presentable, don't you think so? Slept at 12.15 midnight. Here are the photos of what I sold last Sunday!

Sunday morning, was up by 4am. Heat all the pizzas, let it cool slightly and packed them. Was at St Andrew's High School by the pool before 10am. Our table was nicely laid out. Fowzia brought 100 packets of caramel popcorns (2 packets for 50 kwaca) and mini pizzas at 50 kwaca each. Her pizzas were of bun base and mine was of dough base. By the way, my muffins, cuppies and pizzas are at 50 kwaca each as well. And Shoba brought in Vegetable Samoosas (2 for 50 kwaca), cuppies and Bhajjias (50 kwaca for a handful). Ian and Maxine Lockington were doing the meat stall, selling chicken pita, burgers and fillet steaks. Sorry I didn't snap any photos at school. ALL our food were finished before 5pm! All the hard work paid off really well. And oh, Fatin and Deepti (Shoba's daughter) were incharge of the coffee and tea stall and they were very happy to make money as well! I must pay Fatin her 'wages'. Reached home by 6pm. Prayed my namaaz and made my Zohor qada' and off to the kitchen again to prepare for Monday's sale!

Since it was almost 7pm, I didn't have enough time to make plenty. So I just baked 24 Banana Coffee Muffins, 24 Chocolate Chips Muffins and 43 Chocolate coated Donuts. Finished everything, including packing at midnight. And the following morning, was out of the house by 7.45 am. Shoba had kindly given me a lift to school. Sold everything before 12.00am! And actually people were still coming for more. Gosh, if only I knew, I would have made more and more donuts as they were selling very very well!

Opps....such a long report I've made. I know you're bored reading them. So I'll get on with the Donut recipe as promised! This is Chef Li's Donut recipe and I got it from Mamazieza's Fotopage. Thanks a bunch to Mamazieza for sharing this fluffy and lovely recipe with us and to Chef Li for producing this wonderful recipe! Since the recipe is for such a large quantity, I have 'downsized' the recipe and there may be slight changes here and there, but the end result is just marvellous!

DONUT from Chef Li


500 g flour
11 g ( 2 3/4 teaspoons) instant yeast
25 g margarine
40 g sugar
1 small egg
15 g (2 tablespoons) milk powder
5 g (1 teaspoon) salt
5 g (1 teaspoon) bread softener
45 g shortening
2.5 g (1/2 teaspoon) baking powder
250 g water ~ lukewarm
1/3 tablespoon ovalette

Method :

1. Sift flour, milk powder, bread softener and baking powder into a bowl.
2. Add in ovalette and mix well.
3. Add in egg and on the mixer.
4. Pour in water a little at a time till the dough is just combined.
5. Add in shortening and margarine.
6. Continue kneading and if more water is needed, just pour enough to form a soft, smooth and elastic dough. Leave the dough to rest for 5 minutes.
(I actually let it rise to almost double)
7. Roll the dough till about 1 - 1.5 cm thick and cut using a donut cutter.
8. Sprinkle some flour onto a tray and arrange the donuts.
9. Leave to prove till double the size.
10. Fry till golden brown and coat with either castor sugar or melted cooking chocolate and sprinkle with 100 thousands or vermichili.

Resipi yang mama copy and paste dari Fotopage Mamazieza..cowey ma!
DONAT -- Resipi Asal Chef Li


1500 gm tepung gandum
32.5 gm yis segera
70 - 80 gm majerin
120 gm gula
1 1/2 biji telur (75 gm berat)
45 gm susu tepung
15 gm garam
15 gm voltex (bread softener)
140 gm shortening
7.5 gm baking poder
750 gm air
1 sudu makan ovalette

Cara membuat

Masukkan semua bahan kering dan ovalette dan gaul rata.
Masukkan telu dan air dan kacau sebati
Masukkan shortening dan majerin
Gaul (uli) hingga sebati
Keluarkan doh dan rehatkan 5 minit
Canaikan setebal 1- 1.5 cm dan potong ngan pemotong donat
Letak doh atas taburan tepung
Biarkan doh naik dua kali ganda
Gorengkan dan sejukkan kan
salutkan ngan gula kastor

Donat ni lebih lembut dan lebih gebu daripada donat biasa kerana telah ditambah dengan pelbagai bahan Kelembutan tahan hingga keesokkannya. Tempoh pemeraman mesti mengikut masa yang diberi untuk menjami mutu
Goreng ngan api sederhana supaya masak sempurna

Mendingin bekukan donat

Goreng sehingga masak putih kekuningan. Sebelum bungkus.. bekukan donat supaya bentuk asalnya kekal.

