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Saturday, 13-Jan-2007 21:21 Email | Share | Bookmark

My defination of lazy, to myself that is, is just sitting around doing nothing...or sleeping the whole morning or the whole afternoon or the whole evening...But sleeping the whole night long is considered a norm to me...hahaha...So today, I declared myself being 50% lazy because, I slept all afternoon! Esh, I think I am just enjoying the weekend after the first week of hustle bustle with school.

Last Thursday evening, like I've mentioned before, there was a meeting between parents of Year 8 students with all the teachers. In the letter given to us, stated that the meeting will commence at 5.15pm and ends by 7.15 pm. Based on previous year experience, it'll take a while to see from one teacher to another. It's not being infront of the teacher takes long, but to wait in the queue to meet them is the issue. So this time, I told Fatin, let's go earlier, so that there'll be less people and gives us a chance to meet the teachers without having to wait long enough to make us yawn...hahaha...And guess teory works! We reached the school hall a bit after 5pm. There were quite a number of parents already. But we managed to see all the teachers present (2 were not available because they weren't feeling well) in just an hour. Alhamdulillah, we were back home just before Maghrib. Well, the reports that I got from all the teacher except 1, was so convincing. It seems Fatin has settled down pretty well in school and doing fine except for Science. The teacher was very concerned because he said, she use to be on top of the class but last term, she seems to be a bit distracted...and Fatin's reason is, she's just not so interested in the topic for last term. I do hope she'll get over her dislike for that particular topic soon before it's too late....

Then yesterday evening, I accompanied Syahmi to the film night at his school. Fatin doesn't want to come along because it's kids' stuff she said. The movie is CARS. It's supposed to start at 6.15 pm, but was delayed to 6.30 pm due to technical problems. Luckily the kids were fed before entering the hall. 500 kwacha for a ticket, a halaal beef burger, a packet of crisp and a bottle of drinks. When the movie finally started, after halfway, you can see some kids started to get restless. They started to stand up, run outside the hall, started chatting with friends, laying down on the mat, and all sorts of thing. But alhamdulillah, I can see Syahmi's still with the movie. Well, to me, the movie is slightly bored in the middle, but the ending was quite alright. Hahaha...don't laugh at me okay....I'd rather watch cartoons or kids stuff rather than a movie because it's so relaxing! Favourite channel nowadays are Cartoon Network and Disney Channel! I guess there's still a kid in me huh?

Wow...considering I don't really know what to write for today's entry, I wrote quite a lot eh! bear with Mrs Chatterbox ya! report of the day...this morning, I finally re-tried making the cakoi of my version and alhamdulillah managed to get the right recipe (I think!!!) after some adjustments been made. I will post the recipe in my future entries. These were our breakfast menu for today.......

Like I said earlier on, I slept like almost 2 hours in the afternoon. Got up because the sun was shining direct on my face. I take it as a punishment from Allah for delaying the Zohor prayer! Soon as I finished praying, the sun wasn't shining that much as before...See...I told you!!! It's good that Allah is 'paying me cash now' for my sins so that I have less to carry later on, I hope!!! Anyway, I cooked a new recipe for the kids' late lunch or how can we call it eh....lunch + tea = ?, anyone? Hi-Tea maybe huh? I tried this rice recipe from Nina's Fotopage. I was attracted to the color actually. When the kids saw what was laid out infront of them, Fatin said I want to call it 'Nasi Warna Warni' and Syahmi wanted to call it 'Rainbow Waterfall Rice'. Don't ask me where that 'waterfall' word come into the picture ya....anyway, it's Nasi Hujan Panas actually. And again, please don't ask me, how come 'hujan panas' be so colorful! Hahaha.....Taste wise, I told my kids, it's like nasi orang kawin Thank you Nina for sharing this recipe


Ingredients :

4 cups Basmathi rice ~ washed and put through a strainer

To saute :

Star anise (bunga lawang)
Cinnamon stick (kulit kayu manis)
Cardamon (buah pelaga)
Cloves (bunga cengkih)
3 shallots ~ sliced
2 cloves garlic ~ sliced
3 tablespoons ghee
1 tablespoon margarine

