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Saturday, 16-Dec-2006 16:16 Email | Share | Bookmark
APAM INDON (Blackmore)

Something to share with all of you my dear visitors. I got this in my email sent by a friend quite sometime back.....

Subject: Staying young

Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids?
If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions. "How old are you?" "I'm four and a half!" You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key.
You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead. "How old are you?" "I'm gonna be 16!" You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16! And then the greatest day of your life . . . you become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony . . . YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!
But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk. He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed? You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away. Before you know it, you REACH 50 . . . and your dreams are gone. But wait!!! You MAKE it to 60. You didn't think you would! So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE it to 60. You've built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it's a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday! You get into your 80s and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30; you REACH bedtime. And it doesn't end there. Into the 90s, you start going backwards; "I Was JUST 92." Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again. "I'm 100 and a half!" May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!!


1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay them.
2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. " An idle mind is the devil's workshop." And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.
4. Enjoy the simple things.
5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
7. Surround yourself with what you love, Whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.
10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.

AND ALWAYS REMEMBER: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
And if you don't send this to at least 8 people - who cares? But do share this with someone. We all need to live life to its fullest each day.

Right Away Is The Easy Way. Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people ~ Admiral Hyman G. Rickover

I think this week, I can consider my self slightly lazy-free. Did quite a few experiments and most of them suited my taste as well as the rest of the family members. But as usual, different people has different tastebuds. Sometimes hubby said ok, the kids said ko and when hubby said so so, kids said, delicious! You guys must be wondering, why didn't mama come into the picture. It's because, with mama, it's always...everything is nice! Hahaha.... So why bother asking my opinion!

This morning, I started my experiment at 5 am. Actually I wanted to try it yesterday night, but was a bit tired. I closed the kitchen door and and the next thing you hear is my mixer roaring! But not to worry, I don't think the neighbours can hear because nobody in this house woke up with that noise! I came across this lovely recipe in Forum Cari yesterday posted by Blackmore. Thank you so much Blackmore for this lovely easy to make recipe . It's so soft and spongy. For those who care to try, here's the recipe but mind you, I don't know where she got the name from ya.....


Ingredients :

5 eggs
1 teaspoon ovalette
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
(I put 1 teaspoon)
300 g flour
300 g castor sugar
250 ml coconut milk
(I use fresh milk)
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt
coloring of your choice

Method :

1. Prepare the steamer. To avoid water from dripping onto the cake, wrap the cover with a piece of clean towel.
2. Prepare the tin. Just layer it with greaseproof paper. Doesn't need to be greased.
3. Sift flour and baking powder. Set aside.
4. Mix salt and coconut milk. Stir till well dissolved.
5. In a mixer, place the eggs and ovalette. Beat on high speed till light and fluffy.
6. Pour in sugar, little at a time. Then vanilla essence.
7. Lower the mixer speed. Add flour bit by bit alternate with coconut milk. Cut and fold till well mixed.
8. Divide into 3 equal parts. And add a few drops of different coloring into each part and mix well.
9. Pour the first color into the tray and level it. Steam for about 10 minutes or until the top is no longer sticky.
10. Pour the second color and repeat the same procedure as # 9.
11. When the second layer is done, pour the final layer and steam for 25 -30 minutes on medium heat.

The recipe in Bahasa Malaysia...

Resipi asal yang diambil dari Forum Cari :
Sumber : Blackmore

5 biji telor
1 sudu teh ovalette
1/2 sudu teh essen vanilla
300gm tepong gandum
300gm gula castor
250ml santan (daripada 1 kotak santan)
1/2 sudu teh baking powder
sedikit garam