Ceritamu, ceritaku...
1. Ina>> Sabar Ina sabar...pi lah masuk dapur bancuh sat...Nanti abe mu balik dari kerja, leh sesama main icing kat dapur...
2. ishzah>> Yang mana ronyok Ishzah? Yang smiley ke yang monster? Ntahlah ek...mama ni bukan pandai mendeco, main selet je! Fyi, cupcakes mama yang habis dulu!
3. mar>> Mar buat cupcakes juga. Nanti tunjuklah gambarnya ye...
4. mamazieza>> Ma, lenkali, lepas tulis komen pepanjang, just in case, ma highlight kan semua, lepas tu tekan Ctrl C. Just in case komen tu sangkut, ma boleh refresh the page and then tekan Ctrl V je. Sonang la itu! By the way, thanks ma for sharing this wonderful recipe with all of us!
5. Addah>> Eh kenapa Addah? Tengok muffin mama, ada sedih, nak marah dan gembira? Confuse gak ni!
6. kamariah kamarudin>> Hi Kak, terima kasih sudi ke mari ya. Cupcakes kita tu, tipu-tipu je, mak budak baru nak belajar tenyeh icing . InsyaAllah jadi punya kalau buat donut tu...mesti ada keyakinan diri....Kak Kamariah BOLEH! Kita tinggal di Malawi ni, end of May, genap 7 tahun.
7. kuzi>> WAHHH...mama menang award ke Kuzi? Eh bila penyampaian oscarnya? Nak gak tahu sebab nak tempah baju lip lap, nak bagi badan slim cam biola, baru cun nak naik pentas ambil award! Hahaha...Bukak bakery? Ni belum bukak bakery, rumah dah cam tongkang pecah...kalau bukak bakery...jadi tongkang karam terus la agaknya!
8. Harni Safarina>> Mamazieza ada bagi lagi satu resipi donut without ovalette. Nanti lepas mama buat experiment, mama hantar report ok
9. kakmOn>> Hihihi....kelakarlah cara Kak Mon make up kan your cuppies! You know what, bila mama carry that basketful of pizzas, terasa macam nak pi jaja kuih betul tau Kak Mon...
10. Sabrina>> Tu la, mama hilang bersebab Memang tak sempat nak edit or update fp Sab. Letih. Mama ni, bila badan letih, otak pun slow semacam ler! Wah best ni, Sab nak beli oven....kan mama tunggu reportmu nanti ye...
11. Diana>> Actually I can cut half the time if only the oven has more than one rack, tapi nak wat cam no...alhamdulillah I managed. Determination tu yang buat mama teguh berdiri nak buat memacam kat dapur
12. syerah&zainul>> Memang dari kecik suka ke dapur...umur seawal 9 tahun dah curi-curi masak nasi! Hehehe...Pandai tu, taklah sangat, tapi minat.
13. mommy_d&d>> Ada gak orang tengok mama ner cuppies comel eh...hehehe...thanks dear...Yes, really happy at the end of the day...all the effort was worthwhile!
14. Lily>> Bukak warung je, dua hari...hehehe....Well, that 500 g boleh dapat around at least 40 pieces kalau guna cutter size yang mama buat ni la...Otherwise, try making half the recipe ya..
15. sofu>> Thanks Sofu. Wah seronok chek, belum bukak kedai dah ada customer! Letih tapi seronok, so okaylah
16. zack>> Alhamdulillah I'm very well thank you. The remedy for the cough is 1 teaspoon cloves, rendam dalam secawan air panas, cover. Bila dah suam, minum. Bacalah bismillah dan selawat dulu kan...hope your son will recover soon....
17. mcmed>> CONGRATULATIONS INA! Saper la that lucky guy eh? Akan ku tunggu dengan sabarnya! Kalau Ina nak cuppies for hantaran, order je la dari Shida or Kak Yong ke. They make lovely cuppies! Anyway, all the best. Sok dah tunang tu, jaga diri baik-baik. Jangan selalu keluar dating tau...sorry aa..mama ni old pesen sket!