1/2 can evaporated milk
3 1/2 cups water
cashew nuts
1 screwpine leaf (daun pandan)
food coloring : red, green and yellow
salt to taste

Nina's method :

1. Heat a pot and add in the ghee and margarine.
2. Add in the star anise, cinnamon stick, cardamon, cloves, shallots and garlic. Fry till fragrant.
3. Add in water, evaporated milk, salt and screwpine leaf. Stir well.
4. Add in the Basmathi rice and leave to cook.
5. When almost ready, put a few drops of coloring on three parts of the rice. Do not stir.
6. Leave it for a while, then stir to mix.
7. Sprinkle the cashew nuts and cover to cook.

My method :

1. Place rice, screwpine leaf and enough water (slightly less that what's needed to cook rice) in a pot and cook on the stove.
2. Meanwhile, in a small wok, melt margarine and ghee.
3. Add in the star anise, cinnamon stick, cardamon, cloves, shallots and garlic. Fry till fragrant.
4. Add in evaporated milk, a bit of water and salt. Stir well.
5. Pour into the half-boiling rice and stir well.
6. When almost ready, put a few drops of coloring on three parts of the rice. Do not stir.
7. Leave it for a while, then stir to mix.
8. Sprinkle the cashew nuts and cover to cook. Actually I forgot about this cashew nuts as the kids were hungry and asking for food! Next time maybe...

And for hubby's dinner, I cooked Asam Pedas Ikan....againnnn???? Yeah...AGAIN! Hahaha....I even tried another recipe of Dadih....recipe to come soon....patience people....

MamaFaMi signing off now....have a restful Sunday everyone!