...sediakan kukusan...tutup kukusan kalau bley ko balutkan ngan kain agar air kukusan tak menitik di atas apam nie...
...sediakan loyang...alaskan loyang ngan kertas kek...loyang tak perlu disapu ngan butter...just alas ngan kertas kek sudah...
...masukkan telur dan ovalette ke dalam mixer dan pukul ngan kelajuan tinggi sehingga ianya kembang...
...masukkan gula sedikit demi sedikit...kemudian masukkan essen vanilla...
...tepong dan baking powder disatukan dan diayak...
...di dalam measuring jug...masukkan santan 1 kotak nie dan add a little bit of water to make it 250ml...kemudian masukkan garam dan kacau rata...
...perlahankan sedikit kelajuan mixer dan masukkan tepong sedikit demi sedikit di selang selikan dengan santan...
...continue mixing until adonan sebati...
...kemudian...bagikan kepada 3 equal parts...aku gunakan warna kuning...warna hijau dan warna merah...
...ko ratakan adonan pertama dalam loyang...pastu kukus for 10 minits...lepas 10 minits...ko bukak tutup loyang dan tengok lah dah masak ke blom...kalau permukaan apam nie tak melekit...kira dah ko bley curahkan adonan kedua...ratakan dan kukus for another 10 the same for the last adonan...tapi...for the last adonan...ko kukus for 25-30 minits...api perlahankan sikit...

...serve ngan kelapa parut...


How Sal made her Apam Indon without ovallette :
....Tak ada ovelete pun entam keromo je dgn self-raising flour dgn soda b-carb, ni dah kena virus be creative n inovative mamafami agaknya ha ha... jadi pulak tu and sure taste good.....

Ceritamu, ceritaku...
1. KUAT MAKAN>> Apam lembut dan biasanya kalau dikukus akan lebih moist. Sedap tengok fp kuat makan ni...bagus usaha anda memperkenalkan tempat makan sedap sedap...keep it up!
2. Julia>> Mama ambil explainain ni dari Diana Desserts :
You can substitute Ovalette with Quick 75. Ovalette is yellowish in colour whereas Quick 75 is whitish.
Both are stabiliser and are used in baking sponge cakes because it enables the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly

3. mistic>> Mama dah tepek di atas tu ya....
4. ~F&Z~>>
5. rossya>> Betul tu kak...agreed 100% about the age thingy! Apam tu memang lembut, ada iras-iras cam akak punya steam coconut blossom. Hubby suka.
6. Phalinn>> Kena bangun awal sebab takut kesiangan nak Subuh pulak. Sebelum orang komen kuih mama kaler traffic light, baik mama ngaku siap siap....hehehehe......
7. dolly>> Thanks Dolls.
8. kuzi>> Trylah Kuzi, you won't regret.
9. aureanayz>> Biasalah, bukan orang je sakit, server pun ada masa-masa dia sakit gak...hehehe....
10. dilaOHdila>> Segebus orang yang membuatnya la Dila....hahahahaa.....
11. fifi fad>> Betul tu fifi....
12. Sabrina>> Gebus lembut dan sedap...tak manis sangat tak tawar sangat...jussstttt nice. Hehe...promosi ni!
13. mommy_d&d>> Kalau badan tak sihat, adalah dinasihatkan supaya berehat sebelum membuat experiment! Wakaka...pandai leterkan orang, sendiri pun tak mau dengar nasihat! Huhuhu.....Mama tunggu report mommy pasal Apam Indon dan Croissants ok!
14. Steve Troy>>
15. ~izza@putrajaya~>> Explainationnya ada kat jawapan komen Julia. InsyaAllah, mama akan cuba buat entry untuk tunjukkan bahan-bahan ni ye. Will have to surf the net for some informations dulu ok...Don't worry Izza, bagus tu kalau Izza suka bertanya. Nanti lama-lama boleh pandai serba serbi. Mama ni pun suka bertanya sebenarnya.
16. mistic>> Most welcome. Buat ye...memang sodappp....
17. aunidayini>> If you find my recipes interesting, then maybe we have the same tastebuds huh? Tak leh dok serumah cam ni...nanti masak apa-apa pun kena share dua orang...wakakakaka! Wish you lots of luck in your exam. Hope you'll excell with flying colors!
18. Sal >> Wah, Sal jogging pukul berapa eh? Nanti mama nak intai ler! . Terror la Sal buat substitution. Mama nak copy, letak kat entry ye. Kotlah ada orang lain yang tak de ovalette boleh cuba cara Sal. Halal ye...Am really glad that my page is helping at least someone. Thanks my dear....
19. hellikonia>> Sabor je la, ado ko kuih kita dikatakan cam span basuh pinggan!
20. mamahouse>> Memang gebu. Ye ke anak-anak tak suka. Mana tahu kot kalau ajak diorang sama-sama tolong buat, mesti diorang suka nak makan....
21. zack>> Tu la pasal...sebenarnyakan Zack, mama takut Zack komen apam traffic light, sebab dulu mama pernah komen, kalau Zack boh these 3 colors on your swiss roll, it'll become traffic light swiss roll. That why mama surrender siap-siap...hahaha....
22. Sweet Frosting>> Bila angin rajin datang, adalah projek. Jadi jiran eh, setttt....nanti bebila Shida nak icing cuppies, panggil mama ok. Lepas mama main icing, mama cabutlah balik, Shida basuh semua ok....wakakaka......
23. cupi>> Alhamdulillah...dah cepat pegi basuh tangan dan mulut tu..hehehe..
24. Tina>> Cuba ye 'mak'..insyaAllah kalau kuih apam Indon 'mak' jadi cantik, 'mak' mesti suka hati....
25. sahar+zabar=wani&mimi>> InsyaAllah sedap...cubalah ye...Bila tengah sejuk-sejuk tu, mesti laku punya...
26. rosleenda>> Tu la kan Lin....semua pun boleh di'traffic-light'kan! Nak antar sana? Hari yang sama dah selesai...hehehe...
27. ~izza@putrajaya~>> Tak susah Izza. InsyaAllah mama akan pastekan gambar. Warna dia kuning keemasan, macam gel. Mama beli kat kedai runcit kat Melaka. Rasanya Giant or mana-mana pasaraya pun ada jual...tengok kat bahagian baking stuff. Ada dalam botol plastik, ada yang dalam bekas plastik 4 segi...kalau ada yang terbaru, tak tahulah mama sebab mama ni dah setahun setengah tak balik Malaysia.
28. leezsa>> Usia mengejar kita...achewa.....
29. Sal>> Mama dah tepek dah kat atas tu....untuk yang lenlain : try at your own risk
30. mommy melia>> Cuba jangan tak cuba....easy kapeasy!
31. zakiah>> Iyah bukk...udan pandei sedikit sedikit...tergoda ya....harus dicobak nanti ya.....
32. linad>> Lepas print nanti buat ye....
33. nana>> Memang lembut je kuih apam ni. Nanti Nana cubalah ye...
34. ~izza@putrajaya~>> Sama-sama Izza. Maaflah mama belum berkesempatan nak tepek gambar. Akan mama cuba usahakan secepat mungkin. Tapi kadang-kadang line rumah slow membuatkan mama give up
35. najad>> Menurut kata orang orang yang disuruh merasa apam ni, semua kata beh...jadi, behla kok....
36. lynn>> Glamer ke Lynn? Mama tak tahu sebab mama bukan ahli RNet. Ala, siapalah mama yang nak glamer glamernya....orang tua baru terhegeh-hegeh nak belajar memasak! Apam nak letak topping? Eee tak pernah dibuek orang....kotlah Lynn nak jadi orang pertama, dipersilakanlah yek...nanti nama Lynn la pulak glamer! Pencipta sejarah apam bertopping! Hehehe....
37. lynn>> Tu kezutan namanya tu! Hehehe...tapi kalau nak buat topping tu, tak bolehlah cair sangat kot sebab takut nanti meresap dalam apam, terus lembek pulak. Nanti bukan tetamu yang terkezut tapi tuan rumah yang terkezut!
38. Liza>> Betul tu Liza, lebih kurang je resipi apam-apam ni...Apam Indon ni memang tahan lama. Mama pun kenkadang buat apam mekar yang kuncup...hahaha...
39. anis>> Nanti Anis cuba pulak ye....

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