18. zana / ros>> Memang sibuk sungguh, makan pun sambil sambil buat kerja. Tapi alhamdulillah, resultnya amat menggalakkan....hehehe...supermom eh? Kalau leh terbang, best gak!
19. Rossya>> Hai Kak...long time no saper yang superwoman...kita ke akak
20. mcmed>> Alhamdulillah la kalau cam hard feelings ya...
21. yangmazni>> Memang best peluang cam ni..kalau diorang offer lagi, rasanya nak buat lagi... Syok wei, pegang duit banyak-banyak, walaupun tak semua tu duit kita!
22. umi-kal Nasution>> Thanks aunty
23. Mademoiselle Ayu>> Lor, belum merdeka lagi ler ni eh? Anyway, GOOD LUCK for you final exam. Do your best ok Ayu...
24. Ainie>> Mama coat topping coklat atas donut ni guna belakang sudu makan je
25. Lee Lin>> 350 kwacha semuanya mem Kalau convert RM, jadi RM10.00. Jadi ambil ke dak?
26. Bonda>> Ee jangan bonda, kita bukan superkitchenwoman...yang hari tu tu pun sebab kena buat! Hehe...nak pos, aduhai, kena tunggu 6 bulan baru sampai...sanggup ke?
27. mar>> Thanks for sharing the photos ya Mar. Cantikla tu....
28. fifi fad>> Tak makan nanti rosak, bazir...lagi sayang!
29. nabialishad>> Nanti weekend ni, Nabia buat cupcakes siap icing cam tu, mesti anak4 suka!
30. rinnchan>> Actually kan, mama yang sepatutnya follow sebijik sebijik resipi mamazieza tu, dapat lagi banyak donut untuk jualan. Tak pe tak pe, next time dah tahu market cam mana, leh ler godak bebanyak sket...
31. Ida>> Tokeh 2 hari je!
32. ~ Wanie Sakura ~>> Thanks Wanie for the tips...insyaAllah one fine day, mama cuba ye...
33. maR>> Bila tak de, kita kepingin, bila dah depan mata...tak heran....biasaklah tuuuu....
34. nn>> Adei...jangan lari! Pi masuk dapur buat sat!
35. jeff>> Eee tak rela la teman sakit gigi hanya kerana donut!
36. Addah>> OIC...ingatkan apa ler tadi..suspen je!
37. sue>> Ala, donut mama ni pun biasa biasa je....Would have done more for that Monday, tapi apakan daya, masa tidak menyebelahi mama...
38. zakiah>> Not only Malawian yang suka makan donut mama ni...yang ramai sebenarnya anak-anak matsalleh. Well, once mama pernah tanya, apalah yang sedap sangat donut yang mama buat because I find it biasa biasa je....kawan mama jawab, because it's not oily. So maybe, it's because of that kot...
39. Edoras>> Dia senyum kat Edoras, Edoras senyum kat dia eh?
40. yusoff+yana=azhad>> Determination tu penting Yana...kalau tak determined hari tu, harus mama pun tak buat kot! Hehhee...Borong la Noritake tu, penuhkan satu kapal eh!
41. leezsa>> Mariiiii mari...saper mau beli donut, muffin...
42. ShidaAziz - Sweet Frosting>> Mama buat untuk jualan, kenalah banyak. If only I know, sambutan baik, I think, I would have done more!!! Tak pe, ada rezeki, lenkalilah pulak. Sorry eh Shida, cilok design cuppies Shida.... Halaal eh!
43. chart>> Waalaikumussalam Chart. To be honest, I don't really know how Choc Donut at Dunkin Donuts looks like sebab mama masuk Dunkin Donut tu, rasanya adalah sekali, itupun dah berzaman dah! Hehehe....Maybe Chart boleh alter sket resipi donut untuk jadikan Choc Donut by taking out 1 sudu besar tepung dan digantikan dengan 1 sudu besar koko powder. Hmm...kalau mama tak busy, nanti mama try ok...

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