Ceritamu, ceritaku...
1. mummy hamim2>> Hamim tak abis-abis dengan pink kalernya itewww...Pasal comment tu, what I meant by 'extra baggage' tu is 'extra fat' lerrrr....but I was merely jokinglah Imah! Mana ada nampak gemuk? Okaylah tu. Nanti kalau kurus kerempeng, jadi cam jerangkong je, wat pe! Kalau pakai winter clothes memanglah nampak extra big...kalau tak nak nampak extra big, tok sah pakai winter clothes tu masa ambil gambar...baru dia tergigil gigil sebab nak nampak vogue punya pasal! Lepas tu, doklah pusing satu kampung cari toilet pulak...hahahaha...sabor je la Imah! Oh nak jual kat ebay eh? I'll make sure I won't buy it sebab nanti mama nampak lagi gemuk...hahaha....acah je la....don't looked just fine!
2. rossya>> Memang suka kaler kaler...nak painting atas kertas, tak de masa, so kita painting atas nasi! Hahaha...Cakoi tu sedap kak...hihihi...masuk bakul angkat sendiri le plak haaa...., kita dapat makan 2 ketul je. Yang lain...ya Allah, diorang 3 beranak makan bukan main laju lagi. Licin sekali hadap je!
3. zack>> Haha...idaklah daku keseorangan...berteman rupanya...tidur sampai petang! Ala shakali shakali ok ler...orang kata, refresh! Wah terrorlah your son ajar ibu dia wat pizza! Hehehe....InsyaAllah banyak dah resipi yang queue untuk menonjolkan diri...hehehe....
4. Fieza>> Gula tu memang keraslah Fieza. So next time round, cuba kurangkan sikit gula yang disira tu. Next time, kalau cuba sesuatu resipi, tak semestinya kita follow exactly what's stated in the recipe, I mean the amount of the ingredients. Kita kena pandai agak sendiri lah ye...kenkadang, doh tu satu adunan, tapi fillingnya, maybe we'll just need like half the adunan.
5. mak_farhah>> Hehe...sib baik tak hujan panas kat luar yek? Hihii...
6. hanieliza>> Kita tengok wayang kat sekolah je....panggung wayang betul memang tak pernah masuk pun. Seumur hidup kita, rasanya adalah 5 kali je kot masuk masak kecik kecik dulu, ikut mak abah. Tengok citer Hindustan dan citer Jins Shamsudin. Wahhh mesti best akak punya nasi beriani dan lauk kuzi ayam kan. Tapi kalau dapat rasa, lagiiiii best!
7. Kuat Makan>> Hahaha...very funny! Kalau bro makan kat dalam rumah, insyaAllah tak demam la, tapi kalau makan kat tengah hujan, ada harapan nak gi klinik...hihihi....You know, your effort in introducing eating out places should be praised. Kalau sesiapa nak makan sedap-sedap, boleh refer to your link...thank you...
8. Sabrina>> Take it easy ye Sab. Don't think too much, nanti kesihatan terganggu. Just make the best of whatever's and whoever's available ok. Make them happy. Cakoi MamaFaMi tu, lom tepek lagi la Sab. Nanti eh, dia tengah beratur nak munculkan diri...sabarrrrrrrr....
9. Ishzah>> Ala kesiannya Ishzah...tak pe, tak menjadi sekali bukan bermakna tak menjadi selamanya. Cuba lagi. Dadih yang ini pun, mama rasa, next time buat, nak kurangkan sket agar-agarnya baru kaw! Yang ini agak terkeras sket tapi taste wise, yummy! Sungguh menyegarkan...
10. Sweet Frosting 4 cuppies lovers>> Hehe...shakali leleh tak pe.... Selalu leleh kang, orang kata, masa mak ngandungkan kita, ada yang tak dapat makan plak...hehehe....
11. mar>> Silap silap bukan Mar jadi belon, mama yang jadi belon besorrrrr! Hahaha!
12. jeff>> Naper bro...aisey, jam mati ke? Hehehe....
13. RoseInDBottle>> Macam-macam adaaaaa.....
14. Harni Safarina>> Seperiuk pun mama boleh bagi, tapi kenalah mari sini ambil sendiri!
15. fifi fad>> Yup, someone mentioned it the way, apa makna Pak Tong Ko tu ye?
16. zakiah>> Barney, mama dah puas tengok masa diorang kecik kecik dolu...siap sing along lagi. Wakakaka! Pasal asam pedas tu, mama suka kalau masuk daun kesum or bunga kantan, but hubby likes it plain. So kenalah ikut selera dia. Asam pedas yang mama masak hari tu, semuanya dia makan sorang, siap hirup kuah...mama tukang tengok je...
17. hellikonia>> Nanti mama put my version, very simple and fast to do...insyaAllah soon...
18. wmdhafidz@abgbotak>> Hujan ais eh...nanti mama cari eh...kalau jumpa resipi tu, mama dedicate khas untuk Hafidz!
19. Lily>> So kalau Lily dan Zakiah datang rumah mama, mama tahulah citer apa nak pasang kat TV eh...citer kartun! Hahaha...Ok ok...nanti mama tepek resipi cakoi tu ye...insyaAllah coming right up ok....
20. ~F&Z~>> Me too!!!
21. kuchai>> Kussssmangat!
22. Miera>> Masa hujan panas masak nasi hujan panas ok...jangan dok main hujan panas sudahlah...nanti demam... Alamakkkk sorrylah Miera...mama terdelete your comment, tak sengaja. Page ni buat hal, mama pun tak perasan tersalah tekan...sorry sangat sangat!
23. Nina>> At least mama ni update sehari satu...tapi Nina kalau dia sekali update, cam peluru...berdas das keluarnya...rasa nak pengsan je sebab tak tahu mana nak baca dulu! Eee saper cikgu besar? Cikgu bukan, besar ye ler...hehehe....terima kasih pada Nina kerana sudi berkongsi ilmu ya....
24. Dyna Nora>> Tu dia, peminat Nasi Hujan Panas mai dah. Yang sebenarnya, mama pun baru tahu nasi nih!
25. Phalinn>> Never fear...mama pun sama! Hahaha....Like I've said before, kalau lepas makan nasi tu, Phalinn pergi main hujan panas, ada potensi nak demam....hehehehe....
26. Dyna Nora>> Terima kasih tolong jawabkan soalan Phalinn ye. Oo serve kat hotels je eh, patutlah mama tak tahu sebab jarang teramat amatnya makan kat hotel, sebab kalau dok Malaysia, hotel hotel ni tak perginya...kalau cakap warung, expertlah...
27. maya>> Resipinya ada di sini cuma gantikan ayam tu dengan ikan.

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